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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Self Regulation
Teacher: Malvantra

March 26, 2000
* Malvantra (Jonathan TR): I am with you today; I am Malvantra.
Over the years I have been keenly interested in our development as a group.
I have been working toward fostering better cooperation and coordination. It is
for me a valuable development that you are this day considering collective
actions with the motivation of being at work for the master.
Both in an individual and the development of civilization have phases that
are undergone that lead to the way of life that is found in Light and Life.
Initially an individual or many individuals will behave anarchistically. There
is little to no regard for the interactions of others. Then, at some point one
individual develops manipulative powers and there arises the kingly state,
or the
totalitarian state or, in the case of the individual, the innocence of the very
young child develops into a strong ego, the neighborhood bully or the one who
wishes to control games and activities.
After significant episodes of hardship from applying this approach to
socialization, the next development is the democratic, group regulated
In the individual, one notices how the teenager is largely conformative to the
peer group, almost fears rejection and will go to great lengths to belong. Your
political systems today do well under democratic rule where the populace at
decides the progress and path of society.
Eventually there arises the higher state of self regulation. This form of
behavior, of direction in choice making and interaction with others, is not
unlike the interpretation of the Golden Rule that qualifies doing good unto
others as how the master or the Father Himself would treat another individual.
When one rises to this more enlightened perspective of community and self
determination, there begins to take place an expansive adaptation to singular
events. Now, at the end of this evolutionary climb is the individual who
chooses, but this individual is markedly different from the beginning climb of
behavior with full disregard for anyone else. Now the perspective is universal,
is spiritually comprehensive.
As you consider coordinating with your fellows today, be mindful of the
transitional phase you can foster wherein you will evolve from a democratic form
where the "yes" votes win and the "no" votes do not to the self regulating where
each considers the Father's perspective, universal truths, and supports one
another in these various endeavors. Your efforts will be successful when not
done as a mob but are undertaken as enlightened and independent individuals who
are sincere in helping one another, in contributing to each other's purposes as
each is directed by Father to undertake.
As one who takes keen interest in the processes of group activities, I am
thrilled to be one to alert you that you will derive more benefit from the
dynamics of your interactions at this stage in your development than you will
from certain specific activities you choose to be engaged in, for these
skills of
interaction will be immediately applicable in your mansion world training
experience, even though some of your activities that you select today to pursue
will not be so needful in the worlds to come.
When this spiritual maturity is attained wherein you are self regulating, a
new independence is found. You are free from mass movement. You are free from
tyranny either from another or from your own immature self power, but it is
not a
liberty of prime self-importance; it is one of universally comprehensive value.
Spiritual development in the individual is not only the deeper development of
relationship with God and the contentment, the peace, and the love that springs
from this relationship; it is also the coordinated advancement of all levels of
your being, your personality makeup, such that you can function anywhere in this
wide universe and be a presentation of the light of Paradise.
You have and will continue to find the Father even now at the beginning of
your universe ascent. But it is a long road ahead of you before you will be
fully representative of the light of Paradise. In this process you will go
through these stages of collective coordination following behind errant
individuality and ultimately reaching an enlightened individuality in
with the Supreme.
I am glad to be here today and to make this presentation to you. I am
planning to be in attendance this afternoon. I welcome your comments at this
Evelyn: That was beautiful. I was thinking I wanted to hear more about
self regulation, and you launched into more about it. You said it all: at work
for the Father, at work for the master. It helps to organize my thoughts for
this afternoon and to value the meeting more highly. I'm glad you are coming
along, and we will all keep our minds open for your input.
* Malvantra: Thank you for yours.

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