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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Spiritual Status, Prayer, Spiritual Foundations, Thought Adjusters
Teachers: Evanson, Elyon, Malvantra

January 9, 2000
*	Evanson (Jonathan TR):  Joyfully we assemble with you here today that we
may all foster our understanding of reality, that we may enhance our lives
through applying our understanding toward productive ends, fruitful
accomplishments.  This is Evanson, I greet you warmly.
	In our dedication to the Father's will and its outworking in our lives, it
is observed that each of you has not only sought to improve your own spiritual
well-being but likewise are concerned for the welfare of your fellows and even
those in greater circles beyond friends and associates.  This is the natural
outworking of the Father's ministry within you.  Since the Father is no
of persons, He naturally seeks to reach everyone as He seeks to reach
anyone.  In
so doing all who trust their lives to His guidance likewise have this effect
those about them.
	Throughout the universe scheme of ascension, each of us finds ourselves
stationed where we are at our greatest challenge for growth, yet each of us, in
order to grow, must develop our skills at demonstrating our accomplishments, not
to prove our attainment but to refine our attainment.  Spiritual growth is not
unlike the development of physical strength.  We must exercise to maintain our
abilities.  Prayer, for instance, is not a thing that you will become
skillful at
and thereafter need no longer.  No matter how your phrasing, no matter how
precise your meaning, prayer will ever remain a valuable everyday undertaking. 
Just as one may jog slowly or one may run with great effort, it matters not, for
it does the body good.  A prayer uttered sloppily or one done with great poetry
will both likewise benefit the soul and establish communion with its Maker.
	It has been taught that the Father, prior to becoming known as "Father",
perceived in His inner soul-searching, if I may use such words, that in order to
be all that He is must have about Him everything else that is now becoming.  So
we each, in our own small realm of being, do likewise.  We spend our time within
only to recognize the importance of all that is about us.  Our niche in life is
never static; it will continually change bringing new difficulties as well
as new
achievements.  Herein lies the importance of not becoming overly attached to a
particular standing, a particular level of spiritual status, for the deeper you
go into your soul in fathoming the significance of your being, the broader will
become your applications in the world around you.  True, you will never, ever
leave behind the skills you have developed, rather you will extend them into
complex areas of application.  Just as you once learned to hold a crayon and
a pencil, a pen, and then an artist's brush, the skill of that crayon is
retained.  The extent of your abilities has enlarged.
	Today you are housed in physical vehicles, and to a certain extent this
limits the freedom of the soul, but this freedom is unfolding.  Every
attempt you
make in this life to bring morontia awareness, though you may hit the
barriers of
the limitations of a mortal life, you are establishing the successes of your
subsequent life.  It may not show now.
	We have spoken much of building foundations, and no foundation ever appears
to reveal the final structure.  Never be discouraged at the enduring task before
you of this foundation-building.
	Before I take my leave I would like to express that each of your personal
teachers is very happy about your acceptance of us and is excited for your
future.  Much of the time our ministry is unseen and unheard, but that is
not our
concern.  Our assignment is to foster your growth and to help you help this
in the arena wherein you function.  Though we hope that you make not light of
your assignment in this mission, we also hope you take it with joy and a levity
that brings happiness rather than burden and obligation.	
	Thank you.
*	Elyon (Mark):  Greetings, this is Elyon, and I would encourage you all to
be in greater recognition of your access to these personal teachers who are a
great asset to your spiritual understanding and are tireless in their desire to
be of service to you individually.  They are another of the tools you have at
your disposal to accomplish the tasks before you.
	You are each engaged in such magnificent foundation construction that you
should not be in any way discouraged that you are not given to see your
structure in its completion at this time, but rather apply yourselves diligently
to the painstaking work at hand of the details of your solid, secure
The rest of your spiritual structure will rely on the work you do at this time,
and the attention and effort you apply will make for a secure beginning in this
process.  It does not serve the overall purpose to hurry through or to take any
form of shortcut in the assembly of your foundations, as then they should prove
weak and inadequate to the task of supporting your spiritual structure. 
Likewise, it is always a driving factor to keep in your mind, as you
perceive it,
the grandness of the completed structure even if you are not able to visualize
the details, as they will become apparent.  Nevertheless, you may be exhilarated
and driven by the inspiring picture you possess of your structure in its
completed phases.  This vision of future greatness is what exacts from you the
detailed discipline of insuring the mortar in your foundation be properly
and the techniques you use be adequately, if not strictly, adhered to.
	Maturity is the ability to recognize this sequence of events and the
necessary passage of time that work together to complete this vision each of you
may have of your spiritual future.  Splendid is the design; magnificent is the
structure that each of you is carefully constructing and patiently enduring. 
While it may seem at times as though you are mired in the very details of
construction, it is quite necessary to the overall process.
