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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: "In the World but not of It", Eye is the Window to the Soul, The Eye
and the Tongue,
Peace that Passes All Understanding, Being Light, Being Bright
Teachers: Tomas, Elyon, Veronica, Malvantra, Lester

August 27, 2000

*	Tomas (Gerdean TR):  Good morning, I am Tomas.  I would hold forth.
	"In the world but not of it"  is a theme you have been discussing all
morning in relating your life in the flesh to the life you live with the spirit,
even to the extent of opening your eyes and allowing Michael to peek through to
your soul.
	"The brotherhood of man" is the phrase that you use and we use as that
element of reality, the master's gospel, that discussed the connectedness of the
Father's creations in relationship with one another and through personality.
the mortal must live out the mortal existence in a way that relates to its
its corporeal reality, whether or not it is supported by the spirit.  This is
that great challenge you see to resolve the dual nature integrating
yourselves so
completely with your animal and your spirit that you are a well balanced
personality revealing the divine nature through your character.  In the purely
human sense it can be regarded as human associations.  Many of the character
traits of humanity are singularly human.  In this manner atheists and agnostics
are entitled to enjoy the fruits of their labors and the labors of their
Indwelling Spirits even when it is not acknowledged in any formal fashion.  The
Father works with you consciously or unconsciously whether you acknowledge His
interactions in your life or not.  But human associations are what you have
prior to experiencing and enjoying the brotherhood of man. The multitude of
humanity is in the human mode, and so are you when you intermingle in ways that
connect you to the mortal existence, when you reckon your neighbors, your
equipment, your genealogy, your geology.  These allow you to relate to your
world, and human associations allow you to relate to your fellow human beings. 
So, you who have an understanding now of how your Father works through you, and
in your associations with your fellows you are in a position to be renewed as a
human being and renew the life blood of your associates by infusing in your
personality expression an element of the Father that is familiar to you and
meaningful to you, indeed, a very part of you, thereby injecting your human
associations with a degree of spirituality that would not be there in mere
politeness.  Thus, your encounters in the supermarket are cordial and
and a step above ignoring one another and far above hostility, but it is still
not the same degree of association as would be the Brotherhood of Man which is
allowing for the consciousness of the Father to be a part of the
interchange.  As
long as you are here you will be doing business with each other in one way or
another.  But you who know Jesus can bring him into your dealings, your
negotiations, your conferences, your fellowship, and your communion such that
when you open your eyes to reveal yourself to your neighbor, you are revealing
not just John Doe from Main Street but a soul, a child of God, a reality in time
and eternity seeking to connect that powerful reality wherever you touch. 
Evidences the omnipotence of God, and the omniscience, indeed the
omnipresence in
each other.  You can no longer separate the two and say, "This is of the world
therefore I can behave thus" when you know that you are in the world as an
ambassador of the greater reality.  Always then will Jesus be represented as you
pass by.
	That is all.

*	Elyon (Jonathan):  Greetings, this is Elyon.  I have been listening to your
conversations and am wanting to address the topic of the eye.
	It has been mentioned that the eye is the window to the soul.  You know
that every window is two-way in nature, for you can see into a dwelling that has
a window and out from that dwelling.  If you were like a puppy, your ears would
be expressive as well as receptive, but the human anatomy does not have this
feature.  Your eyes and your tongue are two sensory apparatus that
communicate as
well as receive communication.  This becomes then important in finding
ways to transfer your inner experience of godly reality to another.
	Many methodologies of thought have attempted to correlate experiences into
a package with the intent of delivering to another the same experience of an
inner awakening of the consciousness of the divine.  The intentions are good and
do lead others into a deeper search for the Father.  However, due to the
apparently infinite variety of personality, each experience will be different,
and there is no one description.  Many who cannot align with or adhere to a
pattern of approach flounder in isolation.  The expressive eye, the expressive
tongue, are capable of validating another's experience through simple gestures
unencumbered with a superstructure of intellectual thought.  I remind you
that it
was the manner in which the master looked upon a man that touched his soul more
than the words that he uttered.
	Before I close my dissertation I would like to remind you that stillness is
also a spiritual eye where you can gaze upon the Father to take in His light
you may perceive from your soul His presence.

