[tmtranscripts] Pocatello 8th anniversary

Bill Kelly billk at ida.net
Mon Jan 17 02:40:57 PST 2000


Bill: May peace like a river descend upon us, Your peace, oh God, Thou
divine Indweller.  We thank You for the opportunity to be together and we
ask that we may have ears to hear the lessons, the joy, the encouragement
that Your Presence brings to us.  We thank You for this anniversary, eight
years of being involved with celestial teachers.  We thank you, Christ
Michael, for bringing this correcting time to this planet and for our
opportunity to take part.  We look forward to hearing from our older
comrades and we thank you for your love which always sustains us.  In the
name of Michael, our Master Son, we pray.  Amen.

Daniel(Bill/Isaac): Greetings.  I am Daniel, your teacher, your friend, your
comrade, and your guide.  Of course, I wish to greet all of you with warmest
affection and heartfelt love.  It is also wonderful to have you all together
at this time and in this place.  
Know that it is important to remember anniversaries and to set aside special
times to commemorate past achievements.  Indeed, the various groups of
celestial beings in the universe of universes hold conclaves at regular
scheduled intervals so that this practice that you undertake this evening is
in accordance with universe procedure.  I realize that you are not doing it
for those reasons.  You are gathering together because you are a family,
scattered hither and yon at times, but still the family of God in this
particular structure.  

As I have taught these last eight years, I regard my time with you as superb
beyond measure.  I have never enjoyed a teaching assignment more than this
one, my friends.  This is sincere.  You, on your planet and in your
situation are such eager pupils!  You are such a delight to work with.  You
are a joy to me even as are our other groups of my brother and sister
teachers who labor for the reclamation of this planet.  

We do have several people here present who would like to speak some words to
you.  Abraham is with us, as is Tomas, Minearisa, Aaron, Ham, and all of
your personal teachers plus your seraphic guardians and unnumbered hosts who
are visitors to this planet, observing Michael's plan in action.  

Before I relinquish the podium, as it were, I appreciate the feedback that
is apparent to an observer who looks upon our history and sees that there is
continuity, direction and progress.  You were informed at the beginning of
this mission that Machiventa, our Planetary Prince, oversees the curriculum
of the Correcting Time as it is manifest through the Teaching Mission. This
does not impose restrictions on us, but rather gives us the same kind of
coordination that your mortal teachers use when they keep a school in a
curriculum track. 

My friends, it is a new century; it is a new millennium; it is a new day.
It is also the ever present now.  You connect with the Spirit in the now,
while your minds range from the past, the present, and on to the future.
Never forget for a moment that you may contact your inner guidance, your
Indwelling Mystery Monitor whenever you wish.  Learn to walk more and more
in reliance upon this guidance which is ever present and always reliable.
Know that I love you dearly and that the Teaching Mission continues, as we
envision it, far into the future.  So, I look with confidence and great
anticipation to the next year of our comradery.  I yield now to my brother,

Abraham(Bill/Isaac): Greetings.  I am Abraham.  I am overjoyed to be
afforded an opportunity to greet you on this most auspicious occasion, the
remembrance of eight years of our association together.  

You have all dedicated yourselves in your own ways to the doing of Father's
will, to the journey behind the  steps of our Master.  There have been many
ups, and some downs. You have not been exempt from the cares, the trials,
the uncertainties which beset all mortals on all planets, no.  But you have
been instructed in ways in which you can seize the opportunity, no matter
how apparently discouraging it may at first appear to be, and progress so
that you benefit and learn from those down times.  

You are all, in varying degrees, aware of the morontial reality of the soul,
yours and others as well.  This places your understanding of life in a whole
new framework.  It makes possible for you to literally fulfill the
injunction of our Lord Jesus, Christ Michael when he said, "Seek first the
Kingdom of God, and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to
you", for the morontial perspective is the Kingdom of God and His
righteousness.  You are all engaged in lessons of disarming your egos, of
not disowning them, or destroying them, but simply putting them in their
proper place.  The ego is, indeed, a gift of God.  It has its most important

Like any normal mortals, you are curious about the future.  You ponder and
speculate, even as we do on this side, as to how God is going to unfold His
universes and how all things are going to work together for good.  I tell
you this, my friends, with my several thousand years of experience, the
longer I live in this wonderful universe the more persuaded I am that
everything is working together for good!

