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OCTOBER 17, 1999

I am ABRAHAM. How I am touched each week by your valiant efforts to grow. In
your sharing with one another there is higher thinking activation, and a
stronger bond between you each and us, your unseen friends, yes.

In our youth we believe that all things are possible. As we mature we think
life is not as it should be. However, my friends, I have witnessed many of
your fellow elders who have lived a whole life and express, "life was as it
should have been." Your elders did not reach that conclusion with ease, no.
Time and experience drinking the cup brought them to believe that life is
not only about good and bad, but how you can personally endure while
upholding your fellows.

My student \ friend, who has chosen to drink the cup with grace, has made
his journey through illness somewhat easier. In his ministrations to others
he finds his mind free from self, free from the consciousness of pain and
fear of loss. In his decision to go with Father's will he is receiving
heightened spiritual assistance. He has chosen to not dwell upon self, but
to take this mortal challenge and do his utmost for his Father in Heaven.
When my friend chooses to heal--he feels healed. When he chooses to give
hope--he is hope filled. When he acts as a light from God--God shines back
upon him. That is spiritual strength and endurance.

Choosing to experience the whole Urantian adventure comes complete with joy
and despair. Be not surprised when adversity befalls you. Choose to take the
challenge as an opportunity to be a light from God. In adversity we find
what really matters. We find how important love is and how unimportant
deadlines are. We find money to be useless, and family and friends to be
priceless. In adversity we find God, we feel the realness of our mortal

Should my student \ friend have chosen to be beaten by his illness he would
not have felt those moments of closeness with Father. He would have spread
hopelessness and received hopelessness. Had he chosen to blame others for
his illness he would have only stirred within him the spirit poisons. Had he
chosen to seek sympathy for his plight he would have become weaker and
susceptible to more pain and difficulties. Had he chosen not to be a light
from God he most definitely could not feel the light of God shining upon
him, yes.

This week look at your adversities to be an opportunity to be a light from
God, heal and be healed, love and be loved, shine and be shined upon. As
promised, I will accept questions.