*	Veronica (Gerdean):  Efficient effectors of affectionate focus, I am
Veronica exercising your experiential efficacy.  Delightful to enter your arena
and stretch your essence in part of the whole, in delight of being, in demand of
nothing, in love with life.
	The eye and the tongue indeed are two branches of the tuning fork that
allow for your mind arena of choice to wend its way through the forest of mortal
moral functioning.  The reflections of truth, the taste of truth, the sight of
beauty and the taste of beauty, the perception of goodness and the acceptance of
goodness are signposts along the way that reveal your way, His way.
	Have a good day.

*	Malvantra (Jonathan):  Friends, I am Malvantra, I greet you today.
	It is on record that a child of God will experience a peace that passes all
understanding.  Today I would align myself with your focus upon
expressibility to
also salute the ever active efforts of the midwayers to be doing something for
this world.  Yes, indeed, the peace that Michael has bestowed upon every one of
you does surpass the understanding of mind and is only recognized and understood
in the soul.  But having attained this peaceful experience, you also pass this
understanding to others as it exudes from your being.  Even in times of
this peace is present.  It is, to use your conceptual construct, like an aura.
	When you are feeling frazzled, take a moment to let this peace pass to you. 
Know that your field of peace does lap into another's personality presence and
witnesses to them.  This is how you each are uplifting to one another in your
weekly gatherings as you pass your peace to one another to reaffirm your deeper
knowing, to call one another back to center, to gather for another week's
activities that challenge the soul, that strengthen the will, that bolster the
personality, and encourage new creativity.
	I have finished with this TR.

*	Lester (Mark):  And now it is my turn.  This is Lester.  I have fought my
way in through this TR to focus on another side.  I have been watching you.  I
have been observing you all these past many days when you have been engaged
circulating with your like-minded brothers and sisters.  I am here to interject
the perspective of being light, of being bright, of the smiles and the laughter
of the good feelings passed from one to another, the shining examples of
love.  I
wish that each of you would take pause from time to time.  You are so very
studious in your efforts to understand the lessons and the teachings and the
meanings and the levels.  This is good.  This is a necessary component of your
individual spiritual growth. I just interject my personality to say have fun
it.  Be light about this business of learning, this business of growing.  It is
truly a beautiful phenomenon and one that is stupendous to witness.
	Indeed, you would be perhaps surprised at the cheering section and the
cheers that go up when connections are made, when lessons are fully grasped, and
when spiritual growth is the obvious outcome.  We might be likened to some of
your mortal companions who might be watching a stimulating ball game, and when a
move is completed to everyone's satisfaction the emotion simply wells up in the
onlookers and a cheer goes up of joy.  That is us on the other side.  We may
to you to be so very restrained, so very much more mature and in control than
your emotional side.  But I tell you plainly that we are in great cheers when it
is witnessed the great love and devotion you show us in these gatherings.
	A student can become solemn and sober even to the point of becoming nerdy
and un-fun.  We do not wish this of you.  We desire that you be involved as well
in the classroom and devote yourselves as lovingly and as sincerely as you do,
but do not neglect to join the glee club, to be about the business of the
enjoyment of this very pursuit undertaken.
	When the work is done and the lessons are learned and the service has been
offered, please, my little ones, enjoy the rewards of your efforts.  Sit
back and
laugh and smile and glean from these experiences the lighthearted beauty that is
contained within them.  It need not be a solemn, sober affair this growth of the
soul, this lightening of the spirit.  It is a joyful thing to be engaged in and
to behold in others.  We love to see you laugh and smile.  We love to see you
study earnestly.  I would just suggest that you take adequate and ample time to
revel in your success, to enjoy the fruits of your labors, to reward yourselves
with the very love and joy you wish to be so much a part of spreading to the
world.  Take a cup for yourselves.  It is sweet; it is beautiful.  Raise it in
unison and in joy and in love as together we progress forward.  That is all.

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