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JUNE 5, 2000

I am ABRAHAM. Welcome, my friends. I do so look forward to meeting with you.
I am always learning and feeling encouraged to grow and serve. I am in awe
of our Father who makes the way. He is the guardian who keeps my lamp
aflame. He nourishes me in all ways. I hunger not. I strive continually,
yes, but I feel not the pain of aloneness or mistrust in the grand Overseer.
I am small in His greatness and relax in His gentility, while I am also
empowered by His faith in me.

God, our Father, can do all things. God is in us, and in Him, we can do all
things. He lights our path and beckons to us to come to Him, to be with Him,
to love and be loved. In Him, we can do all things. So many times does the
mortal life bring disappointment and discouragement. While we are weak--He
is strong. In Him, we can do all things, heal all things, understand all
things and endure all things. We make effort to become lost to ourselves, to
those mortal things we cherish, so that He may make us more than we are.

To be endowed with Fatherly affection is fuel to carry on, to face our
challenges without complaint and find real joy. If we truly understood the
faith Father has in us as His children, we would feel less of a sting from
mortal life, and embrace our challenges with the certainty that Father
bestows upon us the gifts of His own ability. In Him, we can do all things.
Can we become small so that He may make us more than we are? With such a
conscious presence of Father's love, power and abilities, how can we not
improve in the area of brotherly affection?

If 'all' mortals truly believed the Divine indwells within them 'equally'
there would be an astonishing peace, knowing that 'all' have ample
opportunity to live, work, rest, and play with an inner knowingness that we
have divine abilities. One can hardly hope to comprehend the Father's power
and goodness if they cannot be made small. Without the understanding of the
goodness of God, why would one make efforts in making strides for the

Life can beat upon the spirit and instead of gaining spiritual muscle, some
may become bitter or resentful. Without understanding these life occurrences
are necessary on an evolutionary planet, some overlook the good works of our
Father. Are all things possible with this fellow? No. Is he endowed with
ability? No. Is he for the betterment of the Brotherhood? Of course not.

You can look around you and view Father's good works. You can point out
evidence of Light and Life. Your faith has made it so. You are uplifted in
faith when you see the work of our Father's own hands. Be not so beaten down
by the worlds seemingly harsh occurrence, but make effort to find your
Father at work. Use this as encouragement to strive to become more for His
sake. In your receptivity of divine inspiration know that you are endowed
with His abilities. We can do all things in Him.

This week take a few moments to reflect upon the goodness of God. Ponder the
possibilities. Believe that in Him, you can do all things, heal all things,
understand all things and endure all things. That is all. A few questions.

CALVIN: Abraham, in your lesson you said, "that if all mortals truly
believed that the divine dwells within them equally there would be an
astonishing peace." If we had that astonishing peace how would we grow. It
seems like through our conflicts and struggles we grow. I am sure there is
truth both sides, but if you could say a few words to that?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Many times in struggles and conflict there is such
mindal frustration. There is fear and worry that block divine information.
Peace would bring about a relaxation that allows natural evolutionary
understanding. In the calmness is your mind clear and more receptive to new
ideas and solutions. This is empowering and growth promoting. Mental
frustration and spiritual poisons cause individuals to act rash and
fearfully, doing things that would promote further frustration. Struggles do
cause growth if you understand them. Inner peace allows us greater capacity
to be receptive to Father's teachings of the meanings and values. Is this
helping? (Yes it is. In summing up my understanding--in this imperfect world
with evolutionary struggles we can at least stay peaceful in understanding
Father's hand, not get off balance or lose ourselves to fear and miss
Father's further help.) Yes. Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, first of all I would just like to say you are so beautiful.
Sometimes the phrases you use like, "He is the guardian who keeps my lamp
aflame." I have a hard time picturing you as being like a swashbuckling war
guy, you know. You are so tender and so good. I just really appreciate that.
I have a question about when I was working with Jenny on Saturday. It seemed
like I was doing good--you know, the healing prayer you taught us? That
experience just really got tense. I felt a lot of pain in my right shoulder.
I have been feeling kind of weak since then. I was wondering if you could
help me understand that process or explain it or give me some guidance. I
hope I wasn't barging in where I didn't need to be or something. Do you know
what I mean?

ABRAHAM: Yes. I am gathering information. (Thank you.) From what I
understand the overall process was healing and a great help. However, there
was some tension and that diverted the energy to take a longer path. I am
gathering your desires and wishes for this individual to have healing was so
potent that the healing energy came in a great surge, which affected you
physically. Your sympathetic understanding for your fellows is no doubt
beautiful, but we suggest that you have no desire for the affects of the
outcome. Of course you want to see your fellows do well, yes, but ultimately
the will of Father must prevail. The prayerful healings are for faith
promotion and mental stability. They are reminding the individual that
Father knows their circumstances and desires for them to relax, be unafraid
of His will. You, daughter, have a way with these healing practices. Just
remember to trust in Father's outcome. It will make for a better flow of
energy. Have not worry for your physical wellness. With rest and time you
can expect the problem to lessen. Is this helping? (Oh yes Abraham. Thank
you. I just love you.) And I you. You're welcome. One more question.

SARAUNA: Abraham, I have just had my mother on mind a lot the last few
weeks. I've been concerned about how she is and what she is up to. I don't
know if this is appropriate or not, but maybe you could set me a little more
at rest as far as she is concerned and the choices she had to make in her
life towards the end.

ABRAHAM: Understood. I understand her to be a woman of great faith, but her
perception of Father was a fearful one. Much in her life she has acted out
of fear, but from the best of intentions. She longed to be acceptable in the
sight of others. She worked diligently for this and rarely found true
acceptance. Her intentions were honorable from her own understanding from
the beliefs she carried, but she had little faith in herself as a child of
God, and looked to others to give her this faith. She is now with more
understanding and knows that Father had accepted her all along as His child.
There should not be concern for her, my daughter. There has been healing and
understanding that would cast off the shadows of simple mistakes to shine a
light towards deeper understanding. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you Abraham
very much.) You're welcome.

I am as always with more love for you each week. You, my dear brothers and
sisters, bring me a love that feeds my soul. Until next week, shalom.

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