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Hi Everyone,

This transmission is from the Friday evening session at SpiritFest 99.
A number of other Teachers had spoken, and then Machiventa came
through to answer questions.
He was asked about the awaited appearance of the Magisterial Son for

Love,  Susan

Half Moon Bay, CA  July 23, 1999   Group Session:  SpiritFest 99

Santa Cruz, CA

Machiventa:  Machiventa is here, now, my children, and I am quite
happy to answer questions for a brief amount of time, if this is what
you wish.

G:  I have a question.

Machiventa:  Please speak.

G:  Are you allowed to give us, and will you tell us, any information
about the arrival of our Magisterial Son?

Machiventa:  Give S a moment to focus, please.  This is a long-awaited
and greatly longed for event upon this planet.  (Smiling)  How ready
you are now to be redeemed!  How much you wait with expectant hearts
for what comes next in the salvation of your world.  We understand
your longings.  We work with you hour by hour, day by day.  There is
not a moment that passes when we are not now engaged upon this
Campaign of Redemption for our beloved Christ Michael.  I will say
that, indeed, a Magisterial Son has been designated for this world,
and he will be with you in a matter of years.  S is hearing this
clearly, now.  A “matter of years” does not immediately designate the
hour and the time, but I am saying to you now that he waits in the
wings for his entrance to this planet, and much now depends upon the
way in which we now work with you, as to when he will make his
entrance.  There is this preparation that needs to be done now in this
world.  There is much energy, so much energy, coming to this world
now.  Even I, in charge of this particular movement, can feel quite
taken by the magnitude of the energies I see lavished upon this
planet.  We have much work to do, and we are given much power and
redemptive possibilities in our work.

You then, my dear ones, play a part in the decision of this Great Son’
s entrance, when it will be accomplished.  Please do, indeed,
recognize the power that your free will choices contain, now, in your
lives.  You can, indeed, help to bring about this great event.  There
will be much momentum building toward this, and his arrival will be
greatly celebrated by all levels of celestial workers who prepare for
his entrance.  You will know in your hearts The Hour of His Coming.
Can you understand?  Can you trust now in my words, when I offer this
to you as a testimony of expectation that you can hold within
yourself?  You will sense a quickening in your own lives, in the lives
of others, a sense, truly, of “something comes now, most powerful,”
“something begins to stir within me that I have not sensed before.”
You will be workers with us in the pageant that will, indeed,
accompany his entrance.  There will be ways in which you will resonate
with his power, his sense of the Father, his abilities to touch your
hearts. You will know This One when he comes to you.  Can you be
comfortable now with this as my answer, my child?

G:  May I take this to mean that it would be within our normal
lifetimes here, those of us here [in this room]?  (Note:  G is a woman
in her 60's.)

Machiventa:  It is not necessarily within the framework of any one
person’s life now present in this room.  I would say to you that too
much in the way of a framework is contained within your question.
There is too much of a limitation, I would say, to necessarily hold to
the expectation that this will immediately occur within, let us say,
the possibility of the next ten to twenty years.  I am not ruling this
out as a possibility, because as I have already stated, The Hour of
His Coming will depend upon the choices, the readiness, the
willingness of hearts to hear his words.  But the greater your labors,
now, in helping to create this resonance of love, this softening of
the hearts of the world to hear his words, then, indeed, you bring
this moment closer to you within your own immediate gift of days and
years upon the planet.  Is this enough to satisfy your charming
curiosity regarding this, my dear.

G:  (Smiling)  It was more than just curiosity, and I thank you for
your answer.

Machiventa:  You are most welcome.

D:  Machiventa?

Machiventa:  Yes.

D:  It makes me think of the time when the Spirit of Truth came, and
those who were ready to receive noticed a very big difference in
themselves, and it animated them greatly to go forth into the world to
proclaim Jesus’ messages.  Would we be feeling something of a similar
nature when the Magisterial Son arrives?

