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MAY 22, 2000

I am ABRAHAM. Welcome and my gratitude to you that make our meetings
possible. You are understanding the Brotherhood when you unify as a group
and participate. I am touched by Father's goodness. I am touched that He
would have so much faith in me to grant me my position here with you. I am
never surprised by Father's goodness, but always am I amazed. His supreme
care-taking of the universes is apparent when I witness Him working through
my fellows.

The expansion of the Brotherhood is unfathomable over your universe careers.
You will meet every type of individual you could possibly imagine. No two
personalities will be alike, some you meet may be kindred spirits, and
others will be so opposite of you, it will most definitely challenge your
heart and mind. The one aspect of each one of us will be that living Father
within--that will be our common ground. Some individuals have more of the
Father within them than others, but our main concern is how our Father
within is manifested in our daily living.

A wealthy woman, who lived in a beautiful home, surrounded by beautiful
things and servants, found it satisfying to donate her money to a children's
orphanage. Every year she wrote out her check with the thoughts of, "yes, I
am making a difference in the lives of these children." She would attend her
high society functions wearing her beautiful gowns, and tell her wealthy
friends about her good deed, and how they also should share their good

She was a bit closed minded however when it came time to accept an
invitation from the orphanage to visit so they could thank her. Having grown
up wealthy she knew not the restrictions of poverty. She was spoiled and
taught that she was of high importance. She treated her fellows with an
arrogance that said most individuals were beneath her.

There were trusted servants in the home, but not one of them liked her or
were so much loyal to her. They did not do their best performance in serving
her. Her own friends found her personality barely tolerable, but because of
her wealth, she has earned a certain status among them. They found her
pompous and disloyal. Not one of them called her a true friend.

This wealthy woman finally, reluctantly accepted the orphanage's invitation.
After all, she thought, she had well deserved their gratitude for all she
had done for them. A few minutes inside the orphanage she saw the children's
living conditions as impoverished. They wore used clothes, and even though
they had done their best to prepare for her visit, she found the conditions
way beneath her.

A child had took her hand and led her to a small table and chairs where they
had been doing some art. The little girl told a story of living in a home
where she had been abused and neglected. The wealthy woman most definitely
wanted to flee. She could not bare the pain in the girls face. A small boy
had joined them and began to read her his poem. How mature this small boy
had sounded, for he had experienced a lot in his life.

The woman had visited with the children for a few hours, and in every
child's face she had seen the eyes of God, and knew that from this day
forward she would be changed. On her way home she had felt ridiculous,
seeing that her money had made little difference, but her visit with the
children had completely changed her life. She made many more visits to the
orphanage and each time had begun to change in heart and mind, in
personality and character. Her soul was literally expanding.

The children had grown to love her and she them. She became truly
philanthropic with her time and love. She learned to overlook financial
status. She disregarded any high society position she held. She made true
friends who seen the goodness within the woman. Her servants were treated
like family and with the highest respect. They in turn took her in as one of
their own.

The change came when she had given up all she had believed in and was open
to the evidence that God exists. The giving of herself aided her in her own
growth and put meaning into her life. Fancy functions were completely dull
compared to cookies and punch served by the kids. She had begun out on a
journey of self-aggrandizement and ended up on a journey glorifying Father
through truly good works.

You see, when you can serve it is to your own benefit. You are made to grow.
The evidence of growth is a glorification to Father. It is a commitment to
Him, showing your efforts to find Him. To reveal God within is evidence of
Light and Life.

This week search for those wonderful qualities in others, as well as
yourself, that say the Correcting Time is at work. The evidence of Light and
Life is among you in your fellows; look for it; concentrate on it;
participate in it. Know that I will be with you during the week. In your
journaling time look for me. As always, my love is with you. Until next
week, shalom.

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