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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Love, Light, Change
Teachers: Machiventa, Elyon

April 1, 2001

*	Machiventa (Jonathan TR):  I, Machiventa, address you.  It is time that I
make this visit in order to check in to acknowledge your effort in this mission,
to make assurances of your progress, to help you formulate your course of
as well as to be in association with your teaching corps, to share and to
	Our purpose in fostering the message of Michael, begun so many years ago
with his visitation, is our primary focus.  We will continue always to
pursue his
course, his direction, of bringing to mankind the great understanding and a true
experience in the reality of the Fatherhood of God and the subsequent
of man.  The deeper one becomes interested in comprehension of God and all that
pertains to this great personality, the more there naturally ensues a curiosity
about one's fellows.  Indeed, we are inspired to let a friend know of our
spiritual discoveries, for the thrill of acquiring new insight of attaining
a new
level of cosmic love is something we wish to share.  But that is only one
direction in the relationship of yourself and another, for the understanding
God is your parent naturally brings the understanding that all living creatures
are under the Father's care as well, that your human associates are His
and that they too reveal to you aspects of the Father as He has fellowshipped
with them.
	The luminosity of our divine Parent is intense, is brilliant; so bright it
is unperceivable much as your sun to your physical eyes is difficult to look
directly into. But this seemingly blinding light of the Father is perceivable by
all His children as it refracts throughout the universe and through all the
universe personalities.  The brotherhood of all creatures is a fluorescent
dispersion of the Father's presence.  You understand that a photon that is
released from the sun does not detract from the brilliance of the sun, that each
little photon itself is sun-like.  All of you, all of us, are photons that have
in one form of revelation or another, in one manner of creation or another, come
from the First Source.  Though your physical sun will eventually become depleted
of energy, the Father will never become so depleted.
	You are traveling through space being illuminated by the many around you
who are discovering the First Source of all life, and you are likewise being an
illuminator.  This illumination, while it does indeed involve dissemination of
information, knowledge gained through experience, and observation, it also will
unfailingly reveal love.  These two words, light and love, are appropriate terms
to apply to the spiritual nature of the Father and to each one of us who is in
	Light need not have a medium through which to pass for it to travel, and
this function is illustrated by the lone seeker who can become enlightened
without the association of others, without the education from a teacher, a
of some sort.  But love must travel through a medium, and this medium is
relationship.  Love is not had in isolation.  This does not mean that love
is not
everywhere present, for you may not have another individual frequency as your
own, but the Father is everywhere present.  He is the source of love, while at
the same time His omnipresence becomes the medium through which love travels
	The beauty of our relationship to Creator and to one another as creatures
is that we are not only nourished by this everywhere-present love of the Father
that it may soak into us and that it may emerge from us, but we can also,
with creative potentials, initiate our own form of love.  This creative
expression of your own is unique and is what the Father seeks. In service to one
another you give love that reveals the Father.  In service to the Father you
love that reveals you.  Life is received individually, and love is shared
	I have finished my comments.  Thank you.