Machiventa:  Yes.  As I spoke earlier, briefly, I said, you will sense
“a quickening.”  You will feel a new sensitivity rising within you.
Something more will be there in your receptive faculties, and you will
be tantalized by this.  You will reach out.  You will be driven, I
would say, to a degree, to seek a further understanding, a greater
recognition, of what this energy is, now, within you.  This is,
indeed, the circuitry of the soul which is activated by the current of
love which flows, now, much more so on the planet, and will, I promise
you, my children, increase, as we continue on in our work.  The hearts
and minds of those touched by the Spirit of Truth were, indeed,
enlivened.  They became truly more alive, D, in the moment of
recognition that they had of this Spirit of Truth within them.  They
lived more fully from that point onward in their lives.  Does this
capture for you something of the idea now of which I speak?  You will
sense this ability to live more fully in yourself as the energy of
this Magisterial Son bathes the planet.

D:  Yes.  I know that we have grown up with the Spirit of Truth, and I
think it’s hard for us to understand how it quickened the souls of the
apostles and other believers in that time, because they had not
experienced it.  So, I just imagined that we would have a similar
experience then, when the Magisterial Son comes.

Machiventa:  Yes.  Vitality is another way of speaking of this Energy
of God within you.  You are vital beings because you are blessed with
His Love and Kinetic Amplitudes flowing through you.  And you can,
indeed, be increased in this process, I would say, by any amount of
association with the higher energies of those more closely evolved
toward Deity.  I know it is quite the case that when you have, indeed,
some of you in this room, sensed Teacher contact, one of the hallmarks
of this experience is that you do, indeed, feel enlivened.  You are
invigorated.  You are quickened by this contact, and this is one of
the tests that you use to determine the validity of Teacher contact
and connection.  (Tape reverses)  [Has it helped you to understand
this] process, by bringing up this point?

D:  Yes.

Machiventa:  Very good.  Is there another, a final, question, and then
we will definitely close this evening because we have much prepared
for tomorrow, and we wish you to be well-rested for all the day’s

S:  I have a question.

Machiventa:  Yes.

S:  When you became prince of this planet, and you came to this
planet, are the Teachers that we have now the ones that came from
different planets as your associates at that time?

Machiventa:  Speak once again.  Say once again for me, exactly what
you are posing here as your question?

S:  When a prince comes to the planet, there are those that come with
him from the other planets.  And my question is, are the Teachers that
we have today, are they the teachers that came with you at that time?

D:  Are they like the planetary  prince’s staff?  Is that what you

S:  Yes.

Machiventa:  There has been much latitude given to me now in those I
am working with.  I have become a director of many different groups of
beings.  I command the loyalty and cooperation of  the midwayers now.
I work with vast legions of beings that you do not have any real
knowledge or understanding of.  I have my loyal staff of Teachers,
many who arrived within a short time after my own arrival here.  But,
indeed, I sent forth some of my staff long before my own immediate
arrival to the planet.  There are Teachers who have been among you
now, on this planet, for centuries.  They were my scouts, as it were,
in this process, this campaign.  And, I continue to receive further
legions of Teachers as more and more hearts are opened to their
offerings, as companions for all of you on this planet.  I am not
limited in the number of possible associates in my work here now.
And, indeed, some of these Teachers are sent to me from other worlds,
other Teaching Missions, where they have had already great training
and offer vast understanding and experience to some of my less-trained
Teachers and associates, now.  I have been given great possibilities
and numerous options in my work here, and the ways in which I will
offer my troops, my comrades, in this work to your planet.  Does this
answer your question now, my dear?

S:  Yes.  Thank you.

Machiventa:  You are most welcome.  Let us take our rest now by first
quieting ourselves, and offering an evening prayer to the Father.

     You hear our hearts in the quiet hours of the evening.
     You console our souls in the dark hours of the night.
     You comfort us with love and care through the hours of our rest.
     And you quicken our hearts with new possibilities
     As the first light dawns of the day.

     Father, bless us now as we seek our rest
     With the hope that when tomorrow dawns
     We can once again come to discover more and more
     Of your vast and intriguing universe.      Amen.

Rest easy, my children, and we will see you tomorrow.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

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