The last thing I wish to say to you is an old theme but it needs repeating.
Continue to refine your balance so that you are not unduly put off by the
unexpected, whether that be unexpected joy or unexpected anxiety, sorrow,
and the like.  Your balance point is here [points to center of chest] within
you.  This is where you must always reconnect.  Never let any activity or
commitment become a distraction to that center, that time in stillness,
however you structure it.  Thank you for listening to me.  I, like Daniel,
am exuberant over the future and look forward to this coming year.  We shall
not fail, my friends.  Christ Michael shall prevail.  Shalom.

Aaron(Bill/Isaac): Hello, my friends, I am Aaron I am also most pleased to
be with you this evening.  I will not inflict upon you my oft repeated
procedures, no, not on this evening.  But I am here to say to you that I
feel we all benefit greatly when you get to participate in this manner, when
you can assist us, your teachers, with your wisdom.
I have greatly enjoyed my participation in this southeast Idaho teacher
base.  I have personally benefitted greatly, not only from the times when I
speak with you, but also the times I have spent with some of you in your
quiet time.  Even as Daniel makes his "rounds" I continue to attempt contact
with you as well.  I intend to continue this practice this year.  If you
desire time with me, just let me know and I will be glad to comply. 
I wish that you could see your own souls as I see them.  You are beings of
light.  From within you radiates the light of your divine Adjuster and the
presence of your morontia soul.  It is visible to morontial vision.  

What I wish you would all make an effort to work on this year is to
consciously attempt to see the light of another's Indwelling Divinity and
morontial substance.  When you view another person, shift your gears
mentally and spiritually and see them as another brother or sister, a person
with great inner beauty.   This is not a new concept, I know, but it is
something that you all need to work on.  When you do this consciously
gradually your frame of reference will change.  You will be able to look
past their errors, character defects, and annoying behavior patterns more
easily.  I wish you could realize that each person's Thought Adjuster is
working to lift up their thinking, to reinterpret how they perceive a
situation, their relationship to someone else, their relationship to God.

As far as my part goes, I pledge to you to continue to be your assistant in
any way that I can.  Thank you for your time tonight.  Thank you for coming
tonight, to be with each other, and to allow us a contact point.  One moment

Tomas(Bill): Good evening my good friends.  This is teacher Tomas.  I am
back here in the place where I have many fond memories and connections to
share in your celebration.  It was a fine time that I spent with Daniel in
that time frame where we began to be co-teachers; and it was my time with
you that enabled me to move with such confidence to my next assignment.

I am very pleased with the efforts of my mortal associates who have compiled
"The Fruits of the Spirit" from lessons that I gave.  I do not feel that my
teaching is better than other teachers but rather that this book, which
represents divine truth, will have significant influence during this
Correcting Time.  

Actually, Gerdean and Angus will be closer to you and while you might think
this makes me more accessible, you need to realize that we teachers can move
instantly throughout this planet and our use of circuitry also makes
distance, as you conceive it, of no consequence.  Therefore, I am always
able to be with you when I desire and when you should desire to speak with me.  

I am optimistic  and confident that the upliftment of this planet is
progressing most satisfactorily.  You have now eight years of instruction in
a Melchizedek classroom.  Know this is not the fullness of the universities
that have been discussed, but it is the current situation.  We will develop
the educational institutions appropriate for this planet when they are
needed.  At this point, my friends, we are still at the classroom
instructional level.  I expect to see more and more collaboration between us
teachers, invisible to your eyes, and you as teachers, not only to each
other but increasingly to those who are not formally associated with this
Teaching Mission movement.  

There is greater coordination that occurs at higher levels than you can
imagine.  Your knowledge of the book gives you some clear understanding of
the intricacy of administration, planning, organization and government which
continues to occur outside of your awareness.  The point for you, however,
is just one thing.  Know that you are fully and completely supported.  You
are surrounded by a host of helpers.  You are a very significant part of
Michael's plan.  

I have used up my time and I am most pleased to be in your presence.  I pass
on greetings from Gerdean and Angus for in Gerdean's heart there will always
be a special place for this southeast Idaho teacher base.  Now, my friends,
I present teacher Ham.

Ham(Bill/Isaac): Greetings my friends.  This is Ham, present with you as I
often am ,and absolutely delighted to be here this evening.  Another year
has gone by since I spoke at an anniversary meeting.  It gives me great
pleasure to have members from the Woods Cross group in attendance as well.

