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APRIL 9, 2001

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I do so enjoy watching you discuss, organize and
plan events that further the growth of the Teaching Mission and the Kingdom
of God here on this small planet.

We are discovering that we each live, work, play and learn best when there
is no pressure. Ideally, someday you will discover the full meaning of
spiritual liberty, and that time really has no bearing on our eternal path.
In today's mortal life there are deadlines, schedules and quotas to meet and
ever strive to beat. In a world where material goods are so valued you can
see how everyone moves, lives and has their being in a constant striving for
attainment of more and better.

Economic issues are important in a material life certainly, but when society
revolves around this 'striving to attain' the pressures can be unbearable.
Pressures from employers, families, friends, society, cause a number of
physical and mental ailments. Where is the freedom in that? Does spiritual
liberty align with the material life? Yes, if you want it to. Does the
universe realize your needs and help open doors to new opportunities? Of
course it does. Can you force these opportunities to occur sooner than they
should naturally evolve on their own? This is the pressure, my friends.

Pressure is losing sight of real priorities. Pressure is complicated living
and always making one feel like they can never do enough, never have enough.
The pressure keeps one in a state of continuous want. You never really ever
have satisfaction of 'having' or gratitude for 'being well taken care of.'
You only see that you are lacking and without. In this complicated world we
have forgotten the serenity in simplicity.

Even when one chooses to be of service to their fellows, they feel not the
joy in serving but the pressure to hurry and serve, and be done with it.
They feel the pressure to squeeze in as much service as possible, as if it
is buying a seat at Father's table. The purpose in serving is to connect
with Father, to feel the Father's joy and grace working through you.

Bombardment of social fads and advertising tells us that 'only if we do this
or have that will we really fit in, will we really be accepted.' The tides
are changing where the spiritually minded will say to these social fads and
advertising that, "no, we will not be pressured to keep a certain level of
success. Father is our goal. Our ever-striving to attain Him is our focus.
His grace and working in our lives is our success."

In understanding the law of spiritual liberty know that self or societal
imposed pressure limits you in attaining the desire of all people. How are
you pressured by the world, your family, peers and employer? What integrity
have you sacrificed for the striving of what the world deems valuable? What
small steps can you take in relieving yourself of such pressures?

Its all in your perception, my friends. It is how you see the world. It is
in your perception of what you think is valuable. Where your treasure is
there will be your heart also. In returning to simplicity--how much more
time will you have to devote your attention to those things that really
matter? Said Jesus, "My yoke is easy and my burden light." Father does not
put upon you near as many pressures as you put on yourselves, or as many as
you put upon one another.

Find time this week to cleanse your life of these pressures. Journal those
small steps you can take to make a real difference in how you can simplify
and change your perception of everyday living. I am aware we have need for
an assessment and then I will take a few questions.

My son, you have dealt with a great deal of hardship, and I must say I have
seen few with the grace you emulate. Your patience in life is an example for
all to follow. I see you at this point in your life as needing a closer
connection with Father. You seem to be worried from time to time if you
should do more to connect with Him. Don, my son, I see you as one who is
very close to Father, and you do have the best of intentions. You do not
always do right by those intentions, but neither does anyone else. Have not
worry and make allowance for your mistakes. Do not be so hard on yourself
because Father isn't. He is not counting strikes against you, but ever
calling out to you to assist you in this life. You do have some emotional
buildup and resentment that has accrued over these many years. These are
easily resolved with journaling and self honesty. Be not afraid of what you
discover because no matter what has happened you have been, are now and
always will be a child of God. Be observant in life's daily events for there
are wonderful lessons therein. That is all. Questions?

HARRISON: Abraham, I have two questions. One, I am feeling like there is a
change coming I guess in my professional life. I don't know if that is a
change that I am trying to make happen or if it is something that Father is
leading me toward. If it is something that Father is leading me toward I
would appreciate any counseling in that direction. Secondly, is there a
universal law that would apply to the lesson you gave us tonight?

ABRAHAM: First, my son, Harrison, I could not know of any occupational
changes ahead. Father may set before you opportunities, but the choice is
strictly yours. He has endowed you with logic and liberty to reach the
conclusions that are most spirit filled. Yes, the second question, spiritual
liberty is the law that we are focused on now. There is such a delicate
balance in the liberty of a life in the flesh. There is always a chance for
default in spiritual liberty, and yet there are so many who live in great
limitations. So one can go from taking advantage of this liberty to not
utilizing it fully. Does this help? (Yes.)

INERIA: Abraham, hello-glad to be here. Have you got a few words for Anicia
about her move back home?

ABRAHAM: Greetings, my daughter Ineria. We are glad to have you. I can--like
with Harrison's question--I can only say that the ultimate decision is hers.
She can add up all the pros and cons and make her decision therefrom, but
Anicia I would say to you that there is a balance that comes from a good
visit with family and friends. There is a source of strength that you
receive when you are in the presence of those who know and love you. That is
all. One more question.

SIMON: I really enjoyed your lesson. It answers a lot of questions that I
have been going through. It gives me a lot of strength to move forward. I
wonder if you could speak some more about along the lines of making my life
simpler and undoing all the things that I have done for many years to make
it complicated. I feel like I have been a person who does things kind of in
spurts as far as energy goes, and then I run out of energy and then have to
regroup. Maybe you can talk a little bit about endurance and the energy to

ABRAHAM: I would first say that many complications in living arise out of
ego. There are things that have happened to individuals that have hurt them
deeply, and many will spend a lifetime in pursuit of things that will
facilitate healing. As you mature spiritually you realize those past painful
events were actually valuable and have brought you to your maturity. In
maturity we can release those ego cravings in favor of a more satisfying
soul fulfillment. My son, Simon, I do see you getting very enthusiastic over
a project and your mind thinks faster than you can act. This is an overuse
of energy. Learn to pace yourself and have the acceptance that if something
is God's will and for the good of all, it will come about. You will be given
ideas on using your human recourses to help to complete the goal at hand. Do
not spend your thoughts in the outcome of things. Learn to take joy in each
individual step, for in the steps, there is Father. Is this helping? (Yes,
thank you so much. You are wonderful!)

MIRIAM: Abraham, could I tell you one thing real quick. I want to thank you
for this lesson tonight. It is literally just like an aspirin. I don't want
you to say anything cause I know you are running late. It blows me away that
you know what we want and need and you put it into the lesson. It is just
what the doctor ordered. Thank you. Thank you.

ABRAHAM: I wish I could take the credit, [Laughter.] but many are involved
in each week's lesson and there is a great deal of love and care for each
one of you. I also express to you my gratitude for your ever-expanding
dedication to Michael's Mission and the Correcting Time. Well done, my
friends. I leave with my love and appreciation. Until next week, shalom.

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