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Coeur d'ALene Teachiong Mission Group
Topics: The Spiritual Climb, Father/Inner Spirit, Healing
Teachers: Elyon, Darid, Mantutia

August 29, 1999
*	Elyon (Mark TR):  I would greet you once again.  This is your friend and
associate Elyon.  I would
relate to you my joy and exuberance at your spiritual calisthenics recently.
	It has truly been a marvelous season of workout for you all as you have
ascended a new peak and
attained a new perspective, view, from your attained vantage point.  You are
all becoming as experienced
climbers with the right equipment and enough practice behind you to look
forward to the next climb, to monitor
conditions, and look forward with excitement to the opportunity to put your
skills to work and to attain your
goals.  As you spend a season in preparation for taking on your ascent, you
reflect on past climbs, on lessons
learned, on practice to provide adequate foundation, and then, after much
anticipation, you proceed to put
hands on and each pick their own course up the unknown precipice, to rise to
the challenge of that which is set
before you.
	These conferences and gatherings and personal outreach reach certain
periods of intensity in which you
are fully engaged in the climb; you are exercising every muscle at your
command and growing weary with the
exercise.  Then, after a period of extreme exertion, you reach a plateau, a
precipice on which you may gather
your strength, nourish your vehicle, and enjoy the reward for your efforts:
your view of the new horizon before
	Many times this view will infuse you with greater energy stores, and you
will decide you want more. 
You will forego a lengthy period of rest and rather look to the next
challenge before you with renewed vigor and
enthusiasm.  Or you might decide that this view, this position, is well
earned and indeed worth gleaning all that
is available to you.  You decide to stay awhile and enjoy the fruits of your
efforts.  It is irrelevant whether you
rest or become further invigorated as the event of your reaching the apex is
a foregone conclusion.  Your
training has instilled in you the skills necessary for the climb.  The
Father has instilled in you the desire to make
the climb, and you are merely going about the climb as you see fit.  
	There are many around you climbing at different paces and achieving
different levels, each traveling at
their own pace and acquiring their own rewards for their efforts.
	You are indeed becoming a hardy crew of climbers, and a good crew such as
yourselves will naturally
tend to seek out greater and greater challenges.  For others reaching a
small peak is a great struggle.  For ones
as yourselves more challenge is required for your skill levels.  I assure
you that there will always be a mountain
yet to climb for you that will be challenging enough to put your skills to
the test, but not so challenging as to
defeat you in your purpose.
	I thoroughly enjoy when we go on our climbing outings together and seeing
how you assimilate the
skills we have worked on together for these years.  I thoroughly enjoy
watching you provide direction to those
climbers less skilled, passing down your ropes and equipment to be of
assistance to your brothers and sisters.  I
am always encouraged and heartened to see the determination with which we
will attack this next challenge
before us.
	So, we have all been climbing; we are all acclimated to our new climate; we
are able to function
properly at this new altitude, and we are enjoying the surroundings of our
efforts.  We have much to look
forward to, for, as we gain triumph over the challenges immediately before
us, we see on the horizon even
bigger peaks, even larger challenges, and our appetites are whetted and not
discouraged when we see that there
is still yet more to climb.
	It is pleasing for me to see on each of you, after such a climb as we have
just endured together, your
new spiritual high-water marks; the level of your spirituality has all been
enhanced by your efforts and your
capacities have all been increased.  Your skill levels have been honed.  You
are more adept at knowing the
procedures involved in a good climb.
	So, perhaps we will rest for a while; perhaps we will venture on further.
I will be in attendance either
way and as a cheerleader in your corner to encourage you every foothold and
handhold of the way.
	Your exercises of growth may seem shallow or limited at times to your
perspective, but I assure you
they most certainly register on your cosmic growth scale as a positive
addition.  The true results of your efforts
in the climb may not be known to you for quite some time.
	I am so pleased to be working with a group with such enthusiasm and such
desire.  I look forward to
the multitude of things to come before us.  I remain in attendance to be
engaged as so desired.
