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Arcadia Teaching mission

Oct 18, 1999

JarEl--t/r henryz

Greetings to you my friends, I am Machiventa. I come here tonight to thank and encourage you for coming and sustaining the light of the teaching mission within this group. We are a small, yet strong contingency on this planet. We in the spiritual realm appreciate the effort and dedication of all of you who have taken the time and focused intention upon practicing your access to Father within; in becoming more active in pursuing your status as a son and daughter of God, a brother and sister of mankind. I am thankful for the support of your teacher Javel and his dedication in helping you come to a better understanding of what you are doing here, and hopefully giving you some opportunities and choices to better facilitate your decisions about your future here. We are also pleased at the quality of your discussions, in particular, your focus on the good and the positive at this time here. It is my intention to encourage and thank you. Good bye.

Greetings again, It is I JarEl. I will now take your question, Donna.

Student; I am interested about this concept of spiritual light, which we have heard about many times, which you have brought up also many times. I was thinking the other day, while driving, when I saw the city lights in my view; I was wondering if the celestials can distinguish between city light, candle light, and spiritual light. Is all light, light? Are there differences and can the spiritual beings and angels distinguish the differences. This is my question.

JarEl; Thank you for your question. Is all sound music? So the reality of light is such that it sheds upon the situation of darkness, visibility. There are physical aspects to light. In answer to part of your question, Yes, spiritual beings can distinguish all light. All light is not spiritual light. All water is not spiritual water. All mind is not spiritual mind. I am attempting to imply that spirit transforms light, water, mind, reality, will, destiny, fact into truth, pattern into beauty, action into goodness.

I do appreciate your visual analogy of the lights in the city, viewed from afar, you see glimpses of light against the background of darkness. This is somewhat how we view the spiritual light of minds. A faint spiritual shimmering, a glowing of an ember amongst the background of , and in contrast to material reality. There is a quality of spiritual light which allows an individual to perceive spirit. In the same sense that the light from your sun allows you to perceive matter, what you term physical reality. The light within you, the light of the spirit within, gives and sheds a spiritual dimension into your material thought patterns, your psycho-emotional observations, your felt-sense of being. As your perception of spiritual light increases, there is an ever deepening connection to spirit As your own spiritual light begins to accumulate, begins to grow brighter and more noticeable,. do not attempt to hide, disguise or sabotage this light. Honor this light.

Student; Is not the spiritual light more a glow, a radiation which is quite distinct from the light which we have down here. Those who are capable of perceiving this spiritual glow would have no problem distinguishing between the brightest of physical light.

JarEl; Well, I'm refraining from trying to specify actual characteristics so that in your own sense you are able to perceive this light. Some may perceive it as a spark, a glow, a clouded brilliance, which breaks through, just as the sun breaks through the density of clouds, and you actually see rays of light, piercing, hitting the earth, brightening the way before it. Yes, there is a perception of spiritual light which is distinct from the perception of material light.

What is important of these questions, and pertinent to our study, is the spiritual counterpart of the morontia mind; the evolving and transforming, the spiritual alchemy whereby one begins to change in thought, awareness, expression, acting, decision, function, like our use of the analogy of water, last week, the metaphorical use of light has the same quality and characteristic.

When you get into the morontia realms, as you begin to evolve spiritually, you are able to discern beings of light. Your ability to perceive these beings is not determined by their light; it is determined by your own light. Determined by the spiritual access you have engendered within your own soul and personality. It is easy to discern things which are of the same substance as yourself. For example, this situation in which you live now, you can see the trees and the visual terrain, mountains, rivers, buildings and machinery. You can see things of your own substance, yet you do not visually perceive the angels around you. I am saying in general you do not. Yet, once you begin to understand and comprehend, begin to become aware, you begin to sense their presence. It may not be until you awake on the morontia worlds that you actually see them, because their substance there, will be much like your substance when you are there. Spiritual beings from the constellations, the universe capitals will be beyond your vision. There are relationships to perception. Spirit is real. Unlike natural light which illuminates the surface, spiritual light illuminates the depths. You are able to see within yourself with spiritual light. Sunlight may show you pimples and hair follicles; skin color and texture. Spiritual light will show you your confusion, conflict, what it is within which needs to be addressed. It will even show you how to address these things. Spiritual light has depth perception and quality of observation. Spiritual light can let you envision all the way to paradise.

