[tmtranscripts] TM 2000 Conf: Machiventa on "Effortful Work, Restful Satisfaction, Supportive Companionship"

Susan Kimsey hmbtm at coastside.net
Wed Jun 28 18:52:15 PDT 2000

Hi everyone,

This is another session from the conference that Jim Foster has transcribed for
posting to the lists.  Thanks for all your efforts, Jim!        Love,  Susan

TR:  Susan Kimsey
Teacher:  Prince Machiventa
Topic:  "Effortful Work, Restful Satisfaction, and Supportive Companionship"

TM 2000 National Conference,  Lake Eufala, OK


Machiventa:  This is Prince Machiventa who greets you now, my children.
I sense a power growing in this room, as your associations with each
other deepen.  You are becoming bonded in a deep and very meaningful
way.  You are learning tolerance among yourselves. You are being given
the greater spiritual perspective, which comes from acting upon your faith,
and praying that God's Will be shown in your lives. This is the way, my
children. This is, indeed, the path we ask you to follow.

Gird yourselves against those hardships which may inevitably come upon
you in life. There are those times when you must show strength in your
faith, in your beliefs, in those things in which you cherish in your hearts.
And then there are those times when you can, indeed, ungird yourself
and rest, and partake of the satisfaction of your work. We ask both aspects
of this to be within your natures. You are to find effortful moments when you
are, indeed, working for God.  And you are to allow yourself those moments
when you are bathed in His Spirit, and nourished by the joy of your faith.

This is, indeed, the same counsel I offer to my Teachers, who work now with
me in this Campaign.  They know how to apply themselves in effortful work,
and they also seek those moments of rehabilitation, and a sense of joyous
satisfaction in the efforts they have made. You are no less vulnerable than
they are, in this work now, my dear ones, and I would encourage you to
remember this model.

If you find yourself at any point feeling a sense of frustration or
trepidation, perhaps, about your role in association with us, then that
is the point when I expect you, as one of my own, to take your rest.
Allow yourself to be nourished, allow yourself to recover that more
potent sense of peaceful, committed, and trusting application in your
attitudes and your approach to this Mission.

You are to serve as a valiant soldier, yes.  But even my soldiers
need those moments of rest and rehabilitation. Therefore, I would
encourage each of you to comfort each other, support each other,
be there in those moments when one or the other of you feels a
sense of dismay, depression, or in any way, a sense of exhaustion,
from whatever efforts they have made. Be each other's support.
Be each other's companion; each other's compatriot.

Remember to take the time to acknowledge the efforts made by
your brothers and sisters. Let them know those things that you have
seen them do, and have seen them accomplish, and let them know
that you are proud of their efforts. It is not enough to know in their
hearts that we Teachers care.  They will also flourish from knowing
that their mortal brothers and sisters are full of appreciation for the
efforts that they have made in this work.

That then, is my admonition to all of you now.  Apply yourselves in
effortful work.  Take rest and relaxation, and a sense of satisfaction,
as needed.  Show support, and a sense of companionship, to all those
you come in contact with now, in this Mission.  Do these three things
with a sense of humble trust and faith in the Father's Ability to take your
best intentions, and use them well, and you will not only thrive in this work,
my dear ones.  The mission as a whole will continue to grow, and gather
strength, and reach out and touch the hearts and minds of many, many
more on this planet.

I wish any others, now, who feel the call, the desire, to please come
forward, and work now with your Teachers, and offer our words to this
gathering.  My blessings to all in this room.

TM 2000 National Conference, Lake Eufala, OK.

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