[tmtranscripts] On deep mind and circuits-Elyon Group 9/4/99

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Thu Sep 9 08:44:24 PDT 1999

Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Deep mind, Circuits
Teachers: Elyon. Malvantra, Allena

September 4, 1999
*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, this is Elyon.  This spontaneous
rendezvous brings me joy.  It is a pleasure to spend time so irregularly.  That
we are here for you at any time is obvious by now, however, we are ever anxious
to be connected and serving when we can and when you desire.  I would take a
moment to address your conversation about the deep mind.  I have observed; I've
noticed your comments.  Let me interject a few more considerations.
	There are discrete passages or connection points, connectivity sites, where
the mind impinges upon other and greater arenas of mind and spirit.  To be
trained in the deep mind means to have certain adjustments made in these
relationships.  For instance, some adjustments occur with the adjutants and your
mind.  The Father's presence can always be counted upon to be improving
superconscious connection, and, therefore, we need not address that aspect of
deep mind training.
	Ever remember that these deep trainings are not memorized sequences for
robotic response when you are placed into service.  These are conditions for
reaction, propensities, tendencies.  They activate the personality when the
personality discerns the needs at hand and chooses to enact them.  Then the
forces that come to the aid of all human beings function feasibly and
expeditiously because of these prior tunings.  There is the hand of providence,
the hastening of adjustments that all human beings eventually undergo.  So,
it is
not so much that the mind of the mortal is deep; it's that the mind, in
relationship to the circuits and greater levels of consciousness, composes what
is the deeper mind.  
	I hope this has aided your discussion.  I will step aside for another to
*	Malvantra (Daniel):  I greet you; this is Malvantra.
	A few years back we presented a  series of lessons on circuitry.  Part of
our curriculum was to make you aware as individuals that you are a part of the
connecting of the greater gridwork.  As you each have gathered here this
unique and bright children of our Father, your soul interactions, your
sharing of
who you are, have created a usable and powerful circuit.  The particular
combination of you individuals who are present in unity together creates a
soul circuit which each of you will take with you after this evening.  A circuit
may be connected between two individuals, among five, even hundreds, when
all are
gathered together and sharing of themselves with one another.  You are beginning
to see the results of these personally connected circuits.  Some of these began
to function years ago, and now you are able to begin recognizing the fruits
are a natural result.
	When you are all with your accustomed groups you will take with you part of
the energy which was created this evening in your soul sharing.  Those
revelations of yourselves now become a part of the personal experience of the
others.  The interlocking of circuits between all of you who share and relate
with and to one another across this planet begins to radiate a loving energy
which reaches far beyond your individual areas of action.  The brothers and
sisters that you each have met in this mission of correction, of teaching, of
learning, have helped you all to grow in an accelerated fashion because of the
energy circuits which you all have created with one another.  Create new
with everyone you meet and the energy to the overlying gridwork of circuitry
increases for the entire planet.
	You each go about seeking service opportunities. This is excellent for it
puts you into circuit-building experiences.  You all seek to bring more love
your lives and around you.  This, too, gives you these circuit-connecting
opportunities.  As the energy around you grows, more and more of your brothers
and sisters begin to feel it, begin to experience it.  Service and love and
compassion and the excitement of getting to know your brothers and sisters all
work together toward the upliftment of the love energy of this world.  Each of
you is an active, conscious participant in this process.
	We crave those opportunities in which you choose to allow us to work with
you.  We are available to you far more often than we are not.
	I thank you for coming together tonight.  I have enjoyed being a part of
this, and I will now retire for the evening, as there is at least one other who
wishes to address you.
*	Allena (Jill):  Good evening, this is Allena.  I would like to add a visual
that might help you to understand the impact of circuitry and how it eventually
culminates into Light and Life consciousness on a planet. 
	Picture, if you will, a flat map simply of the United States.  Now picture
all of the different airlines and how they draw their destination lines from
Seattle to Portland, Seattle to Cincinnati, Seattle to New York.  Simply imagine
each of the airlines drawing each of their flight patterns on this map.
Think of
New York and the hundreds of lights that leave and come in each day.  Each
one is
that thin little line.  Pretty soon as they are all drawn on you see that at the
center of New York you can no longer tell the lines one from another.  They have
all blended together.  The individual, unique circuit lines are still there but
they have created, if you will, a collective consciousness that blends, that
permeates and becomes a cover over that area.
	With this new millennium that is upon us, each loving thought that each
individual gives to another is another little line, another little circuit.  As
more and more grow in their ability to love themselves, the more they are
able to
connect and love others.  Strangers become brothers and sisters through the eyes
of Father's love.  So it will be and is now becoming a Light and Life
consciousness on Urantia as each of you awakens and gives fully without fear
Father/Mother love to one another, strangers on the street, strangers in a movie
theater as you glance around, strangers in the mall.  Each time you look at a
fellow brother or sister and smile with the joy of having made a conscious
awareness of their existence, each of those tiny moments is a circuit.  That is
how Urantia will, indeed, without question, achieve Light and Life.
	Each of you in this room has grown tremendously in your understanding of
your Father's love and your role as his conduit.  If you could see with your
eyes yourself, your mouth would drop open to recognize the increased capacity to
give love that each of you has attained.  It is wondrous, indeed, for us to see
what your desire to know your Father and to be in service has done to you.  Each
of you has tapped into deep mind consciousness, and you will become more
alive in
your unconscious as well as conscious giving of your Father's love  to your
entire area of influence, energy-wise.  Just imagine the United States with so
many connections between the people that you can no longer see an individual
circuit line.  It is a blanket of love.  Because of each and every being who
seeks the Father in love, it is guaranteed that that blanket of love will
manifest and bring Urantia into Light and Life.  
	I hope this helps a little.  It is truly a pleasure to share tonight.  Joy
to you all on your journey.

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