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AUGUST 29, 1999


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. It is so apparent that the Spirit dwells among you, yes. You are allowing and that is creating liberty. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty, yes. As these weeks go by it is becoming more obvious who you are serving. This dedication is indeed life changing, growth promoting, at times-confusing. You are seeing strength in yourself where it was not before. You are feeling on a more deeper level.

In your efforts to answer the question of "whom do you serve?" you are receiving such spiritual rejuvenation. You are inviting Michael to walk before you. You are committing to be as the little child, open and with true humility. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.

In your commitment to serving the First Source and Center you have invited God in on a personal and intimate level. Your closeness with Him creates a sense of well-being, balance, and freedom. The sense of unfulfillment or emptiness goes from you. The worries and fears of loss or loneliness dissipate, for His presence has brought you liberty. Father’s presence has brought you comfort in knowing your true source of origin, and you are indeed endowed with power from on High.

I do not dangle these truths as carrots to entice those who would perceive the spiritual life halfheartedly, no. I mean to share these truths with you who have already expressed in your daily lives the answer to the question of "whom do you serve?" Those habits you perceive as weaknesses or unhealthy attachments become small, for you are liberated by the Spirit. You are strengthened by the Source of all that is true, beautiful and good, yes.

Those daily material fulfillment’s you seek become as though they had never been when you are serving the one true Source of all that is soulfully fulfilling. Those individuals that had made you to fear should you lose their love become looked upon as ‘mortal life experiences.’ Mortal life experiences are meaningful in that they can teach you spiritual values, but these experiences are only in passing, only temporary. They cannot make nor break you.

You begin to relinquish your ties to individuals in favor of allowing life experience to simply unfold. You fear not loss, for the Source of all fulfillment has been invited in. You can see to serve things or people in mortal life is, in a manner of speaking, enslavement. I say if you fear loss should you not serve these mortal things in an adequate manner, then this is a negative definition of service. This is enslaving you, captivating your energy or attention, taking the focus off the Kingdom of Heaven causing you to feel the unfulfilling emptiness that plagues so many individuals.

When you have answered without doubt the question of "whom do you serve?" and your answer is clearly Father, the First Source and Center, then are you endowed with liberty, strength and confidence to live your life as a reflection of the Master, Himself. How much more can you be of service to your fellows when you are without fear of loss, without the burden of worry, knowing full well you receive all you need from Him, who has laid out the universes and dwelt within every square inch of them. We are in Him and He in us. There cannot be more cause for worshipful rejoicing than that.

This week in your practice of being the little child, with allowing openness and true humility, note what Father has to show you. Be not surprise at the strength within, be not surprised at the dissipation of fear and feelings of unfulfillment. Be aware of that where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. My love is with you. Until next week, shalom.

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