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MARCH 27, 2000

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a joy it is for me to be among you each week.
I watch you like a father and I am always amazed by your willingness to
learn. Your learning is my learning. Your growth is my growth. Your joy is
my joy.

We each know our actions have effects. What we do most of the time matters.
What we think also matters. How we perceive and understand affects how we
live and relate within the Brotherhood. The Master, being a friend to all,
is deeply affected by how you think, feel and act. He has real personal
connection with each of us and knows why we do what we do; why we think the
way we think.

As we move deeper into the Brotherhood we become connected with one another
as the Master is connected with us. How you 'understand' affects those that
you know. Your beliefs, thoughts and words affect those you know. The
connection between individuals is a living energy and a flowing current of
good or bad. The power of thoughts are becoming a natural energy
manifestation that not only affects you, but those you are around.

Thoughts are living and one of the new spiritual realities that will become
apparent as you practice being within the Brotherhood. Your pain is my pain.
Your sorrow is my sorrow. Your joy is my joy. There is really an incredible
power to affect those around you. You cannot say a word--but just in your
thoughts--you can send energy signals.

When one man climbs upon the back of another to have power the affects are
not only felt between these two men, but also with their family, friends,
strangers they would chance to come upon. The man who has been wronged is
made to feel injustice and become filled with spiritual poisons, which most
definitely affects all he comes in contact with.

He has choices he can make--to become beaten and bitter and take revenge. He
can become hopeless and weak--not to make effort anymore. He can turn to
Father and display his feelings, and even show his ugliest emotions to
Father. He can be angry for a time but not take it upon himself to react. He
can look for the higher lesson in this circumstance. He can give his
difficulty over to Father and allow him to clarify the situation so as to
create solutions. Does he lay down and be walked upon by his fellows? No.
Does he stand up with pride and fight for his place? No. Can he allow
himself to be lost, his ego to be set aside, in favor of gaining higher
spiritual understanding? Yes.

The man who has stepped upon the backs of his fellows to have 'more and
better' is asking for spiritual intervention--hard lessons. He is severing
those ties with his fellows. He is empty of those things which really
matter. His money, power and pride are temporary empty satisfactions that
hold no meaning, and he wonders why he is not happy. He can recognize his
problem and make amends, or seek for further temporary fulfillment of again
hurting his fellows for gain.

Both men will at some point know the pain that was caused over this
situation. Both men will have understanding of the effects their actions
had. Can a higher good be created or can more spiritual poisons be spread?
Will they react to save pride, to save self or can they lose self in favor
of understanding, of Spirit direction?

This week be aware of your fellows joy is your joy. Their pain is your pain.
Be aware of the connection of those you come in contact with. Ponder upon
your personal power to create a higher good. Tonight I can take a few

INERIA: Abraham, do you have words for Claireesa? (Her father passed away

ABRAHAM: She knows my words and feelings. I can say that where there was
hurt--there will be healing. Where there was misunderstanding--there will be
enlightenment for all concerned. She need not worry or have added stress,
because from this point on new enlightenment will create healing for her and
those she loves. She only needs to be open. Our love is most certainly with
her. Another question?

CALVIN: Do you have any words to say of the Pope's visit to the Palestinians
you would like to make?

ABRAHAM: It is definitely a giant step in the Correcting Time. These matters
appear to be momentous and growth promoting, but as always with growth there
is pain. Religious leaders need to evolve with the changing times and be
open to diversity. A religious organization who claims to have the only
'true church' asks for stagnation and upheaval among the members. We are
hoping this occasion will show that each and every individual is a child of
the living God. It matters not personal beliefs, but having respect for
everyone’s right to believe in the way they see fit. It is so difficult for
man to allow difference, and each church has jealousy for other churches.
Many religious people believe that other religious people are less
enlightened and ignorant. There is always intentions to convert one another
over to a correct path. This is indeed erroneous and only negative can
result. We are hoping the attitude of Brotherhood will bring about
acceptance of diversity and a desire for a common good for the whole.
Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, your lesson tonight speaks right to my heart. Sometimes in
this group I feel like a rebel rouser. I feel like everyone comes and is
getting along just great and here I go with my stuff. On one hand I feel
like I am not honest about it and share and how can we work through it. It
is really scary for me to do that. Then I feel like maybe I should just keep
quiet and act like everything is okay. I even think about maybe I cause more
problems and maybe I shouldn't come and blah, blah, blah. So your lesson
tonight has a lot of words for me to think about and dwell with. Do you have
any guidance on that?

ABRAHAM: There are always ways to measure your intentions. Like with the
story of the two men--you can attempt to understand why you create some of
these tensions by asking yourself: Are you sharing your truth to create good
for the whole or are you feeling personal injustice in which you must right
so as to save self-worth? Low self-worth is made more difficult when others
appear to personally attack you. If you do not right the injustice you are
apt to believe they were justified in their actions and once again it is
proven you are right to think you are without self-worth. This is
understood. Jesus would surely have been crushed by others opinions had He
not had strong spiritual connection with Father. His connection was a shield
against others attacks. His connection was a deeper understanding for His
fellows. His connection to Father was a detachment from others hurtful
actions. He cared only what Father thought and the others were seen as
individuals who are on their own path of learning. He knew Father would help
them. He did nothing unless he could promote the highest good. He had never
made effort to save self. I hope this is helping.

MIRIAM: Is it erroneous to think that because we are brothers and sisters it
is in the highest good to talk about things that have discomfort or is it
best to just turn everything over to Father and know that everyone is on
their path and just let it be? Maybe it is just a faulty thing of
mine--thinking we ought to be sharing these things.

ABRAHAM: Understood. You are speaking about being truthful of what is in
each one’s heart. Understood. Certainly, speaking the truth is of the
highest good, although the way in which you present it is key to having
positive results. We each need to focus on remaining the learner and looking
to the Spirit for words. When you are gathered God is before you. God is
made real right before your eyes if you each can each set aside self.
Certainly discussion should take place if there can be further
understanding, but also this is limited depending upon the results it is
bringing about. If topics become dead then of course it is time to release
it into Father's care. Each individual needs to have time to grow into
understanding. Does that answer? One more question.

MARK: What questions Abraham could we be asking ourselves in the next stages
of growth that you see here with us?

ABRAHAM: I believe that it would be helpful to ask yourselves: What are my
priorities? What is really important? What really matters and how can I work
best with Father to bring these things into a reality? What can I do to have
a balanced life? What can I do to promote the highest good for Father ,
myself and others? Is this answering? (Yes. Thank you.)

I am always with more love for you each time we meet. I am with gratitude to
Father for my position within the Brotherhood. As long as we give all we
have for the good of one another we are venturing further into Light and
Life. My love is with you. Until next week, shalom.

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