*	Elyon (Mark):  This is Elyon, your comrade, and I come among you with some
observations about your remarks and observations.
	As you have well observed in your time as a mortal of the realm, you, your
classroom, your world, all those around you, and all spirit are in a constant
state of change.  This living dynamic state offers unlimited potentials for
growth on many levels, from your personal growth to the growth of your species,
the enactment of the drama of Light and Life, and the eventual progression you
will all make  to be with the Paradise Father.  It is not surprising, therefore,
for you to observe small, incremental changes which occur along your path and
which offer you some limited comprehension of the changes which surround you
daily.  Wisdom is gained by reflecting on the changes ongoing, observable to you
at any given time.  You may witness changes in everything from your physical
appearances to the classroom in which you engage yourselves, to your planet and
species evolving ever higher, ever closer to truth, and ever distancing from the
untrue and incorrect.  Every step taken leads you further toward the light.
	When one perceives a change has occurred in the normal parameters of your
existence, it is to your credit that you both observe this difference, this
change, and then with skill discern the meaning of this change and the pattern
that it represents in your journey.  Through observing a series of changes you
may discern a pattern which then you may feel more comfortable in falling back
on; thus change can become constant.  Once you are aware that change happens
in a
somewhat predictable fashion, then you are comforted to know that change itself
offers you stability.  Then, when you see change approaching your given reality,
you may gaze upon it without apprehension even to the point of gazing upon
potential change with excitement and awareness.  Therefore, it is no surprise to
you that all aspects of your life are in change from your daily attitudes to
very physical, chemical, and electrical composition.  This is as it should be,
and as it has always been, only lacking was your perception of this continuum. 
You can influence this pattern with your approach to it, your very
willingness to
accept it and to work within the parameters as you understand them, therefore
providing your momentum as part of the process of inevitable change.  By doing
this you are able to steer to some degree the outcome of inevitable changes in a
direction you see as worthy.  It is the firmly grasping of the wheel that
signifies your intention to be about this with purpose.  It is far better to
enjoy the ride before you when you feel and experience that you actually have
some input and limited control over all that seems to be unfolding around you. 
This is true when you seek to make sense of the fragments that you perceive.
	 You are correct in your observation that these puzzle pieces that you
stare at and are yours to contribute only add small increments to the large
project which is at hand to be shared by all.  If each in this project were to
simply focus on the application of their individual parts into completing the
whole, then would the project run more smoothly.  It is not necessary or even
possible that you are aware of the entirety of the project before us all. 
Rather, you must content yourselves with diligently and sincerely applying your
contribution to this vast project in as much awareness as you possess.  Let the
others fill in the pieces they possess.  Let the master provide the
blueprint.  I
say, even so, this blueprint is living, changing, adapting to our every
contribution so that indeed there is no point of being finished; there is no
piece to insert in the great puzzle that is before you.  Each piece or series of
pieces added only enlarges the picture, but does not limit in any way the total
conglomeration of which we all share a hand.
	I tried to address your images, as I was privy to your discussion earlier,
and I must comment that it is indeed thrilling to listen to your
observations and
discourses about matters of the spirit.  Even as you do this you are growing,
learning, becoming points of light which can spread and add shades of color
throughout the entire puzzle.
	I withdraw at this time and allow for others.  I appreciate your hearing my
words.  Thank you.

*	Ginny:  Are the DNA mutations part of natural evolution?  Do the Life
Carriers have anything to do with this?  It sounds like natural evolution
that we
evolve into something higher.
*	Elyon:  It indeed is inherent in the original design of the Life Carriers
that there be potential for vast amounts of development and growth surrounding
your vehicles, as this project is not a short term phenomenon.  Provisions have
been laid that changes may occur in the life vehicle as warranted by development
both physical and spiritual.  As to whether the Life Carriers are involved in
implementing these changes, they are not.  This is part of the normal
evolutionary process which they put in motion originally but which they are
mandate not to interfere with once the wheels have been set in motion.
	Is this sufficient?

	Ginny:  Yes, thank you.  Can we will these physical changes or will they
happen anyhow?
*	Elyon:  I thank you for bringing that question into the public forum.  I
would state emphatically that absolutely you have a definite impact on your
evolution, not only in a spiritual sense, but as well on the material plane.  We
have touched many times on the hidden potentials locked within the mechanism of
your brain and actuated by your mind.  I will state plainly that physical,
emotional, and spiritual changes are all within the realm of influence of spirit
dominated mind and brain.
	Is that plain?

	Ginny:  Yes.  Thank you very much.
	My impression is that during  stillness there is some willingness to
receive, an intention to clarify something.  I am under the impression that we
need to express it, think about it, before the machinery starts operating.  Is
stillness a good time for us to make explicit what we want to change?
*	Elyon:  Indeed, no better time, no better place, than during stillness to
bring into focus issues about which you grapple and seek to first identify the
issues and the implications, then seek however you think best to accept these
issues and manipulate them.  You must, of course, commune with the Father that
you may have an enhanced understanding of the issue which often clarifies things
to a point of great understanding and acceptance.

	Ginny:  I appreciate your sharing with us.  I am beginning to feel more
like a colleague than a student.  It feels good to exchange ideas.  Thank you.
*	Elyon:  Your comments are warmly received by myself and the entire staff on
my side.  I also point out that I am just as you are in that your souls, once
having tasted the sweetness of spirit, long to be in ministry.  You are about
this in your daily lives seeking opportunities whereby you may enact this aspect
of your growth.
	I give to you that, even at this moment, you are my opportunity to be of
service for which my soul longs and must have in order to truly grow
For that I am thankful for each one of you.

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