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FEBRUARY 20, 2000

I am ABRAHAM. What a joy it is for me to meet with you each week. I feel a
part of this group. I feel at home with you. I know I can be my complete
self with you and still I am loved and accepted. I thank you.

I know you each on a personal level, and I find each one of you to be a
component within the circuitry of our present existence. You each play a
role in the creation of our personal history as a group. Each one of you
also creates a history in the lives of others which affects the whole. Every
varying personality brings a specific social flavor, and has a duty to being
that ingredient, which adds to the whole.

I am always in gratitude because of my fellows who support me in being my
complete self, and accepting my varying views on things, even if they are
not in agreement. I count on my fellows to maintain a spiritual balance.
Their feedback to me is valuable. One friend, who has graced me with his
support and truth is one who will speak here tonight. I give you EMULAN.

My fellows, I too am creating a bond of friendship with you each. I have not
been with you long, and yet you have taken me in as one of your own. I know
my ways are different from Abraham's, and you each have responded to me with
nothing less than kindness and acceptance. I too thank you.

The character of a being has so many variables that come into play. Culture,
environment, parental guidance, peers and education, does certainly shape an
individuals character. Character is a calling card of sorts. It speaks to
individuals and tells them who you really are.

As a mortal you can witness your fellows behavior and define their
characters as this or that, and make a personal judgment according to what
you see. This is simple, and yet you know not these fellows backgrounds. You
do not know what has shaped their character or if you are really even seeing
their true character. Many individuals feel their natural and complete self
is not enough or not acceptable--so they play many false roles. It is
difficult unless you really make effort to know somebody to place a label on

There is personality factors about me that would perhaps offend some, but my
friends who know me on a soul level understand why I have become who I am,
what has shaped me, and respect the position I play in the good of the

In practicing self-mastery with our fellows we can see what we are really
portraying to the world. Of course, there are individuals who bring out the
best or worst in us. With the practice of self-mastery you learn of the
control and power you really have. Your understanding shapes your attitude
which causes your reactions. Self-mastery is being in a state of learning, a
state of openness. It is an attitude of being non-judgmental, being aware of
learning about your fellows, and why they are who they are, and what gifts
they might bring to add to the whole.

Not everyone believes they have gifts or their fellows have anything
positive to add to our present history, but I can guarantee you each that
your Indwelling Father has a personal plan and purpose that you will all
serve. Self-mastery is waiting and listening to your Indwelling Father, not
being motivated by your fellows judgment or opinions.

What has shaped your character? What gifts have you to offer, or what are
those natural aspects of your personality that help you to serve? How
judgmental are you when it comes to your fellows character? Can you make
effort to learn more about them to understand why they are the way they are?
It is only understanding--not so much accepting--but just understanding and
allowing Father to work out the details. I will accept a few questions.

HARRISON: Emulan, I have a question regarding a pain and a burning sensation
that I have in my feet that prevents me from sleeping very well. I would be
open if you have any suggestions about what I might do to help relieve this.
Either through spiritual changes or physical changes or any idea that you
may have, I am open to it.

EMULAN: I am understanding this to be a circulatory problem and cause to be
aware of your blood pressure. It is altogether wise to speak with your
doctor, but in the meantime you can adopt those naturally healthful
practices that people need to do to maintain good health, such as diet and
exercise, meditation and good rest. I do not perceive this to be real
serious, but I do believe you should speak with your doctor. I would also
emphasize the fact that you really need to have some rest and a time without
worry. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you.) Another question?

CALVIN: This is a question for Miriam. I thank you Emulan for your help in
our lives and for this lesson and that is also what Miriam asked to express
to you--her appreciation for you and your help. She wonders why we or she
seeks comfort in food? Why is it the first place we go, and anything else
you might have for her?

EMULAN: I understand her progress to be as it should. Miriam, you are
learning to not internalize every negative feeling and not take things
negative as a personal attack. You do well. To seek comfort in other avenues
is quite natural, and not an offense against Father for not being able to
rely upon Him completely. The misuse of everyday energies lead us to feel
empty and alone. The emptiness does cause the need to consume, to refill
where we are empty. Everyday pressures and stress leads us to deplete
energy, and this depletion is lonely and sometimes frightening. We turn to
quick comfort. "What will make this feeling of loneliness and loss go from
me?" This is not to try to control or overcome, but maintain a spiritually
healthy life to use your energy wisely. Energy exhaustion needs to be
replenished through spiritual avenues. Mediation, prayer, time for reversion
and comfort of your fellows, aids in regenerating energy. Man does truly
need his fellows to know he is not alone and not out of the ordinary. It is
most beneficial to speak with friends, especially those who understand this
plight. I am told to also mention the physical hormonal and chemical changes
of women can cause you to feel this energy depletion. To fight your desires
or cravings can only lead to further indulgence. Feed your impulses lightly
so as not to deprive, but to accept the mortal state. You are still mortal
and all the chemical changes lead to filling the emptiness with material
things. Be not so harsh on the weakness of the mortal mind, but know that
there is a need to re-energize spiritually and do other things that cause
the mind to redirect its focus. Play and rest are also helpful--along with a
sensible diet that contains all the nutrients that will serve all systems in
the body. The cravings should be less when the systems are served. Worry
not. These times of needing to be materially filled are not lasting. Another

RACHEL: Emulan, I am going to ask this question because maybe next week you
won't be taking questions. A week from tomorrow is our ninth anniversary of
this Teaching Mission. Will you have some special thoughts and words for us
to help celebrate this anniversary?

