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SEPTEMBER 25, 2000

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What an intimate little group we have here this
evening. We may be small in numbers, but we are grand in our thinking and
willingness to be open to receiving spiritual light.

I am amazed at Father's hand in all things. I may not always be directly
aware of Him, but I rest in confidence, knowing without fail--He will be
there. I rest in comfort, knowing Father makes me more than I am. Every good
thing is of God, and he who has God in him, is good. I find each area of my
life to be sacred and a celebration of being.

Knowing Father is in every aspect of my life, I can relax and receive a
continuous flow of divine information. Father makes me more than I am. I say
that with gratitude and humility, knowing that I can do many things because
He is in me, and I in Him. In everyday mundane chores I dedicate my work to
the glory of our Father. I find I can become more aware of His presence and
utilize His divine abilities to further His works.

The Master had an eye single to the glory of God. As He worked He dedicated
His work to Father. As He partook of material sustenance He held it sacred.
As He spoke with people He set Himself aside so that Father may speak, and
He also listened to hear Father's words through others. As He rested He
rested in honor of Father because He was respectful of Father's overall

God made all of us so that we may return to Him. When we can live our lives
as if we are on our way to returning to Him, we can move with confidence
knowing that He is endowing us with spiritual power from On High. In this
spiritual power we are liberated to be our true creative selves. We need not
fit into the mold of society. We are indebted to no one. We move from the
Spirit. We live by the Spirit. We take action from the Spirit.

God is creativity and He has granted us creative thinking skills. He has
granted us liberty to act upon what we feel is true. No two personalities ar
e alike in all the universe. Imagine that each personality has the right to
be individually creative. It has been said to go the extra mile for your
brothers and sisters. What are the possibilities in changing the saying to
"go the extra mile creatively?" Father is trusting in our true core selves
to further His work. He is trusting us to act from the Spirit within. You
need not obtain anyone's permission to do so. Openness to Father's will is
the key to success in moving from the Spirit.

With all the new upcoming changes we need individuals to provide a
foundation of spiritual realness. We will be requesting individuals to aid
in steering cosmic destiny. My Mission friends, you are assisting us in that
with those spiritual seeds you plant by living a good example of life in the
Spirit. Each new person you come into contact with is a new prospect to
plant seeds of spirituality, to help get information out to further this
Correcting Time.

I would like to take our lesson format into a new direction by ministering
to you each more on a personal level. I will be offering to you personal
spiritual assessments. I can give you a good understanding of where you are
now and what would be progressive to focus on. Whosoever should desire can
ask and I can accommodate. We have been together now for some years, and I
do believe I know you each fairly well. I would believe it to be my honor to
help you in any way I can.

I would also be starting a new series of lessons concerning personal overall
wellness. What is an individual who is well, as to the totality of wellness
to the whole. That is all. I can allow a few assessments tonight should
there be a desire, if not, I would take a few questions.

CALVIN: I'll start Abraham. I would think it fairly helpful to me. Where am
I now and what can I focus on for the week that would help me?

ABRAHAM: Yes, although I would say the focus has no time limit. (Okay.) It
is for however long it takes to naturally progress. These assessments need
not be shared if it is so desired. My son, you have traveled a long and
arduous path. While you can be grateful for your advancement, you have to
admit Father is unfailing in love and grace. You have indeed worked hard to
open your mind and receive spiritual information that is not twisted by
prejudice. Well done. Your downfalls however are impatience and pride. You
have a need to be productive, but mostly this need is a mask for pain you do
not want to recognize. In your busyness there is a covering of things you
wish not to see. These stumbling blocks keep you from feeling the full
effect of Father's love and embrace. Your heart is gentle and warm on the
inside, but is enclosed in a tough outer shell. The shell is binding and
imprisoning. You take great lengths to show that you are not stumbling.
These are barriers which keep you from experiencing those lessons you need
to advance. Think about it, my son. Feel no fear in stumbling. Be at ease to
know that no one stands by to laugh or ridicule you for being a man. Focus
on breaking the restraints of the heart shell and be willing to be known for
who you really are. You see great beauty in God's works, and yet you feel
not His complete love. Focus on believing the universe is with you--not
against you. Rid your life of those complications that make you seem
productive, but are only masks from past painful experiences. Thank you for
your service in our Mission. Your dedication is to be commended. You are
loved beyond human measure. Thank you for your courage to accept this
personal assessment. I have time for one more.

ANTHONY: Okay. I guess I'll be courageous to take an assessment--guidance
would be easier.

ABRAHAM: My son, I also thank you for your courage. I shan't give you
anymore than you can handle. I perceive you to make great effort. I
understand you to be searching. You are on a journey that is quite weighed
down with past unresolved issues. You could lighten your burden by facing
those things that have surely wounded you. The path you have been on is made
more difficult, for you travel at dusk so as to not see too much that would
be upsetting, or make you think your journey will be more difficult. You are
a man of great faith and you are more dedicated than you actually believe.
While you live in two different worlds, it is good to know your foothold in
the divine world is becoming more sturdy and dependable. I would say to you
that while you view Father as a loving God, you fear His judgment. I say, my
son, He is not looking down upon you, but attempting to hold you up, to
uplift and inspire. He is making you more than you are. There are dark
places in everyone's lives that has left them scarred in one way or another.
These dark places are fertile ground for valuable lessons. Your focus can
lean towards, "life is fair--God is just. I am not thrown randomly into the
world to see if I can measure up." You can focus on being who you are truly
meant to be, not who others think you should be. You are not out to gain
anyone's acceptance. You are only to make effort towards accepting yourself
as you are. Look not at your life as a series of hits and misses, but a
journey at dusk. Focus on setting forth on your journey in the full light of
day. You will be astounded by the freedom of soul and mind. Pack lightly, go
though those things you are already lugging around with you. Most of them
are not necessary. This will take time of course, but the value is
immeasurable. I thank you for your courage to accept this assessment, and I
would have you know we are closer than brothers. I am here anytime you
should need me. You do well. That is all.

Next week I should continue with these personal assessments. Please inform
all those who would desire one to be prepared to receive. This week think
about how you can move more creatively from the Spirit. Is God really in all
aspects of your mortal life? My love is always with you. Until next week,

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