[tmtranscripts] Pocatello Transcript 2-18-00

Bill Kelly billk at ida.net
Sun Feb 20 15:16:29 PST 2000


Machiventa Melchizedek(Bill): Greetings.  I am Machiventa Melchizedek, your
friend, your principal/teacher, and your companion during your stay on this
planet, Urantia.

My friends, your wisdom grows daily as you have faithfully followed in the
footsteps of our Master Son and as you have intimately conversed with your
divine Pilot dwelling within your mind.  Yes, your surmises about the need
for epochal revelation on this planet in order to dislodge the belief
systems of despair and hopelessness are very accurate.  Indeed, is the book
only the written form of this great revelation.  

As with the previous four revelations of truth to this planet, there is no
easy magical method whereby a panacea can be wrought in the minds and
hearts of the inhabitants of Urantia.  Never can the prime directive be
violated, but new information can be authorized and presented in a manner
which does grab the attention of the masses.  

As you have observed, for the last several years there have been snatches
of information coming from various quarters suggesting that great events
were just around the corner, were soon to occur.  All this information that
has been leaking through the walls of doubt and disbelief is moistening the
floor upon which the beliefs of this planet stand.  When the moisture
becomes sufficiently prevalent and permeates the foundations of ignorance,
darkness and true cynicism, then will these cherished idols of materialism,
of agnosticism, of self centeredness fall with a great crash and be broken
into a thousand pieces.  

Your part in all of this great epochal revelation may seem to you to be
minuscule, but you are part of the process of seepage which is breaking
through these barriers, these walls of unbelief.  Your ministry, as it is
sincerely practiced from day to day with the intention of serving Christ
Michael himself, as you serve your brothers and sisters, is, indeed, your
doing of the will of God.  Your comments on this subject were stunning this
evening, for it is precisely this truth, that you so well stated, that the
will of God being done now imperfectly, makes it possible for the will of
God to be done more perfectly in every future moment.  

Imperfection....let it no longer concern you in the least.  This is a long
term project, my friends, the perfectedness of the universes of time and
space.  But back to your role in the fifth epochal revelation...even as
Jesus taught his first apostles the parable of the servants that were
waiting for the coming of the bridegroom, so do I stress that your job is
to remain alert, is to do your daily work, is to practice the disciplines
which were outlined to you last week and to be open every moment of the day
to the possibilities which the angels arrange in your lives so that you may
be bringers of seasoning to the agendas of the activities of your lives as
they interact with your siblings.  

Yes, this is a grand and glorious time on this planet, my friends.    It is
so personally satisfying to me as I have striven over these two millenniums
since our Creator Son graced this planet with his presence to see this time
now finally arrive, the next great upstepping of truth to this world.
Despite the fact that previous epochal revelations were only partially
successful, we are more optimistic this time, for we are past the rebellion
and default and those perpetrators are no more.  Christ Michael is now a
Master Son and not merely a vicegerent sovereign.  He rules in his own
right and he is in charge of the great correction of all the benighted
planets of Satania.  Our Magisterial Son is here, as you have been told.
The time grows ever riper for his epiphany.  So, watch and pray and do your
jobs and rejoice always in the pearl of great price which you now possess.  

A final word to you....my personal thanks for your involvement, for your
conscious decision to be a part of this team.  Great is our mission, my
friends.  Know that in your hearts!  Until we speak again, I am your
friend, Machiventa Melchizedek.  Good evening.

Daniel(Bill): My dear friends, I am Daniel, your teacher, your guide, your
companion and your coach.  What an honor it is for us to be graced with the
presence of our own Planetary Prince!   He has, as he indicated, more than
an average interest in this planet and has had that interest for thousands
of years.  I personally thank Michael that he decided to place Machiventa
in charge in his stead to administer the affairs of this world.  It is a
just reward for his willingness to incarnate as an emergency mission and
his continued interest throughout the intervening years, that he should be
officially designated the Acting Planetary Prince.

The spirit poisons of fear, anger, guilt, and sloth are the animal legacy
which you are all learning to overcome, not by repression, suppression, or
any other attempt at holding back these things, but rather by the
spontaneous outpouring of the Spirit of God in your lives which happens as
you turn your will into alignment with the will of God.  I wish to speak
briefly this evening to the issue of the new and living way which Michael
has shown us to overcome our animal heritage which is necessarily ours as
we are all of animal origin. 

