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Wed Jun 28 18:09:37 PDT 2000

JUNE 26, 2000

I am ABRAHAM. I am here. Greetings, my friends. Your energy this evening is
staggering. I am uplifted to behold such renewed spirits. With this renewal
we can find the courage we will need to further our personal work, as well
as that of the Kingdom.

There is a great deal of personal work to be done to gain those benefits
from experience. Experience teaches us to be helpers, healers and holders of
light. I am confident in the Mission's participants to lay that firm
foundation of reality in which Light and Life will rest upon. I am in joyful
worship to behold Father's works in the realm of which you, my mortal
friends, abide.

Our efforts from our side of the Mission have been as if we were tunneling
through a mountain with Father's tools and we are now catching a glimpse of
light from your side. While we ponder upon the worlds possibilities let us
not lose focus on those small corrections that enable those huge
possibilities to become reality. Let each time we meet and share faith and
love send us out a bit better as a cosmic citizen.

Through Brotherhood interaction we gain that experience we need that teaches
us to become helpers, healers and holders of light. As you interact with one
another through the eyes of a child, with the heart of a child, let us
remember the words of our beloved Sovereign Creator. As a child I had the
things of a child. As an adult I put childish things away.

Lose not your child-like faith and heart to interact within the Brotherhood,
but embrace those mature spiritual ideas with that mind of one who is
experienced. Embrace that reality of an adult while learning how to lose
those childish fears and relentless, repetitious, childish behaviors.
(Laughter and as Calvin put it for all of us--"I resemble that!!!") You, my
friends, are such a joyful part of my life. I know I am a better teacher
because you listen to me, love me and allow me to just be. I thank you.

Our lessons concerning the Brotherhood will be now more interwoven with
lessons concerning personal behaviors. I would take a moment to speak again
on your status as a child, son\daughter of God. You, all of you are children
of the living God. There is nothing that can take that away. Each child is
known and loved for who they really are at this point in time. Not just for
who they are becoming, but with all the personal flaws, loved for who they
are. Your seat at the table as a cosmic citizen of Nebadon is secured. It is
yours now and always.

Each one of you has the same opportunities to advance as you will. Each
child is loved as if they were God's only child. There is simply no
doubt--you are loved beyond your comprehension and loved equally. There are
life occurrences that would make one believe all that I have just said is
not reality. Many individuals, including you here, believe that your place
at the table is not secured. There is a mortal tendency from past experience
to believe that circumstances, your fellows and God's abundance is working
against you. Many mortals are apt to believe in good and bad luck, good and
bad forces--Karma. There are universal laws, no doubt, and to transgress
these laws will definitely lead to a lesson of correction.

Tonight I mean to focus on how you perceive your level of accepting God's
abundance. Are your fellows really working against you and is that what you
believe you deserve? Are you followed by that black cloud of bad luck? Are
you living a life of unnecessary atonement? As an adult have you put away
childish things?

This week contemplate your real beliefs of self worth. If one is feeling
undeserving is not the world out to see to their unhappiness? Be aware, my
friends, of the many times you reject the abundance of Father because you
feel not worthy. Personal humility is to be commended. Personal unworthiness
beliefs delay spiritual progression. That is all. Know, my friends, I am in
your presence during the week. I am at hand to be of assistance. As always I
am with more love for you. Until next week, shalom.

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