My, how our family grows and how the bonds of love deepen!  If I could, I
would reach out my arms and embrace you all.  Please know that this embrace
is real.  Tonight I wish to comment briefly on courage......not just on
bravery of body or fearlessness of mind, but spiritual courage.  

First, I would like to say that all of you have demonstrated various degrees
of spiritual courage.  Some of you  have struggled with intellectual doubt.
Some of you have struggled with concern for the opinions of other people, as
to why you spend your time with such a curious endeavor.  Some of you have
had to resist pressure from people very important to you urging you not to
go off the deep end.  Others of you have brought your fears of God from your
childhood experiences and yet, in every case, you have chosen to step
forward, to embrace the truth, to follow the light that you have, do the
right thing as you understood it.  This is spiritual courage, to be able to
say, "It is my will that Your will be done", and mean it.   

You see, my dear friends, we do not live in Havona; we were not created
perfect from eternity.  We are given the privilege of co-creating ourselves
along with the God of time and space, God the Supreme, as he unites with the
Almighty Supreme in the Supreme Being.  Our task is quite different than
those who dwell in Havona.  Our task entails the courage to grow, to risk
failure, yes; and pick it up as just another learning experience.  Let go of
the erroneous idea that there is something wrong with failure!  This is
totally incorrect.  The only way to avoid failure is to make no effort
whatsoever.  Making no effort whatsoever is equivalent to spiritual death.
Know, deep down in your hearts that you cannot ultimately fail, you cannot
ultimately fail!  When you choose to do God's will, you shall succeed.  We
all shall arrive on Paradise and recognize the Spirit, the Son, and the
Father in their personal embrace, as long as we so desire.

I cannot tell you what tomorrow will bring.  I am not God.  Oh, yes, we have
our forecasts.  We have even fancier probability methodologies than your
science knows(since we know more of the factors in the equations), but we
must always walk in faith.  When I first began my teaching is Woods Cross
even I did not know how this would develop.  We had high hopes and right now
we feel that our hopes have been exceeded.  We are upbeat. 

My friends, have a single eye!  Have a supreme desire!  Sell everything and
buy that piece of land where the treasure lies buried!  That is my
recommendation to you this evening.  I do thank you for your attention, and
now I yield to another.

Christ Michael(Bill): My dear children, I am your creator Father, present
here this evening by my Spirit.  I wish to commend you on your faithfulness.
I wish to hold you in my arms and comfort you.  I wish to gather you all
together in hearts united in love and praise.  Your mother and I are most
appreciative that you have chosen by free will decision to follow me.  You
have heard the call and you have responded.

I am always with you, even when you are unaware of my presence.  I walk by
your side.  I know your hearts.  I know what it is to be human.  I know how
hard it is to live, sometimes.  I know how successful it is to do our
Father's good pleasure.

I am the way, the truth, the life, the resurrection, the good shepherd, the
perfect friend.  Yes, I am those things.  Let me be your companion more and
more in this new year, for it will give me great joy, and it will help you

I do not send you out as a general sends his troops.  I go with you and we
walk together the paths and byways of this planet, this planet that I love
dearly.  You are my hands, my feet, my mouth to this world of our brothers
and sisters.  Let the presence of your Mother's Spirit and my Spirit
saturate you so that our love is united with yours.  I now return this
meeting to teacher Daniel.  I love you all.  Good evening.

Daniel(Bill): Dear friends, our time is up.  It is difficult to follow our
Father/Brother when his words bring such an appealing response.  I thank you
all for coming.  Minearisa, who is here, personally sends his love.  We all
on this side of the veil of mortality are pulling for all of you and are
with you.  We love you all.  Until we meet again, good evening.

Linda(Nancy): I am Linda.  I would be honored to lead the final prayer this
commemorating evening.

Michael, you walk with us; you talk with us; you share your peace and your
love, your beauty and your Spirit, your insight with us.  You support us
when we feel too small.  You swing our hand joyously when we feel buoyant
and uplifted.  We are grateful to you for your incredible overcare of the
free will given to us all by the Father.  And we thank you for the way that
you have handled rebellion in this local universe and on this planet and how
in divine time you are sweeping away the error and confusion to bring forth
a light, made  far more brilliant and constant by the preceding waste and
iniquity.  Thank you for your blessing of correcting time.  Thank you for
allowing us teachers and your human hands, mouths,  feet, compatriots to
cleanse this planet at this time.  We worship you.  We give you thanks and
rejoice in our oneness, in our unity of purpose.  We love you.  Amen.

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