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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Orientation,  Communication among Worlds
Teachers: Malvantra, Elyon, Jessona

September 24, 2000
*	Machiventa (Jonathan TR):  On behalf of those present with me today, I
welcome you into fellowship as you have welcomed us.  I am Machiventa.
	Innate in the human character is the drive to accomplish, to see
fulfillment, to be ready.  This inherent drive is due to your seasonal
requirements and is beneficial toward situating yourself for the oncoming
demands, be it keeping warm or fed or safe and sheltered.  And it is reasonable
to observe that humankind places this drive in the arena of spiritual
for the Father has called each of you to become perfect as He is in His own
divine way perfect.  But at your stage of advancement there is more ahead of you
to attain than you have accomplished, and much that is undertaken in this
life is
foundational preparatory to attainments that will only be possible after several
worldly stations have been traversed.  Therefore, assure yourself that the best
approach to attainment is in orientation.
	When I was on this world, I took to my heart Abraham, and through our
association he realized greatly what the work of the Father is to be on this
world.  But your stories now existent indicate actions that he took in faith
were not exemplary of the beauty and goodness of God.  Some actions were no
different than before I ventured into his life, but his orientation had
He was no longer working for self; he was working for the spirit agencies he was
only beginning to learn about.  Likewise for each of you, in the tumult of
difficulties when greater spiritual maturity is not at your fingertips, when
experiences than the one of the present that is agitating you are needed to
accomplish that maturity, your best approach is to shift your orientation.  Once
you are facing in the right direction, you have made a significant contribution
to corrective measures; you allow the ministering spirits to lead you.  You have
in a sense opened the curtains and turned on the lights to give yourselves
clearer vision of where to go, even though you have not yet gone there.
	So I draw my talk to a close by encouraging you to use the word
"orientation" when you are caught up, when you are feeling out of control or
at a
loss, to pause to relocate, to redirect to face the Father.  Then you may begin
working your way through your difficulty.  Thank you.
*	Elyon (Mark):  I would greet you as well today.  This is Elyon.  We are
privileged as always when we have a visit from our headmaster in our classroom. 
We enjoy the perspective provided by one who has even walked on your world.
	In this discussion of orientation I would play with the ball a little
longer.  You are of spirit.  As time passes you are learning this more and more
of a certainty.  However you must interface with your world and even with the
spirit world through your physical endowments and the vehicles you pilot at this
time.  Therefore your task is multi-level in that you must not merely orient
spiritual direction toward that of the Father and His plan for you, but you must
also bring into alignment your very physical craft as well as certain
in your neural net so as to align yourselves to access the part of the fantastic
computer you use, you refer to as your brain organ.  Within the capacity of this
brain lies the capability of inter-dimensional habitation.  Confining
yourself to
a strictly materialistic existence one would never necessarily develop the
function or ability to access or utilize this secondary part of your anatomy. 
You, however, have discussed the possible next steps that you might take after
your rigorous, disciplined training of your spiritual self, and it is
that when the student raises the hand and asks the question they be directed in
the right orientation.  You have at your disposal trillions of possible neural
net connections yet to be developed in the confines of your skulls.  There are
mechanical and physical practices that you may undertake to strengthen and
develop these connections to remote parts of your organ which from time to time
flash into existence.  The most obvious and pervasive step to be taken is
that we
have been discussing for, lo, these many years together of stillness.
	The students do not necessarily appreciate when they assemble in a
classroom the long-term, long range plans of the teachers.  When, for example,
they are told repeatedly to practice a principle key to their understanding may
not interpret the importance of this practice step in future requirements.  This
is where the practice of stillness comes to its fruition: the development of the
control of this organ, this brain, to the point where you have limited mastery
over its function provides you with a springboard with which to develop neural
net pathways you may have before been unaware of.  Vision and seeing realms
typically outside of the normal parameters is one area in which your brain and
your capacity may be strengthened.  There is a great deal to do with the
allowing, the visualization, the building, even the requesting of passages
your brain to create a circuit whereby this phenomenon may reach its
	There are also physical characteristics one may do to facilitate the
arrangement and orientation necessary to provide for this phenomenon.  I would
tell you about one such exercise you may do should you so desire in
this circuit upon which you may build and grow.
