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NOVEMBER 20, 2000

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am energized by your spirit here this evening. As
I look upon you I am filled with enthusiasm to become a better person. I am
joy-filled at viewing Father's enlightening works on what seems to be a dark
planet. I am fortunate to be here present with you and involved in a world I
love so much.

I have listened to your findings on this week's assignment and I think them
to be most fruitful. Everyone will have a varying view because of the
varying levels everyone is on, yes. Caligastia taught personal liberty and
thought that would inspire personal power. To only trust in yourself is a
very lonely place to be.

Our Father teaches us spiritual power through Him. He makes us more than we
are. He takes us through experiences and an ever-growing education that we
would not have if it were not for Him. Anyone who has experienced
transmitting/receiving or perhaps feeling led by the spirit presence knows
there has to be a decrease in self so that Father can increase.

We, as mortal ascenders, understand the plight of our Material Daughter
because of our own experience. It is natural when a child causes a scene
when his will is not fulfilled. As you grow you learn the virtues of
patience through your mortal experience. How can you know patience if you
have not experienced impatience? How can you know the will of our Father
unless you have recognized your own interfering ego?

Experience is experience. It matters not the good and bad of it. It is for
the most part all valuable. We will use our experience to progress. One will
not move forward by being held in shame or degradation, no. One can only
move on if they have taken the time to have Father provide meanings and

The universes were set by our Father's hand and He bestowed upon us free
will. Would there be real understanding of meanings and values if there were
no free will? Father desires your love, but He does not force you to love
Him, for what would the value be of that love if it was forced? How
meaningful and valuable is it when you can, by and through, experience come
to know our Father, to serve in His Kingdom, to grow as a child of the realm
into a productive cosmic citizen? Now, that is valuable, that is meaningful!
It is through experience that we find God.

To over exert your will to shadow His is to delay His overall plan. To delay
is not really so harmful because Father will find other avenues to reach
you. To be so stubborn that you cannot even consider Father's will hurts
you. When you come to know the goodness and watchful care-taking of Father,
then you begin to trust that He has your best interest at heart. It is well
and good to rely upon Him. That does not mean you can shirk your
responsibilities, no, but not have the everyday anxiety that a person has
who does not rely upon our Heavenly Parent.

How do you live your life so as to not overshadow the will of God? How can
you find peace and comfort in the waiting? Father certainly does know the
desires of your heart, and your desires are most definitely calculated into
is overall plan. You may not receive those desires of your heart when you
think you should, but allow me to say Father has well exceeded my
expectations in His ministry to me. If you have already formed certain
opinions, beliefs and have not room to move, then there is not new incoming

If you have not committed to dying to the old ways in favor in taking up the
new, then will your personal relationship with Father lag? This is a new era
and things will be always moving and you, my friends, will be the
assistants. Your examples of patience and letting it be known that you do
your utmost to be within the will of God is a great teacher to others.

Opinions, beliefs, thoughts must be fluid and ready to take on various
transformations. Be not afraid of these changes, rather be intrigued by
Father's adventure. This week map out a plan in which you can easily follow
to allowing Father's will to reign supreme in your everyday life. A few
 CALVIN: Abraham. I would like to welcome a friend of mine and Nina, Nate,
with us for the first time this evening and welcome back Ellen.
 ABRAHAM: Greetings my friends. Feel free to ask a question.
 SANDY: Abraham, I received several messages. All these messages seem to be
pointing in the same direction for me. Can you confirm that what I received
was true and if there is any other clarifications I might need?
 ABRAHAM: From my understanding your message is for the most part accurate,
but bear in mind that you have spent these last few weeks with an
overabundance of emotion and instability of daily life. Allow time, my
child, for becoming acquainted with your new surroundings. It is perfectly
acceptable to be feeling in upheaval, but be careful of making life changing
decisions until you can stabilize your foundation. Know that Father is ever
close by and leading you to your latest mortal adventure, always filled with
learning and spiritual growth. Allow time for the fruits of your message to
show themselves. I would be all too happy to work more closely with you.
Feel free to call upon me, my daughter. Is this helping? (Yes, thank you)
You're welcome. Another question?
 NATHAN: I have a question. I have not felt as in tune to the spiritual side
of things for awhile as I had been. My question is: Have I been properly
acting on what small hints I have recognized as far as my personal life and
where Father sees I would be best to work on, both the physical and
spiritual sides?
 ABRAHAM: Yes, of course. You have taken in a great deal of spiritual
information and this takes time to absorb. Worry not that you are not
diligently studying, for everyday average living is study enough. You can
practice everyday spirituality in just living. You need not be in constant
study or chasing after spiritual information. When you are ready your
spiritual education finds you. As you experience this mortal life you can
just remain open for Father to define the meanings and values for you. To
absorb too much spiritual light can lead to fanaticism. Father teaches us
balance in all things--that includes spirituality. I find you to be
appropriately following the spiritual path as your experience and ability
allows you to. Have not worry, my son. You stand on the shore of an ever
expanding ocean of spiritual adventure. Enjoy your journey, yes. Is this
helping? (Yes. Thank you.) One more question.
 MIRIAM: Abraham, some time ago I had an experience where I walked into a
situation with what I thought was an open mind and an open heart. My outcome
of this experience was different than a lot of my friends. I felt quite
connected with Father's will in that experience. I didn't feel upset. I felt
calm. As a matter of fact I thought maybe what the situation was about
instead of me receiving something was perhaps being of service, but since
then I've sat in disharmony. In my stillness I have gotten through some, but
I am finding my ego is agitated. I am thinking that the base of that must be
fear of difference from fellows, you know, how to be patient and blend. I
don't know. On one hand I feel comfortable and that I know that Father will
show me the way. Whatever the lesson is I will see it, but on the other
hand..I guess the question is individual verses group and how to feel true
in what 'you' know and how to blend with others. Is that making sense?
 ABRAHAM: Yes. You would be surprised that many of your fellows think as you
do, but many are afraid to say because they do not want to appear as the one
who stands out different. You have had enough experience to know the truth
as you perceive it. You have to only answer to our Father. You do not have
to answer to anyone else. You are correct in your perception of Father and
how He understands your feelings on this matter. You have every right as a
child in this universe to have your understanding of your experience. You
have your inner understanding of truth. You can trust that spiritual
instinct. Can you imagine how the Master felt in many group settings? His
vision was quite unlike that of many groups He was involved with. At times
He felt quite alone in His thinking. If He could have been swayed by the
group mind He would not have been able to fulfill His destiny. He
wholeheartedly trusted in Father to lead Him into where He needed to be, and
He could tell how on target He was with Father's will by the fruits produced
and the peace therein. Do not worry about the ego's involvement on this
matter, rather rejoice in the fact that God has endowed you with a spiritual
strength and courage to go forward with the truth as you know it. Is this
helping, my daughter? (Yes Abraham. Thank you. I just love you.) And I you,
all of you.
 I would wish my express my gratitude to Father for His overseeing every
minute detail and helping us to focus on those things in life that lead us
to love. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.

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