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MAY 21, 2001

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. The energy in this room this evening helps my words
to come through with more accuracy and clarity. I thank you for the prayer.
Your fellowship is a wonderful sight to behold. You are learning to
communicate, serve and be served. We each add to one another. How blessed we
are. Yes.

There are many examples in the world today of how some individuals use or
manipulate others to become successful or seemingly be better than others.
Parts of society shows that wealth rules and other important things are set
aside. It would seem that today's success is measured in a dollar amount.

Small groups like yours are setting a new stage of reality, where the
priorities are people and their well-being. As this Correcting Time
exercises--the muscles of the Brotherhood are strengthened. The scales are
becoming more balanced everyday with actual proof that goodness prevails and
God is real.

In this mortal life you will experience everything you have to to progress
Paradiseward. You will have your moments in the sun, moments of elation,
moments that you can literally feel the presence of our Father. You know
though that in your moments of deepest despair and loneliness, that if you
can still feel the Father's presence, then you can really call that

How wonderful it is in your darkest hours to have a friend at hand, to know
that you are loved and cared for. How much more bearable can our despair be
when we know there are our fellows close by. In your trials of life you have
the choice to become beaten down by them or educated by them. How blessed
are we when our fellows can help us in seeing the lessons in our

Know that to need your fellows is not a sign of weakness but part of the
divine plan. To refuse service is not valiant, no. To never ask for help is
not courageous. You see, your fellows also need experience in service, and
as you connect with one another, you are also connecting to the divine
circuitry. You have not the realization how much influence or power you
really have.

The unification of the Brotherhood will see your world into Light and Life.
For the next few lessons we will discuss the Brotherhood and the simple
misconceptions that build obstacles. I believe we are all in agreement that
above anything else comes Father. Right below that is the Brotherhood or the

If you have not friends, or people you love and care for, what good is
anything else? You cannot receive affection or energy or support from money,
your job, your mortal dwelling, hobbies, social standing or the fads of the
day. You can find God in one another. You can be supported in faith in
Father and yourself, as His child, from one another.

You cannot be validated or upheld by a beautiful home or important status in
the workplace. Those temporary fulfillment's leave you saying, "Is this all
there is?" These things will fade with the mortal body. These material
things will die. The memories with your children, parents, friends, even
strangers, will carry beyond this life and hold values and meanings that you
cannot find anywhere else. In learning to live a balanced life we see the
answer is clear: People, all people, are more important than things that the
world defines as success.

Our most difficult task in dealing with people is the ability to
communicate. When there is not clear communication people seem to assume the
worst. Your minds, each so different, perceiving things in so many ways,
understand so differently. You could communicate one thing, but your fellows
may take it in another way. Perhaps the tone of voice, the style of
language, the attitude may say something different than your actual words. A
great deal of listening and speaking is required.

As you begin to realize your fellows perceive things differently from you,
they also have the same feelings as you. Some are more sensitive, while
others are more bold. As you expand your minds to incorporate the diversity
of personalities, you can better accept how each individual is and celebrate
that--not discard it for its difference.

This week be aware of your communication skills. Do not leave conversations
or discussions when you feel you are not in total understanding. Do not be
quick to assume what others are thinking. Have discussion, and the more you
can understand others, the less you will assume and avoid built-up
resentment. Be not afraid to be honest, but remember your fellows feelings.

Think of the Master as He related to individuals. He was logical and yet
loving. He was truthful but tactful. He was firm but friendly. He who would
have a friend must show himself friendly. Yes. We will discuss more on
communication skills next week. Until then I send you with my love and
gratitude for your communication with me. Until next week, shalom.

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