EMULAN: I am told Abraham already has prepared for this, yes. (I have been
reading his mind.) Well done. It has been a journey of learning and growing.
I know how much the Teaching Mission means to you each. We will have
something prepared, yes. Another question?

CALVIN: Emulan, tonight you talked about being judgmental about others, and
pretty timely as always. An example: Somebody asked my opinion about a book
that someone is putting out. This person is quite controversial concerning
this Teaching Mission adventure and so on. So I expressed my viewpoint of
this person, and I only know him a little bit from interaction of email and
meeting him for maybe an afternoon. Is it best to only give what you know,
because I might be siding on the side of error because of giving my opinion,
or is it best to say this is what I feel. Is it best to just keep quiet till
you have had some good interaction with somebody till saying something about

EMULAN: You can always comment if it should bring about good, truth or more
awareness. That is why we must make effort to learn about each other. We
must be open enough to share our backgrounds and commonalties and
differences. There could be one sentence you could say that would change
things for the better or bring about more awareness. Father does use you to
serve your fellows. If you are feeling Father-led and foreseeing an eventual
positive outcome, then certainly express your viewpoint. If you can
truthfully see that you are feeling any spirit poisons or ego interference
and foreseeing negative then I would forgo any comments. I know you already
understand this and I feel you do well. Is this answering?

CALVIN: l Very helpful. Thank you. One further thing--there is in our posted
lessons anyway--this topic of the Magisterial Son's entrance, and maybe more
of a world conscious awareness, but at least a spiritual entrance to
Urantia. Last week your lesson was on opening your mind to new realities,
and I know we have had lessons on wish-full thinking and mysticism. I wonder
if you or Abraham have any comments on this?

EMULAN: Abraham has taught you well on the dangers of mystical thinking.
Your experience has taught you his lessons were true. You have seen for
yourself and learned these lesson so that they are lasting in your mind. The
new spiritual realities will come about much in the same way. We can teach
about them to bring them to your awareness, but it is experience and faith
that will make them real in your lives. In time these new spiritual
realities will be as if they had always been. This Teaching Mission has
taught you to draw a definite line between mysticism, ego centered non
realities versus everyday living realness experiences. You know this line.
Within each one of you have drawn this line for yourselves--some may be more
tolerant of mystical ways and some may flee from this Mission because it is
too real or perhaps not mystical enough. I have no comment on the
Magisterial Son at this time--otherwise is this answering? (Yes. Very well.
Thank you.) One more question.

SARAUNA: Emulan, its always a pleasure to be able to interact with you and I
value the things you have given us in the past. My question has to do with
finding myself in my occasional distrust of everything, wondering what I can
do to separate--I believe this comes from my background, the way I was
raised and with the fact that I have in so many ways akin God with things
that are perhaps, as I see at this time in my life, maybe not so Godly. I
feel inclined to make every effort to enhance my trust of the Mission. I
feel that the messages are valid and real and when everyone asks a question
here, usually it is part of the answer that I am looking for. As I feel
that-you know-greatly disturbed by the issue of trust and tying it in with
the Father--I guess because I have felt betrayed by the biological father I
have on the earth, and yet I still tie him to--I feel that there is a part
of him that seeks God as well, though I can't accept all that he is and
does. I am caught up in a dilemma here. Perhaps you can simplify it for me
and just give me something simple that will help in this complicated

EMULAN: I can try. I do believe you should question everything. Being in the
material body, you must learn faith, and this is not easy to believe without
seeing. It is completely understood. Your ability to reason what is truth,
and what isn't, is an extension of the gift Father has bestowed upon
you--free will, yes. You are correct when you say your earthly father has
caused you to be a bit untrusting. As a child, and somewhat even now, you
felt without a voice. You were not given those things a child needs to learn
to trust. To question is a natural aspect of your personality, Sarauna, but
the pain of being without a voice causes you to be apprehensive about
blindly following. Father does not ask you to blindly follow, but to rely
upon Him and your intelligence He has bestowed upon you. To question is
natural; to question Father's ability is causing insecurity and pain for
you. As you accept you are His child He does reveal to you His gentle loving
nature, and yet shows you His unmatched power and ability to do all things.
This dilemma, as you put it, is entirely natural and will certainly lead you
to a practical solution. You are in a courtship with Father, and in learning
to dance with Him, you must relax and allow Him to lead, at least sometimes.
You do well.

I will take my leave and not without telling you each that I love you more
each time we meet. I am honored to be a part of you. Farewell.

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