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APRIL 17, 2000

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How I do look forward to meeting as a group where I
feel so completely at home. It has taken time to know and understand each of
you, but the more I know you the more I love you.

Said Jesus, "Love one another even as I have loved you." This was not so
much a request from the Master, but a command. How can you love
everyone--even those that have wronged you? How can you create a new and
ever flowing current of this love between you and your fellows? It is
difficult to love individuals who are not giving love or positive energy in

In our past lesson we have learned that God can become more when you gather
and you have the power to take Him with you wherever you go, with whomever
you meet. You find it easy to see the God in one another, but it is
difficult to see him in individuals you do not know or have had negative
experiences with.

"Love one another as I have loved you." How does the Master love us? I do
believe He sees the God and the good in each one of us. From that foundation
the love begins to take root. The Master sees us on a Kingdom-soul level as
in we are all children of the Most High's. The concept of we are brothers
and sisters in the Kingdom of Heaven--we are all children of God--is the
base that we find commonalties in. Everyone you meet you already have
something in common with them. We each are an extension of our Father. We
are His children.

Jesus understands that we each have a path we must take and our experiences
will shape who we become. Because an individual is different from Him, or
perhaps they have a more narrow vision than Him, does not put barriers
between Him and the individual. The Master knows why we have become who we
have become. He expects us all to be different in personality and
characteristics. He does not always agree with the choices we make, but He
does so much love us for our efforts. He does understand the love we so
crave and search for.

The Master has promised us that to love one another as He loves us is to
have an enlarged capacity to receive divine revelation or greater
understanding. This greater understanding teaches us of those greater
realities we will utilize to make the spiritual corrections we need here on
Urantia and usher this world into Light and Life. Light and Life cannot come
about without the Brotherhood.

This week, my friends, ponder upon what it means to love your fellows as
Michael loves you. What does that mean? Does He look past the outer shape to
the inner soul--the seed from which you bloom spiritually? To love one
another as He loves us is to be able to take your fellows intolerance of you
and make it a positive upliftment instead of a negative blow. When you look
at your mortal acquaintances can you remember the commonality in which you
all share? Contemplate the fact of how much power you really have to promote
the Brotherhood, and be in a mode of giving and not so much worrying about
what you can receive. I say with all sincerity I believe you each are
beautiful, and I am honored to serve with you and be one of you. As
requested--I should take questions.

MARK: Abraham, I grateful to be here with my boys tonight, and I wonder if
it is possible to know our names spiritually.

ABRAHAM: One moment. (Sorry-I can just barely hear him. I want to make sure
I get it right. I was trying to get Mark's name first, but he’s giving me
the oldest boy first.) He [William] is known as Drew. Mark is known On High
as Simon and my youngest friend is called Jeremy. I am always uplifted by
the presence of our youth for they have so much to teach us. Welcome my
friends. Another question?

TETRA: Abraham, the first thing I’d just like to give you my gratitude for
all these wonderful, beautiful lessons that you give us here each week. The
amount of love and compassion and Brotherhood is so refreshing. Thank you so
much. As you know I am going on a traveling journey. How can I be of service
in ways other than what I may already know or think I know?

ABRAHAM: My friend Tetra, you sound as if you would be bidding me farewell,
but not so. I should accompany you from time to time, and I believe your
gentle and sincere manner in which you speak with people is your strong
point in service. I do believe however that you do at times hold back when
you feel led to say something. You are open enough to receive divine
communion and sometimes you doubt your ability to receive and at times fear
delivering an answer. You are genuinely trusting of our Father and many
times you are so much doubting in yourself. This journey should prepare you
to take more courageous stands and exert a bit more spiritual authority with
those you meet. The journey you have chosen appears to be quite an adventure
which would cause you much joy, but I would say to beware when the journey
is rough to rally your spiritual forces to see you through difficult
moments. Know that in these difficulties--there are your lessons, there is
your well of strength to drink from. You will do well my son. Your abiding
faith is what will be most attractive to others. Have you another question?

TETRA: Yes Abraham, I want to ask a question about receiving direct
communication. It is kind of a paradox to me in that the way I live my life
I have a lots of faith like you speak of. I live my live in a way that is
trying to do the best I can for myself and those all around me, and yet--I'd
like to hear messages from you or some teacher or from my Father Fragment,
but I don’t hear them, and yet my life works out so well because of my
strong faith. What can I do to have more of a direct experience of guidance?

ABRAHAM: It is already there. You would assume this communication to be out
of the ordinary, but the opposite is so. Your direct communication is
feeling so natural you think it is of your own mind. You have excellent
Father Fragment communication and He does direct you in the best and most
fitting way you can conceive. He would not seek to shock you with what you
are not ready for. His method is more in thought than in audio word
formation. I know for certain you have received my words and used them well.
We mean to have this communication process to be as natural as possible, to
be as it were before the Rebellion, to be as though the circuits have never
been severed. Worry not. You receive in a manner of which you are accustomed
to. You do well. Another question?

HARRISON: Abraham, my oldest daughter, Linda Gale, is it possible to have
her spiritual name?

ABRAHAM: The closest sound in which I can say to you using the English
language is Emily, yes, Emily. (Thank you.) You're welcome. Another

TETRA: I do have one more question; it is actually for the whole group. How
can we trust in Father more?

ABRAHAM: By less worry of saving self, by believing Father would not ask you
to sacrifice or pay for your entrance into the Kingdom, by knowing that you
are loved just because you are. You need not do anything to earn that. In
truly believing this you are bestowed with the well-being that Father is
integrated in every aspect of your life, even things you are not aware of.
It is perhaps likened to your journey ahead. You are free-falling without
thought of where you shall lay your head to where you shall receive your
meals. It is so difficult for mortals to release all that they are, know and
have, and in the clutching of this, the energy is spent, and the connection
with Father weak. It takes a courageous individual to be willing to be lost
to become more. I cannot tell you with words how to trust more, but by your
experience and choices you make you can come to your own conclusions. Is
this answering my son? (Yes. Thank you so much.) You're welcome. Another

CALVIN: Abraham, would you be wanting to take a schedule during the upcoming
Teaching Mission Conference to address the group and put that on the

ABRAHAM: I would. It would perhaps be less complicated this way. There is so
much to gain from these gatherings. I would seek to help bring light, but no
t to blind. I would prefer some organization. Yes. Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, this is one that I don't usually ask--its one about the
book. There is something that I keep reading about that bugs me. I need some
help with understanding it. When it talks about people of lesser ability, of
all the finer races, inferior stock--that always bugs me. It seems to go
with the dogma that is not inclusive and I close down.

ABRAHAM: Yes, it does appear to be quite cruel, but even as we look in
nature--nature is also seemingly cruel. Father has arranged His universe and
there is reason and purpose to everything. Always do evolutionary worlds
experience this dilemma, but it is natural evolution and leading worlds into
Light and Life. The experience of this evolution causes growth for the
Supreme Being and for the universe as a whole. The apparently cruel breeding
out of inferior races is really a valuable teaching tool to the inhabitants
of the planets and to the history of the Universe. This world was
experimental and in these natural evolving times there are many who watch
and learn from this. Nothing goes unnoticed, nothing is thrown away. The
information is growth promoting and valuable even when it seems prejudice. I
hope this is helping. (It is and thank you.) You're welcome. Good question.

I am to take my leave, but I would tell each of you I am available for
conference during the week should you need me. Know that I am with you in
spirit. As always my love is with you. Until next week, shalom.

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