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Hi TeaM!
Daniel here...
I was instructed to share the transcripts of our New Monday Night Class 
sessions with the lists because the actual group it is intended for is 
much larger than just those who attend it in person, so here's this 
week's for you to peruse.

This week we were introduced to another teacher of the class whom we have 
not met or heard of before.  She is a counselor Seraphim named Levona.  
Anyone else heard of her before?

New CDA Class - Session #3

***Levona (T/R Daniel):    Greetings.  My name is Levona, and I am one of 
your new teachers for this group.

Jill:    Welcome. Nice to know you!

***Levona:    Thank you.  You got to know me a little bit last week, for 
indeed it was I who was the unidentified teacher.  I also, along with 
Solonia, am of the order of Seraphim.  I have volunteered to be a part of 
this new group.  I have been awaiting an opportunity to teach in this way 
on this world for some time now.  It is an honor to be allowed to share 
of my knowledge and experience in this way on our Sovereign Michael’s 
world.  It is an honor which many of my kind seek, and comparatively few 

	I am primarily concerned in the area of Counseling as are you, dear 
ones.  I have been a part of the growth of the concepts of psychotherapy 
over the last few centuries.  While I was not personally designated as a 
teacher for any specific individual, I was a part of the process for many 
individuals whom you know of in your history.  This world has made 
tremendous progress in this field over the past one hundred and fifty 
years of your time.  You have gone, from practically ignorant of the 
human condition, to indeed relatively advanced in your concepts of the 
treating of social inequities in personal experience.  Each step along 
the way, each grasp of a new concept---a new understanding of the human 
psyche---has propelled you forward Immeasurably.  You have begun to 
understand that it is a continual and on-going process.  One that does 
not have a single magic answer, but indeed must take into account, 
multiple understandings of the human person.  You are gaining much 
understanding of that part of you which has come to be known as the human 
Ego and you are pioneers in understanding that part of you which is the 
potentially Divine Soul.  It is a necessary aspect of mortal life, for 
you to understand.  Because without a higher understanding of your Soul 
Self, you cannot Truly understand the significance of your human Ego 
self.  You must understand and recognize Both aspects of yourself if you 
are to be successful in overcoming the inertia of egotistical thinking.  
Without the understanding of Soul, it is quite difficult to make sense 
out of the tragedies of youth that are so prevalent in today’s families, 
and in today’s world.  

During future lessons, I will be delving more deeply into the 
interrelation of the immature ego self and the transcendent Soul Self.  
Both are necessary to human growth.  It is unfortunate that so much of 
your world lives almost entirely in ego-consciousness.  This is changing, 
as you have begun to discover.  It is coming to a point of being 
recognizable, even by those who do not yet understand the significance of 
Spirituality and Soul Growth.  It will not be long before Soul is more 
commonly grasped and recognized.  You, and many like you, are beginning 
to have an influence in the growth of the Soul Concept.  

The Soul Self of a mortal being is very attractive indeed.  People are 
naturally attracted to those who are demonstrating by their example, the 
life of a Soul-Conscious Child of God.  It is not about preaching, nor is 
it about telling others the best way to do things.  It is about naturally 
Loving them and recognizing their desire to be good.  It is about 
Encouragement.  When they experience You living a life of Love and 
Compassion, it is something that they cannot help wanting for themselves. 
 Seeing examples of a Spirit-Led life allows them to escape from the 
prison of ignorance which has had such a hold on the people of this world 
since the rebellion and the default.  

The “Blossom” is slowly beginning to open.  It is the most Fragrant of 
All Blooms.  Continue Loving those who so desperately need it.  Continue 
encouraging those who have never experienced true encouragement.  
Continue allowing that Fragment of the Father within you to channel our 
Creator’s Love through Your Soul to the young Souls of those who are in 
such great need.  

Never stop learning and investigating and pioneering into new areas.  It 
is when you feel that you have grasped the entire answer, that your 
forward progress is delayed.  Even great leaps in understanding must lead 
to small steps of discovery.  

Again, I am glad to make your acquaintance on a more personal basis.  We 
will indeed “prod” you from time to time, and together, we will achieve 
significant goals. 

I will bid you goodnight.  I am available for personal consultation 
during the week as well, should you ask.  I will now step back for 
another of your teachers.

Jill:    Would you be able to take one question from me this evening?

***Levona:    Yes.  I will take one question.  I would suggest that it be 
a one-part question.

Jill:    I have felt blessed with Spirit assistance in my pioneering 
client style, and everything you described tonight are principles I’ve 
been putting into practice, and almost daily I silently ask for 
assistance.  Have you been working with me over the course of the past 
year in an influential way?

***Levona:    Indeed Dearheart.  I have been working with you in an 
influential way for much longer, although I have not before identified 
myself to you.  You have unconsciously followed my suggestions more times 
than you can imagine.  Previous to this class, I have been working with 
you in the same way that I have worked with many others.  Unrecognized 
for my individuality perhaps, but cognizant of my suggestions.  You have 
done exceedingly well child. Your growth in understanding, and your 
ability to put your understanding into practice, is a not small part of 
why I am now allowed to teach in this manner.  I thank you for your 
diligence, for I have wanted to do this for a long, long time.  Indeed 
you are not the Only reason, for it is significant that each who will be 
attracted to these teachings participates.

Again, I am very pleased to make your acquaintance in this way.  

I have worked with both of you, and also with others who will be joining 
this class in the future if they so choose.

***Malvantra:    Good evening students.  This is Malvantra.  While I will 
not be a weekly teacher of this class, I will indeed make frequent 
appearances.  Yes I am also a part of this particular group, but you 
would be more accurate in viewing me as the “principal” rather than as a 
regular teacher.  Even better, you could consider me to be the Department 
Head, for indeed Michael is the Principal.

I have no lesson for you this evening.  I merely wished to make my 
connection with this group known.  You are indeed fortunate to have as 
experienced a teacher as Levona as a part of your teacher staff.  We have 
recognized her ingenuity in this field and have been awaiting a time when 
there were multiple individuals ready to receive it.  Between our dear 
Solonia and Levona, and indeed a few others who will reveal themselves in 
the coming weeks, you have an excellent balance of skilled instructors.  
Each with a different focus that united, have the capabilities of 
manifesting a goodly measure of progress toward the unfolding of your 
common dreams.  

We see the potential for this to become a bountiful Orchard, the fruits 
of which may nourish many.  

As the hour is late, I will once more acknowledge our love and respect 
for you all.  Keep up the studies.  Class dismissed.

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