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SEPTEMBER 26, 1999

I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. How I am changed by knowing you. How I am filled with
inspiration each time we meet. I am in complete understanding of your mortal
state and I know the difficulties. Mortal life brings some hardships which
are difficult enough when you are made to go without proof of spiritual
reality. I find you each to do well in your mortal state. I am uplifted by
your courage to carry on.

Mortal living can bring many disappointments and crushing blows to the
spirit. A man may perceive his adversities to be a chastisement from God. He
may believe he has somehow earned his misfortune. He wonders what could he
have done to deserve such adversity. What could he have done different? How
could he turn the tables in his favor? How might he escape this bitter
reality? A man with this outlook is likely to become greatly discouraged,
embittered and hopeless. His perception is narrowed to fit his one
dimensional thinking. This thinking recruits the spirit poisons, and
difficulties that were not that bad, are now made worse.

Another man who has also experienced life's brutal difficulties may look to
his Father and ask, what is the meaning of this, Father? This faithful man
may perceive this to be a lesson in acquiring spiritual fruits. He knows in
his mortal state his difficulties are only landmarks upon his eternal path.
His difficulties are stepping stones to higher learning. His broad vision
allows him to go beyond the ego to an overall good that serves everyone.
This man is observant in watching Father work within his problems. Using the
stillness mind he is open for Father's suggestions and solutions. This man
can perceive his difficulties without fear or unknowing or loneliness, for
Father has promised His assistance.

In learning to remain steadfast in faith and persevere through difficulties,
it is important that you perceive your mortal life as if you are standing at
the beginning of all eternity--because this is so. These mortal problems
that plague you today are exercises in which you become strengthened by, to
advance spiritually. There is not an escape, you see. There is not a way to
advance without having these experiences which strengthen those spiritual

In learning to carry on one must be aware of how you perceive your
difficulties. Is Father the cause of your difficulties? No. Is He available
to show them to be valuable? Yes. Is He showing them to be with meaning?
Yes. Is mortal difficulties a frown from Heaven or a lesson in spiritual
advancement? Yes, it's all in how you perceive your difficulties. You stand
at the beginning of eternity. Expand your vision and embrace the entire
view. Do not cheat yourself by decreasing the view to ego size or allowing
the spirit poisons to make worse what is already seemingly bad. Yes.

In the midst of your difficulties, what can you do to repel the spirit
poisons, like self-pity, anger, or depression from setting in? Certainly
worship and prayer are extremely helpful. Stillness time is a wonderful
asset of course, yes. To be observant though refrains you from acting
out--using those spirit poisons. Being watchful, as if you were beside
yourself, is a benefit that the Master used quite often.

Jesus when confronted with adversity did not scream out in panic or make
foolish and rash decisions, no. He stopped and consulted with Father--what
is the meaning of this? How can I endure through this? It is difficult I
know to be patient in these trials, but to act upon feelings of anxiety only
draws you closer to those spirit poisons.

In your practicality can you be faithful that Father will show you how to
make good use of your adversities? He can show you how to take those
feelings of despair or anxiety and put them to work in a spiritual way. Can
you perceive your adversities as stepping stones to higher learning? Can you
broaden your vision to perceive an overall picture of Father's plan? Can you
be beside yourself and be observant? The mastering of these techniques will
surely lead you to understand the true meaning of strength and endurance.

The Master's difficulties on many occasions left Him in great emotional
distress. Of course, there was His divine stamina ever standing by, but on
many occasions His human heart felt that destructive torture that every
mortal must experience. Was He emotional at times? Yes, of course. Did this
serve Him? Yes, certainly. It was a release of His human will towards
embracing His divine will.

Your emotions are for a reason; hide them not. Allow them to release and
know that there is not a tear that you can cry that Father does not know the
meaning of, yes. The spiritual lessons are not mandatory, no, but there is
no escape from them either. Even the Master experienced great emotional
release in the laying down of His will to taking up the Father's.

Be not afraid to discuss with one another these mortal trials. Be not afraid
to allow your emotions to release the human will to aligning with the
Father's. When you become comfortable with the divine will then your trials
are not so big, not so overwhelming. You can find strength from that source
within, the source of all strength. You can master your difficulties and not
be enslaved to them when you are in alignment with Father's will and
wholeheartedly willing to drink the cup.

This week I ask that you find a bit of time to write your thoughts on where
you stand concerning this lesson. Are you like the first man or more like
the second? Is your vision broadened to see eternity? Can you not react in a
rash manner without first being observant and waiting upon the will of the
Lord? The working out of your human thoughts may take some time alone with
Father. To be emotional is not weakness, but a slow transformation of will,
yes. That is all.

I am ever growing each week in love for you. I should be happy to visit with
you during the week. In your observance look for me and I should be happy to
assist you with your questions. Until next week, shalom.

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