	With your eyes closed, raise your eyes slightly above level to a point
fixed high in your skull.  Then look at the darkness before you and attempt the
control the actual iris of your eye to widen the iris thus allowing more light
in.  Experiment with this procedure of eye control, of allowing images in past
the veil of your eyelids.  This exercise provides you stimulation  to a neural
net available to you and useful in the perception of alternate energy forms.  I
provide you with this exercise at this time because I perceive that you ask for
it and I perceive it will be beneficial and timely with the arrival of a new
spiritual comrade to your midst.  There are other techniques one may find
with the orientation of your physical body.  Feel free to experiment in your
stillness and in your meditation as to whether hands clasped or hands open
make a
significant difference, legs crossed or legs separated, feet on the floor or
perhaps off the floor.  These different orientations of your physical antennae
allow for different electro/neural pathways.
	I will stop with that at this time and allow for others or questions.
	Tom:  In the text they caution against the cultivation of visionary
practices.  How does that correlate with what were studying here?
*	Elyon:  If one was to awaken in an excited state having just had a visual
experience and from this visual experience was to draw certain erroneous
conclusions and was then to set about acting in accordance with these erroneous
conclusions, then great misunderstanding can be had when religious beliefs are
based on erroneous sightings or vision states.  Indeed, caution is recommended
when an overwhelming visionary circumstance occurs causing an individual to feel
as though they have been witness to an extraordinary spiritual event and
therefore to become over excited with the ramifications, real or otherwise, of
this event.  That stands in contrast to the increased celestial contact
to the student of spiritual affairs which comes as a result of much spiritual
calisthenics on the part of the student and much training, much learning, and
much wisdom.  A wise student of spiritual affairs would see it as normal and
natural to have increased vision, so to speak, of spiritual matters, even
spiritual personalities.  This is a normal, natural part of the growth and
evolution of a spiritual being and would not be seen as out of context, as
in any way but rather as a result of the spiritual growth attained through the
efforts of the individual involved.  You can each expect in your spiritual
to be granted acquisition of multiple states of consciousness or awareness
of the
spiritual world around you.  Each one of these you receive as a direct result of
your efforts spent in spiritual undertaking and understanding.  Each state
you a larger perception of you and your relationship to the spiritual world. As
perception grows  so does the ability to recognize more reality that surrounds
you.  With this recognition comes the "seeing" of the others such as myself or
any of the other teachers.  It is of course not so much a seeing as a
sensing, as
an awareness, as an appreciation for another individual, another personality in
the spirit realm.
	After you have grown significantly in your spiritual ascent you will recall
when all you had were physical eyes to look out at the world.  You are indeed
very limited with only these to aid you.  It is the development of this
perception, this spiritual sense, which enables you to be freed from the
limitations of simply the material eyesight you possess now.
	Does this answer you question?
	Tom:  Yes, greatly.  Thank you.
	Ginny:  Is it ever commendable to desire to see them with physical eyes? 
Would it be more convincing than seeing a midwayer, for instance, in your mind's
eye?  Can we develop that physical seeing of a midwayer?
*	Elyon:  There is always great benefit in attempting to develop another of
the senses available to you.  The benefit may be primarily in your desire and in
your motivation to pursue this avenue of interpretation.  You will discover,
as I
have mentioned, that the greater sight, the greater seeing, the greater knowing,
the greater communion, is involved in the spirit realm, and that to see for a
flash, for a moment, a partially spiritualized being may provide you with
physical excitement, may provide you with some fleeting satisfaction, but the
real goal overall is to develop a route whereby you can reach communion with
individuals such as this routinely, regularly, and at will.  The desire to be
motivated to widen your horizons, to strengthen your pathways whereby you might
envision all that happens around you outside your vision, is a noble gesture in
that it orients you towards that goal.  Your success may not be as you expect or
desire, but your success will be immanent if you pursue and follow through with
your exercises.