	You may at times separate yourself from your own project and look around to
see another's project under construction and find it within your heart to offer
yourself in service and perhaps help other individuals mix a batch of mortar or
tote some stones or simply provide moral supports as they tirelessly build their
foundations.  As they work on their structures and you work on yours, you may
come to realize that you are both engaged in the same process toward the same
goal and realize that you are working hand-in-hand, side-by-side but each
responsible for your own progress.  This is the building of the brotherhood of
man, and together this process moves forward as each and every one struggles to
place one ideal upon another, one dream upon another, one lofty goal on top of
the next, one service opportunity against another.  In this way your walls
strong; your foundation becomes complete and ready to bear the weight of your
entire spiritual career.
	I greatly enjoy these opportunities to share with you these pointers for
the process of this construction.  In doing so I, too, am involved in my own
	As with any project you undertake, there may be spells when you separate
yourself for a time.  This only adds greater appreciation for the project
and can
renew your motivation and increase your technique so that when you return to
project you are a more skilled laborer with a greater devotion to your project. 
As you might assume, this project will not reach its completion until you have
reached yours.  Therefore, you will understand that it is a continual
process and
that aspects of your spiritual house may need to be continually remodeled as
appreciation for the divine increases, that you may no longer be satisfied by
certain aspects of your spiritual house once you have gained more wisdom and
insight into the overall process.  It is not ever considered a mistake to move
forward and build a room onto your spiritual house, even if at a later time you
decide to change it entirely.  These are all steps forward; these are all growth
opportunities.  Your spiritual house may, in fact, be redesigned and remodeled
numerous times before you are content with its appearance.  Nevertheless, every
effort made in the construction of your spiritual sphere adds to your overall
	That is the extent of my lesson today.  I would remain in attendance, as
always, if desired to be engaged.
*	Malvantra  (Jonathan):  This is Malvantra.  I greet you.
	Let me follow this presentation today by adding that the Father is the
heavenly architect who follows His own established building codes, those
structural parameters for sound spiritual development.  They are not
arbitrary or
meant to restrict you in any way in the development of your spiritual
He has sent to you His on-site foreman, His Thought Adjuster, with a floorplan
for your best unfoldment.  As Elyon pointed out, you are free as the owner of
this floorplan to make changes that will enhance beauty and augment truth as
as they do not threaten the safety standards the Father has placed for all
ascending creatures, yourself included.
	While you work with this foreman in constructing your internal house, so to
speak, we, the melchizedeks, are undertaking the comprehensive community plan of
establishing Light and Life neighborhoods, of fostering cultures and
societies in
harmony with one another that will demonstrate a beauty beyond each dwelling
	We all are undertaking a unified project, though each of us is diligently
placing our energies toward a specific task.  Trust and faith are had in the
recognition that the heavenly architect has considered all potential laws
and all
sound construction techniques before any one of us has ever begun our endeavors.
	That is all I have to share.  Thank you.
	Tom:  In the text it states that the Adjuster in post-finaliter stages may
connect with its onetime associate.  I understood that the Adjuster is with us
eternally.  Does he get cut free in the post finaliter stage?
*	Malvantra:  Let me begin by starting at the point of fusion with your
Thought Adjuster.  At this point connection is strong.  Currently you are in
association and sporadically will make contact, but at fusion you will have
continual connectivity.  However because of the plan of ascension you are
in how much is transferred to you through this connection by the Father's
Fragment.  Upon attaining the status of finaliter, you have attained the maximum
of ascendant potentiality, and this Fragment of the Father is most greatly
connected to you.  Fully you are given access to his divinity.  As regards the
post-finaliter career, this is a universe occurrence that no one of us has ever
undergone.  So, for me as it does for you, it remains a mystery precisely how
this divine Fragment will function in your post-finaliter career.
	Since you have given, or I should accurately say, you will have given great
periods of time over to attaining the status of finaliter, it is our conjecture
that none of this effort will be wasted or disregarded in the subsequent career.
	You as I are springing from the Supreme, and we will always carry this
birthmark, whereas in the age to come we will encounter brothers and sisters not
yet in existence who will not have this birthmark.  These beings will present to
us a level of divinity that we have not witnessed but in a few of the Havona
creatures and Paradise citizens.  Even that will be transformed by living
experience as the new Ultimate parameters are unfolded.  The Thought Adjuster
could very well take upon itself activities that would bring some -- and I use
the word cautiously -- separation between you and itself.  But I mean this in
that, as a finaliter, greater independence is granted you, and you have
become so
identical to this indwelling presence you are able to function as would the
Thought Adjuster without his hand-holding.  But it would be more accurate to say
that there is no real separation.  There is greater application of your
personality.  You, as would be the left hand, and he, as would be the right,
would function together.  Though the two hands appear separate, both remain
connected through the body, and this body is comparable to the fusion event.
	I hope this is helpful.
	Tom:  Yes, thank you.

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