First, let me say that your animal natures, which I shared at one time, are
a necessary part of material life evolution.  There is a great purpose in
starting out in this ascension career on the animal level.  That purpose is
to undergo the full range of experience of all the potentials of created
existence in the universes of time and space.  Many other orders of will
creatures, such as the Seraphim, start at a higher level without the
material existence, but they uniformly seek experience below where they
begin their existence in ministering to us mortals so that they can have
more depth in their understanding of the full range of supremacy.  

I know that some of you secretly, if not openly, wish that you could have
born angels without the animal legacy.  But I tell you, my friends, as one
who has passed through the mortal career and lives now very much like the
Seraphim, there are lessons to be learned in experiencing mortality that
cannot be learned in any other way.  

Actually, there is a beauty in the animal life that you sense at times from
your animal cousins: the power of the strength of a great cat as it moves
swiftly over the surface in search and in pursuit of its prey; the
tenderness of maternal love as it is shown by a mother seal for her pups;
the majesty of the eagle as it soars in the heavens above; all these things
which you share as fellow animals are a wonderful type of experience.
While you cannot fly like the eagles or run like the cheetahs, nevertheless
you achieve some of the feeling of thrill that this brings when you move
quickly as in skiing, when you fly as in gliding, and in so many other ways
connect yourself to the experiences of your animals cousins, at least in
some measure.  So first I say to accept the fact that you are of animal
origin.  It is not something to be despised or regretted.  It is in
accepting your animal nature and understanding that many of your conflicts
come from that which you cannot change that you are then freed to transcend
the animal nature.  If you are fighting it, you cannot transcend it. 
For example, when you meet another human being the first reaction you have
is on the animal level.  You survey that other person and classify them
according to standard of all sorts: standards of normalcy, standards of
sanity, standards of degree of threat, etc.  This is your animal nature
which is the way you are made.  It is of no value to try to stop seeing
these things, for that would be impossible, at least as long as senses were
not damaged.  What happens when you transcend your animal nature is that
superimposed upon the information that your mind instantly perceives
regarding these things is another layer, the layer of the soul and the
spirit combined.  You perceive through the window of the eyes, perhaps, God
within that other person.  You perceive at an emotional, intuitive level
your connection as being of the same essence, both faith sons and daughters
and therefore brothers and sisters at a spiritual level.  Because you can
see at this higher level, this spiritual reality, this morontial reality,
then the physical facts which you have already appraised yourself of are
subsumed and no longer stand in glaring confrontation with you.  If this
other person is physically attractive, the importance of that fades, for
that is not as important as their spiritual attractiveness.  If this person
is disfigured, unattractive, it also fades before the more important
perception of that person as a brother or sister.

Spiritual growth is just that...growth.  It cannot be forced; it cannot be
engineered; it can not be manufactured; it cannot be willed.  Growth
results from proper nutrition, from the favorable circumstances around a
growing entity.  The growth of the fruits of the Spirit is spontaneous,
unconscious, inevitable, unstoppable, and altogether certain when the soul
is being properly cared for.  The great Gardener of the soul is our Thought
Adjuster.  When you give permission to let that Gardener recommend the
proper measures then does nourishment result in growth of the spiritual and
mindal child, the morontial soul.  As the soul grows so do all the
desirable characteristics that we term the fruits of the Spirit, which
superimpose themselves upon the animal level of reality.

I realize that this is not new information.  St. Paul described it in the
Book of Romans as the conflict between the law and the spirit.  But, again,
these are the agendas that we are charged with fulfilling, for we are
assistant gardeners in your lives, suggesting ways for you to improve the
quality of your fertilizer, to find more consistent sources of water, to
dig around your roots, and any other ways we can be helpful.

Finally I would offer the interpretation of Jesus' parable of the weeds
growing among the wheat.  As you may recall, in the story the servant
approaches his master, the farmer, and tells him that an enemy has sown
weeds that are growing up now with the wheat.  "Shall I go out and pull up
the weeds?" asks the servant.  The master  says, "No, let them both grow
together, because if you pull up the weeds now you will disrupt and
dislodge the wheat as well.  Let's wait till the harvest and then we will
pull everything up and separate it into two piles, the wheat and the
weeds."  So you cannot pull up the animal nature and discard it.  It is not
possible.  But the wheat will grow and eventually choke out the undesirable
weeds so that there will be much less weeds at harvest time. 