	Ginny:  Thank you.  We have established communion and communication with
you and our teachers.  I don't see much difference in the communication of
*	Elyon:  I would interject one more time about the difference between
communion and communication.  What we now enjoy this very moment is
communication, and communication has inherent within its definition the fact
attempt is made to pass forward ideas and even ideals through this form of
communication, spiritual communication, reflectivity, and willingness.
There are
several links in this chain, each one being completed to the best potential of
its actualization in time and space.  You rely on many different aspects before
you hear the words finally uttered into the room, and then it must undergo your
interpretation before an idea may be lodged within your framework.  That is the
nature of communication.  Any one of these links in the chain may be weakened,
may be corroded, may be compromised, may even be incomplete.  You will get a
relatively distorted message.  That stands in stark contrast with communion
you are all attempting to develop with the Father and with His other spiritual
agencies through the use of stillness.  Communion is direct contact and exchange
between your soul and that of a spiritual personality.  It is a sharing.  It
is a
union, a commingling of spirit.  It does not suffer from multiple exchanges
as in
the passing of information in communication.  It is a direct exchange
between two
individuals in a spiritized state wherein sharing occurs as does understanding. 
This is the state you are striving to attain in your long term spiritual
relationships.  This is the state of sensing, not seeing, of knowing, not
thinking, of true understanding, not simply appreciating.
	I felt compelled to make that adjustment in your thought pattern at that
time.  I hope this has been helpful to you.
	Jonathan:  With communication we can grow weary of repetition.  Yet in
communion every event is fresh, even the same experience over and over can still
be alive.
*	Elyon:  Communion can also be considered to be sharing a common space
wherein, when each individual retracts to their own space, they take with them
all that was in the common space.
*	Jessona (Jonathan):  I greet you.  This is Jessona.
	You are informed that the order of master seraphim, of which I am a member,
that we have in our jurisdiction the corps of destiny, those humans on reserve
trained to function during times of planetary need.  As you look about your
you may note instances that you could label as planetary need and thereby assume
that our hands are full with such tasks.  But Urantia is actually quite calm in
spite of its post-rebellion disarray, and we have other collections of human
beings that we also are endeavoring to train and prepare.  This group is one
among many.  One of the features we look for in candidates is  their ability to
explore and maintain stability.  Elyon has ventured forward in encouraging
you to
expand your visionary horizon because he has observed over the years your
to maintain a groundedness.  You are capable of pushing your instrument to its
extreme and staying in tune.
	In order to prepare Urantia for communication among worlds and the higher
realms lines of circuitry are needed.  These words fall short of the actual
spiritual reality that they indicate.  The circuitry and the communication lines
are of a spiritual quality and require personality involvement.  You are
continuing to undergo the training.  Your efforts at ministry through the medium
of message, through the medium of healing touch, through the broadcasting of our
contact with you is strengthening your ability to anchor and disseminate contact
from those like myself and those greater than my being.  Unbeknownst to you is
the sublime spiritual emanations from your being, no matter where you stand or
where you take yourself.  The presence of a soul becomes a magnet for the
infusion of spiritual vibration.  The presence of a conscious soul becomes a
node, a clearing house, a vortex, for the distribution of these energies more
powerfully, more broadly.  We do take humor ... over our persistent
insistence of
stillness.  But with consistency you will not only improve your communion with
the Father, and that is on its own the greatest reward, but you will also be
aiding those of my kind who are endeavoring to broaden the inter-connectivity of
spiritual human beings, those aware of their placement in the cosmic scheme and
those motivated to not only superimpose spiritual realities upon the terrestrial
world, but to so blend them that there is no longer a dichotomy between things
planetary and things heavenly.
	I have finished.
	Mark:  I want to voice what might be the sentiment of the group to the
internal commitment to the teachers.  We desire to effectively be about this
together.  We ask for and receive your guidance and will do our best to work
you to effect these changes.  May we, with the Father's help, do the very best
*	Jessona:  Your comments are warmly received.  You asked if there is
anything you can do.  I would ask you to continue Elyon's assignment of last
to pray for one another.  On the surface it had seemed that it is for your sense
of fellowship, but I confide in you that it is also directed for the enhancement
of the circuits.  This would be helpful to myself and my associates.

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