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NOVEMBER 7, 1999

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I did quite enjoy this evenings discussion. It had
a genuine spiritual flow and candor. I believe you each assisted one another
with an energy that promotes strength, endurance, love and tolerance. My
children, you are grasping these lessons, yes. We have learned that in
building strength and endurance we do so through adversity. You still can
feel at ease to use your full range of emotions to get to a place of reason.
Father can reach you in that place and provide for you sound solutions.

We have learned through the Master's example that while we can explore
routes for escaping the cup, the path to spiritual ascension is in the
laying down of your will and taking up Father's. We see that the attempts to
escape only prolong the inevitable spiritual lessons. We know that stillness
and journaling are helpful in calming the fears and clarifying the thoughts.
Trusting in Father's almighty abilities allows us to relax. In our
relaxation we find peace of mind and an increased capacity for tolerance.

Also in these lessons on strength and endurance we have learned through my
student\friend how going beyond the discomforts of adversity to ministering
to others leads to healing, whether it is mind, body or spirit. In building
strength and endurance we find our adversities to decrease when our minds
are set on productive goals, an outreaching ministry to our fellows.

We have also covered the topic of detesting the ego's ways as we cling more
fully to the divine. Father shows us the ego's ways to be temporary,
cowardly, self-saving, self-serving and a spiritual stumbling block. Through
dedication to drinking the cup of "come what may" we find that strength and
endurance has made our lessons a bit more gentle.

When we have committed to the drinking of the mortal cup we are going forth
with Father's will and abandoning the ego's ways. With such faith and trust
in Father, who has provided the cup, we are allowed to receive those
spiritual gifts that add to our overall experience. In detesting the ego's
ways we recognize Father's presence and available assistance to move through
mortal life with mindal and spiritual well balance.

How I am at times overwhelmed by Father's care taking, how He knows each one
of us and what we need. While most mortals on a material planet drink
similar cups, Father does know how best to teach each one of us. While we
cannot escape the mortal cup; we can find it to be quite fulfilling and
spiritually adventuresome.

As I even look back now, my mortal adventure was only a moment in time and
the bad wasn't really all that bad. The spiritual lessons I derived from my
mortal adventure was a catalyst in time and eternity. The mortal adventure
is important, yes, but only a small part of the grand adventure. While pain
is so prevalent on your world, the opportunity for spiritual advancement is
even greater. This concludes our lessons on strength and endurance, yes. A
few questions.

RACHEL: Father Abraham, I'd like to ask if you and Emulan visited me and
gave me a message last Thursday?

ABRAHAM: We most certainly did, my daughter Rachel. I believe you are for
the most part accurate in receiving the message, yes.

RACHEL: Well, I want to thank you both, but I did ask for you to be very
frank with me and if I needed hell--then give it to me. That's the reason I
didn't think it was you.

ABRAHAM: We were quite blunt and direct. You are well trained in
assimilating these facts and need not flowery wording to understand our
meaning. Yes. Emulan is familiar with each one of my students and has been
well trained in speaking to each one according to their own ability to
understand, yes. (May I thank you and ask you to thank Emulan for me
please.) Certainly. Yes, I also thank you and let everyone know of our
availability for your personal journaling time, yes. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, these lessons that we get--I am slowly learning that what I
thought were petty things were Father's lessons that I needed to learn. I
just want to say thanks for this set of lessons. They have been more
revealing than any of the lessons I've encountered, at least self-realizing.
They seem silly and so petty, yet they are so helpful to integrate the
experience of the week with your words. I really appreciate it.

ABRAHAM: Noted. We do attempt to coincide our lessons according to personal
Father Fragment's agenda's. We network with various spiritual beings to
arrange lessons according to Father's plans, but we cannot teach one whose
eyes are closed, one who is not willing to learn. Thank you for your
willingness and perseverance to carry on even in the face of the unknown.
You all have done quite well with this particular lesson. It is always
wonderful for me to watch the unfolding and your reactions. Your spiritual
innocence is as touching as a small child putting forth every effort to
learn, yes. Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, before we leave this lesson could you clarify the
difference perhaps of the energy of detesting the ego versus accepting our
human condition, mortal condition. Do you know what I am saying?

ABRAHAM: Understood. Even the Master showed forth His human emotion, tears,
strong words, anxiety-filled adrenaline-rush, perhaps some anger, some
apprehension. This is most definitely a part of the mortal experience
wherein you have a mortal body and all its functions, including mental and
emotional systems. Emotions can be originated in the biological realm,
meaning that they are inherent and wholly natural, unlearned, yes. Ego is
more of a behavioral pattern that gathers and stores information over time.
The ego stems from a step below human nature to a more animal-like nature.
Ego goes beyond self-survival to self-superiority. Good question, my
daughter. I know from experience the trickery of the ego. I have learned
that even in its primal form it was a good teacher to me. The ego allowed me
to see the contrast of the negative animal-like self against the natural
spiritual-soul related core self. While the Master experienced the natural
emotions of being mortal His constant communion with Father deterred Him
from the ego-self. This was His rock. This was His stability in which He
could accept His emotional self, work through His difficulties, but not go
into those ego lead spiritual poisons. Yes. Good question. One more

CLAIREESA: Abraham, I need some guidance please. I have to straighten out my
thinking and my ego and my selfishness. Can you help me with this?

ABRAHAM: I can try, my daughter. I understand you to see yourself as using
or being ego lead, causing some seemingly selfishness. I say this is not
reality for you this time. You are indeed thinking of others and have some
unproductive guilt over having need for yourself. To have some need and
comfort is not selfishness as far as your situation goes at this time. You
need to put things practical in the forefront of your mind. You have to
allow others opinions to go by the wayside. Your own internal feelings are a
strong guide toward logical solutions. My daughter, ego is not the issue
here. You have given all you can and now you have need. Be not afraid or
feel weak when you are in need of assistance. Should you believe you are
truly deserving of Father's abundance you would be amazed at the life
changes you would experience. Have you something specific in mind daughter?
(I am just real confused right now. May I perhaps ask for a private
session?) Of course, myself or Emulan could be made available. Yes. (Thank
you very much.) You're welcome.

I am to close now. I would ask that you each find yourselves at rest during
the week, whether it is at play or other outside reversion or doing nothing
at all will help you to re-energize for our upcoming lessons. Feel not guilt
at resting. Allow your minds that ease a child would experience in the are
arms of a loving parent. As always my love is with you. Until next week,

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