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NOVEMBER 21, 1999

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Even though our group is small this evening the
love here is in abundance. I am at ease to participate and join you in your
thoughts and good humor, yes.

I can remember awhile back when I wore the mortal flesh that I was taught
certain behaviors. Whether it was by my parents, teachers or peers, it did
set the foundation of my mind from which all else was to come. My culture,
environment and education shaped my mind in such a way that all I perceived
was according to that shape. I lived my life from that foundation. All that
I perceived thereafter was built up from that foundation. Of course I had
many biased notions, self superior viewpoints, and methods I concocted to
have my way.

When I met up with my friend and mentor, Machiventa, I was most definitely
brought back to my foundation and found it unstable. Through Machiventa's
teachings I had to rebuild my foundation with new ways of thinking. If I
were to be a responsible man of God then I must be God-minded. Machiventa
showed me many things through humiliation, not that he was belittling, no.
He was in fact quite practical and helpful in showing me that being small
created an entrance towards learning greater things.

We, as teachers, always mean to help you find that entrance. The actual work
of course is yours.

I am EMULAN. Greetings. My friends, what a grand privilege it is for me to
be among you. Since you have joined in this Mission cause has not your
foundation been rebuilt? You speak often of the mindal changes you have
experienced. Abraham has been a tremendous help to you I know. Your life
experience however from a spiritual perspective has been your greatest
teacher. Adversity in combination with humility has taught you to be small
and help in the rebuilding of your mindal foundation.

It is so wonderful that you have gone forth bravely to expose your biased
thinking in favor of a more productive divine way. If your mindal domain is
already cluttered and permanently arranged with your beliefs then really
there is not room for changes or additions, no room for thought evolution or
habit pattern revision.

You know that you have a responsibility to your Father as His child. You
have a responsibility to your duties He has assigned you. Good mental
balance is key for our work in this Mission. A lasting spiritual cause is
supported by the good foundation of everyone's mental health stability.
Should we become imbalanced by seeking fulfillment of the ego? What would
that serve? Would our Mission still go forth with such strength and
practicality? No.

Father is intelligence and entirely logical. He would not have your mindal
foundation leaning towards the side of mysticism or personal prejudices. He
seeks to assign you with tasks that would further our Mission. He requires
good mental balance. He cannot work from anything less.

Is there requirements one must meet to be assigned work by Father? Yes.
Individuals claim they cannot understand their life's purpose or know the
will of God. I say you can. I have been taught that I need to live up to my
promise to have His will be my will. I have requested to be used in Father's
work. I now have a responsibility to Father. I must maintain good mindal
balance and focus on my responsibility to Him.

Do you understand your responsibility to Father as far as your good mental
health is concerned? Can you entertain negative thinking to produce positive
outcome? No. Can you proclaim to love God while you clutter His domain with
spirit poisons? Can you be assigned spiritual tasks while straying from your
responsibility to Him?

The Father of father's dwells within you. He loves you with a complete love
and is willing to go through anything with you. He is tireless in His
calling to spiritize you. Father holds Himself accountable for the manner in
which He teaches you. He holds Himself responsible for His part in your
eternal survival. Must you be accountable also? Must you be responsible to
Him? I say yes. I say there is no greater honor than to hold within the
Source of all that matters.

During the week journal if you will what your responsibility is to your
Father Fragment. How can you strengthen your foundation from which all your
beliefs stem. How can you unclutter Father's domain that He may reach you
with assignments and personal teachings? What is your responsibilities to
Him? What part do you play? What are the mortal resources you must exhaust
in order to maintain mindal balance and spiritual nutrition? Have discussion
when possible on the ingredients in your recipe for a balanced spiritual
diet. Our period of rest allows us to ponder upon our responsibilities to
Father and His Kingdom. I leave you to Abraham. Farewell.

I am ABRAHAM. Thanks to my friend Emulan for your fine discourse. We shall
put forth serious consideration to all you spoke of.

I find when I am clear on my responsibility to my Father that everyday
existence becomes more defined and perhaps a bit more colorful. Father has
entrusted you, His children, with the tasks of assisting this world into a
new and better age. What do you desire to do in furthering His cause? What
are you willing to be responsible for? What is the price you will pay? Can
you lose yourself for Him and a more colorful way of life?

You know I love you and I shall attend to your questions during the week.
Remember to find time to put your thoughts on paper. Until next week,

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