Much of your animal nature is not in any sense negative, and that part
please enjoy to the fullest, for your time is short and this is your only
chance.  As to spirit poisons, we will keep on with our purification
programs and if you do your part in providing your own nourishment, in
accessing the presence of God in your lives, you will continue to be
successful in dealing more and more adequately and effectively in
eliminating the spirit poisons, not by repression or suppression, but by
spiritual transformation.

This ends my lesson this evening.  Minearisa is present.  Tomas is
visiting.  Aaron is here.  We would like to allow you now, your time.  Are
there questions, comments, either about the lesson or anything else that is
of spiritual value?

Nancy: Yeah, Daniel, I have a brief comment.  I appreciate your lesson and
I appreciate the interpretation of the parable.  As you were giving your
lesson I was reflecting back to many years ago now, when you were advising
me to appreciate my humanness.  I had such a difficult time even knowing
what you meant.  I have come to understand what my humanness is and this
lesson just reminded me of that.  So, I love the way our lessons get
revisited from different angles and I learn them anew with different
perspectives.  So I just thank you for your consistent, insightful
teaching.  I thank you also for your visit with me several weeks ago.  That
was just really helpful.  I just appreciate you as an advisor as well as
the entire staff.  Thank you for your coaching and your gardening and your
assistance in our self pruning as well.  

Daniel: Thank you, Nancy, for your words of gratitude.  They are joy
producing, for we, as teachers, have no greater desire than to see our
students be successful learners.  You are correct that we do revisit the
same topics, yet, the topics are presented and perceived on a spiral
configuration.  This is an experience that we all share together, which is
another way of describing spiritual growth. 

Spiritual growth, by the way, does include the intellectual understanding
dimension.  This is not always fully appreciated by those who are
struggling so hard with the emotional component of growth, the facing of
feelings they thought were too awful to face.  That can be so overwhelming
that the intellectual understanding component can sometimes be lost.  So it
is good to hear that part of your appreciation has to do with greater
understanding.  Of course understanding is wedded to experience and all are
unified in the experience of growth.

Just one last comment about growth.  Remember, it is not just individuals
that are growing.  The entire universe is growing.  It began in the Central
Universe.  It is now organizing into Supremacy in the seven Superuniverses,
but also beyond these are incredible new universes that we think will
eventuate on levels of the absonite.  So you see, what I am trying to say
is, growth is the name of the game.  It is what it is all about.  I thank
you for your gracious comments.

Nancy: Thank you!  (Long pause)
Daniel: The silence suggests to me that either you are weary or your plate
is full, but I am sure that you are not brain dead, therefor I will
conclude our meeting now.  Let us stand and hold hands as we worship.

O thou great First Source and Center, you who had the first thought and
expressed it through the Second great Source and Center and put it into
action through the Third great Source and Center, we your creatures as well
as your sons and daughters worship your majesty, your love, your incredibly
generous heart!  We are confident that one day we will stand in your very
presence and receive your embrace when we have reached the level of pure
Spirit and become perfect in our realm even as you are perfect in yours.

All the residents of Paradise bow down in adoration and joy before you and
we sense some of that even this far away from the great center.  May the
radiance of your presence within us show forth, not to enhance our egos,
but to enlighten our brothers and sisters who are truly walking in
darkness.  Help us to say the words that will touch them, to do the things
that will serve them.  

I, Daniel, thank you now for these my brothers and sisters whom I stand
among this evening.  I am so wrapped up with them that I go back to my own
mortal memories.  I thank you for the joy you have given me in this service
and I ask that you will keep them safe in the hollow of your hand, even as
I know you will, even as you keep us all in the hollow of your wonderful hand.

Finally, O great Father, Mother, Son, help us to never grow weary, but
always to strive to connect with the Source that gives us growth, even your
own Spirit.  Thank you for Michael, our Creator Son, Nebadonia, our
Creative Mother Spirit.  And now, accept our prayers, our adoration, our
worship as you are more generous than our most exalted thought can imagine.

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