 RACHEL: Father Abraham, this evening we have a new brother with us. His
name is Allen, and I bet you he has some questions for you. (Greetings
 ALLEN: Hi. I am not sure I really have any questions for you, except I was
listening to some people say that they didn't feel that they knew that they
loved the Father, but they did have faith. I wondered about that and I
thought perhaps faith follows love. I would just like to know about that.
 ABRAHAM: Certainly, my son. Each mortal experience will differ when it
comes to this area. How one has lived their life is a major key in answering
this question. Childhood upbringing can have an effect on how you would
perceive love and faith. Faith has its roots embedded into the area of
intelligence. Many a scholar would trust and have faith that the information
is there to learn, but not particularly have feelings for the teacher.
Mortal concepts of love is rooted in the emotions. Emotions, being fleeting
or transient, a non-substantial foundation to build upon. Spiritual love
however will be rooted in intelligence--alongside of faith. Love will be the
most significant proof that God is. In time faith and love are becoming more
equal, but no one can say which can come first. Can one love a God who they
do not know if He is real or not, or how can one not love such a brilliant
and powerful Caretaker? Good question. You can indeed come to a conclusion
which is more true to your mortal experience. I am most happy to speak with
you again, my son. Another question?
 MIRIAM: Abraham, I have been wanting to ask this question for awhile. You
know, when Ian first told me about you and Ellanor, and I was talking to
some people and they were telling me about you, at first it was like you
were kinda like this serious guy and I was like--Oh wow, and I came and you
are the most wonderful friend. I have kinda have that same experience with
the idea in concept, in reality of Machiventa. Like when I first heard about
him I thought--wow, what a serious guy and isn't he involved with all this
stuff that is so important. Then when I heard him share through Willie V.,
in Nashville, it was like the most loving experience--just like with you.
For some reason I wonder about him a lot. I always love reading what he
shares. So here is my question: I don't know why, but I get thoughts about
him a lot. Would it be appropriate for me to do one of my Miriam
questions--like how's he doing and what's he up to. Could you share some
information about him--whatever would be appropriate. I just have this real
desire to know more about him. Would that be okay?
 ABRAHAM: Certainly. I can say he frequents this meeting. He is still a
wonderful mentor to me. I constantly use his wisdom in our lessons. He does
oversee the teaching network, insuring that all proceeds according to
Michael's plan. He is in an administrative position, and yet whenever
possible he finds time to help with unusual spiritual difficulties,
including difficulties among groups such as this, difficulties with race,
racial problems or difficulties where inequality abides, yes. Machiventa is
always a powerhouse of enthusiasm to me, and I find that I thrive
spiritually from our association, yes. As this Correcting Time becomes
prevalent in all areas of mortal living, you will find yourself knowing
certain personalities on a more personal level, personalities who are also
likened to yours will become more familiar to you as they are able to
minister to you in the method which best suits you. Yes, thank you for your
question. He is well, my daughter. Another question? (Thank you.) You are
 HARRISON: Abraham, you answered a question for me just now about getting
closer to this personality. I have a strong desire to make some sort of
better connection with some personality. Is it important that I know their
name, or maybe what is the technique you would recommend, or what should I
do to facilitate this process? What should I do as part of this process to
make it happen quicker or stronger?
 ABRAHAM: Do not try too hard. Do not force contact or be impatient with
yourself. Always stillnes is advised, and random journaling is helpful in
clearing the mind, but the main key for effective communication is the
release of your intentions and desire. Should communication occur--so be
it--should it not--so be it. This attitude would do you well in receiving an
accurate communion. Is this answering? (Yes. Thanks.) Another question?
 CALVIN: Abraham, what could I do during--I know I could take more stillness
time, I think that is for sure, but any tips you can give me for further
contact with Father and even with Father's love, cause I think that is the
point I need to find most for strength to let go of this and to have more
trust and faith.
 ABRAHAM: You do well and need not worry about Father closeness. It occurs
in all aspects of your daily living. To ponder upon being within the
stillness mind would do you well. Using the stillness mind when speaking
with your acquaintances can lead you to see Father in action. Adversity is a
route in which we can know our Father better. The more we know Him the
closer we are, the more we love Him, yes. To ride the tide of adversity is a
cleansing of the soul, cleansing from spirit poisons, a clearing of
prejudice or preconceived notions allowing for Father to guide, comfort and
be known as a constant presence. Yes. That is all. Another question?
 INERIA: This isn't a question. Abraham, I just wanted to say hello, and I
love your lessons, and I missed the classes, and I am glad to be here.
 ABRAHAM: Noted, my daughter. I am also happy to have you here. This class
is indeed an anchor in the stormy seas of everyday living. You most
certainly reap your lessons from all directions, but feel free to call upon
me to help you define those lessons, yes. (Thank you.) You're welcome.
Another question?
 ANESIA: Abraham, I am very thankful to be back here with this group and all
my friends and with you. I have been going through some hard times with my
father, and maybe if you could just give me some advice or some words that
would help me for my future with my father and our relationship, and even my
future--if you have anything to say?
 ABRAHAM: Yes Anesia, my daughter, I understand this dilemma and how you are
hurt by it. I perceive that you reach out to your earthly father and he is
confused by it. Sometimes our biological parents are not what we expected or
needed, but nonetheless he is a lesson in endurance for you. My suggestion
to you is a time, a short amount of time to feel detached from him. View him
as a mortal man, a fallible being which feels the same fears that all
mortals feel. Detach and expect not results. Allow him to be released into
the Father's hands for further evaluation. You will find who you truly are
in this detachment. His definition of you will hold no meaning or further
cause you pain. He most certainly loves you, yes, but a time to step back is
needed to redefine the boundary lines. You are his daughter, yes, but you
are also a grown woman and a child of God. That is all. Another question?
 RACHEL: Father Abraham, I know that in the past you and Father Ham have
both told us that you are all working on different heads of organized
religions. I know that you are probably seeing results from it too. With
this last general conference in President Hinkley speech I was quite
impressed when he told all of his membership that now is the time for
restitution--not retribution, but restitution. When I looked that up in a
dictionary I think it means practically the same thing as our Correcting
Time. Do you care to comment?
 ABRAHAM: Yes. You are correct, my daughter Rachel. The churches are viewing
the masses as having intelligence. If enough individuals rise up this can
bring change or a loss in attendance and revenue. (Snickers.) The heads of
the churches do not want these losses and will be forced into evolving with
the times. The churches need to accommodate the people and address the
changing times. They need to administer to people where there are in their
lives right now. The people are becoming ingrained with a burdening feeling
that the churches do not provide enough for them to grow spiritually and
find comfort in dealing with difficulties in everyday living. Yes. You are
correct. Does this answer? (Yes it does and I thank you. I want you to know
that when the Relief Society come over to teach me--I read them your
prayer.) Well done. I thank you. Another question?
 HARRISON: Abraham, I get the feeling we are on an accelerated program here
and that we are probably learning more than we think we are. I don't know if
the feeling is correct or not, but I do want to thank you so much for your
 ABRAHAM: You are on an accelerated teaching program only because you have
requested it, you are allowing it, you are participating in it. Well done.
Every individual who seeks will surely find, yes. I can say that the world
around you may appear to be bleak in the first beginning of this our
Correcting Time, but worry not the people have spoken and know within what
needs to be done to create change. Yes, this is accelerated learning. You
are correct, my son. Another question?
 MIRIAM: I have been at a crossroads lately. In one way everyday is exactly
what it should be--what comes into my life and who comes into my life is, as
you were saying, the daily cup. I have also had some confusion as to which
path to take. My new friend, Charlana, has really been helping me. It is
just such a wonderful thing to get helpers, seen and unseen. She was saying
that maybe I was kind of crippling myself because I had to choose one of
three ways. She was saying maybe you can be all. Could you give me some help
or some guidance there? I have been pondering that for awhile.
 ABRAHAM: I am understanding that there are still some issues dealing with
your ability to find your self worthy to accept all of Father's abundance.
There is a discomfort with accepting the fact that you have learned a
definite path and are indeed qualified to teach others. The assignment to
teach is causing some fear and you are afraid to step forth with too much
confidence because you are unsure of your ability. I say you have
experienced things that would qualify you to minister to a great many
people. You have a definite poise and grace when it come to your fellows. Be
not afraid to step forth and act--using the spirit as your lamp.
 We will draw these questions to a close. I have enjoyed our meeting and
always look forward to our interaction during the week. I say to you, my
friends, this group is a rock in which its foundation will carry us for a
long time to come. As always my love is with you. Until next week, shalom.

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