I want to thank you Donna for your question tonight. This is one area of observation which changes and grows with one's own depth perception.

Student; I like what you said earlier, the words you used about transforming, that spirit and spiritual light has to do with transforming.

JarEl; Part of this transformation is that quality of spirit which is whole and complete. Viewed against spirit you are able to distinguish your own fracture, your own incompleteness. It is like putting yourself up against spiritual light and you look somewhat like an abstract dalmatian, where there are dark and light spots. The light spots are where the spiritual light is able to come through, (clarity); the spots where there is translucency, are not necessarily clear, but light is able to glow. There are dense areas where light is not able to penetrate. In particular it is these areas which the spiritual light shows you. Eventually, using a visual metaphor, you must become clear as crystal, to be able to perfectly reflect the light which is within. It is at this point of clarity that you come close to the substance of the spirit within. You become more like love. Thought no one has mentioned it, it is interesting to note that material light is composed of colors. As a school child takes a prism to light, it can be broken down into a series of colors, primary colors, secondary colors, and even tertiary colors. Spirit light has no color. It is pure light, it is the pattern from which physical light is taken. It is a reflection of the first light, the first source of Light. It is as if God gave material characteristics to all of the spiritual counterparts of paradise, not the other way around. Something else to think about this week.

Student; could it be more like a Samoyed, a white dog?

JarEl; Quite possibly. What is important here, is the spiritual counterpart to your life. What is this?

Is there a difference between what you do and how you do it? Is there a difference between who you are and who you are becoming? Are you finding that you are becoming more real in a spiritual sense and less real in a material sense? Are you finding that things which held value and meaning are beginning to shift in your life? Are you beginning to embrace more things which you are led to, which you don't quite understand? Are you beginning to fall in love with the unfamiliar, the unsure, the uncertain? Is your curiosity beginning to peak? Are you exploring within?

There is, in the realm of man's spirit, that burdensome responsibility to forgo yourself, and to embrace that which is unknown to you. That which is unknown to you is within. God does not choose a difficult path for you, but that the path to God is often, not the most comfortable path you will find yourself own. Many times, things are asked of you which confront you, confront your sensibility of yourself. Some point in your existence, God will confront everything which you are, everything you think you are!

This is an ongoing relationship in transformation through spiritual awareness, and growth in God.

God reveals himself one part at a time. One little part which has tremendous ramification within your own psychic self. You can spend a whole lifetime learning just one aspect of God and becoming that one aspect. It is when all of these particular individual and personal aspects of God Which each one of you discover, begin to manifest this in your lives, that the sense of God begins to form into dimension and depth. When the dimension of God begins to deepen, it forms a pattern; an incredibly beautiful woven and undulating pattern, capable of every quality and characteristic of combination and form that is possible. The fabric is also a metaphor. The Supreme, in a sense is this fabric, the pattern and design of each God knowing soul, expressing a unique and personal quality of Divinity. It is good to begin to glimpse, many of you probably already have. These glimpses motivate and move you forward. They are like spiritual experiences. They show you possibility.

It is an honor to share with you here. You who within the midst of the world here, take time to come to this quiet island of thought, of gathering into a circle, to open your mind to possibility of inner greatness and Divine intervention; spirit communication. Your belief and faith has brought you to face destiny. This is what we are discussing. What a wonderful opportunity to step into your life and mind, here and now, with the spiritual light to show the way, with its clarity and purity to touch that spirit within each one of you and to connect with this light within. We may be connecting with words, but we are connecting to something greater than each word, we are connecting to thought. As we connect to thought we connect to form, which is an underlying substance, a dimension of spirit which focuses and sheds its light upon you tonight.

So within the next coming weeks, think about the concepts of light in your stillness. Think of yourself as a vast darkness, and begin to perceive this indwelling light seeping and breaking into this darkness. Use this metaphor in your meditations.

See yourselves as having grown through these experiences of coming here and learning. Begin to see brother ship, sistership, as an opportunity and a responsibility. Begin to sense the quality in which these interactions with others brings to you. Connect with this sense, and feel this quality of God as substance, potential, ability, direction. Begin to sense God as whatever you need at the moment. Sense that you can transfer this to others, just with a smile, not even with words, just with a thought like a prayer. Sense that light and love of spirit is in you. Thank you.

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