	Jonathan:  I request that we receive exercise assignments to focus on in
the future as a group and share
with each other, if that fits with your curriculum.
*	Elyon:  My friend, I would certainly be forthcoming with instruction as so
desired.  However, at this
time my instruction would be that we spend some period of time in reflection
on the ascent we have all just
made together, in contemplation of what transpired, what was meaningful,
what tools were used in the exercise,
and to learn from our moves what may be even more effective to use next
time.  There is so much information
to glean from the recent stretch we have had that some time needs to be
spent in reflection to gain the insights
available.  Then I would be happy to pursue other directions with you.
	Jonathan:  It sounds like the assignment is to reflect upon the gain at
this point.
	You mentioned "we" several times in this recent phase.  What climbs have
you successfully
accomplished?  Were you just being our pal, part of our group?
*	Elyon:  I do take the liberty to place myself among you as one like you,
involved in your spiritual
ascents and indeed feel as though genuinely that I take these steps with
you, that I am there to see the workings
out of much of the lessons with you.  This provides me with great
satisfaction that such indications are that you
have gained wisdom through the messages and lessons delivered to you, and
you are realizing these lessons
before my very eyes, so to speak.  Also, personally I have gained a great
deal from my interaction with all of
you.  It is truly a learning experience for me as well to be engaged with
beings like yourselves.
	Don't make the mistake of thinking that beings such as myself are not
material as you are, that we are
all-learned and all-knowing beings.  We are engaged much as you are in a
continual learning process from
which we desire to glean all the growth potential within the situation.  My
relationship with you in this group
has been a fountain of wealth for growth opportunities and experiential
opportunities unavailable to me
anywhere else in the cosmos.  For this I am deeply thankful for you as a
group and each individual for allowing
and creating this opportunity for us both to experience these growth
potentials.  I learn much on my end about
how to be an effective teacher.  I have witnessed that you have learned much
on your end on being diligent
	Once again I thank you.
	Sheila:  As our perspective of healing grows, does it change your
perspective of healing, or are we just
coming closer to your perspective?
*	Elyon:  The healing perspective is a universal perspective that originates
from the Father and returns to
the Father much as your eternal career as an enlightened mortal of the
realm.  We witness this phenomenon of
healing from a different angle, perspective, than you witness.  We make
every attempt within our mandate to
elevate your level of awareness to gain an enlightened perspective to the
process.  We do not make the process
nor do you.  We are observers of and participants in the process just the
same as you are.  We simply have a
better view of the overall process and are therefore able to try to
enlighten you as to our view so that you may
perhaps be more effective within the process.  Seeing how you relate with
your level of insight to the process is
a growthful experience for someone in my position.  However, that may not
change my relationship to this
process, my observation of this process.
	The healing circuit is simply another circuit accessible from the Father to
you and through you and
returning back to the Father in a healing loop, if you will.  We must all
learn how to interface with this loop and
to involve ourselves with this loop at appropriate junctions where we may be
effective to complete this loop. 
The most effective healing occurs when one is sensitive to the loop and is
also sensitive to the aspects of the
loop which are able to be manipulated.
	I sense you understand this.
	Sheila:  Yes, I do.  My perspective of the machines that are now used in
healing, in my opinion there
don't need to be machines.  Healing comes from God.  I see that some
people's minds need something outside to
hold on to for healing.  Trying not to disappoint people's beliefs, that
"I'm right and you're wrong", what is
your perspective on the use of these machines?
*	Elyon:  You are correct when you state that all you really need is the
love of the Father to be healed.  I
would add to your statement, "in a perfect world all you need is the Father
to be healed".  You are also correct
in your assessment that people need different things at different times in
different ways.  This is natural,
normal, and correct.  We do not live in a perfect world.  Therefore every
attempt should be made to meet people
where they are and bring them to the Father's love however you may find
them, be it individually, be it through
artificial sources.  It is not important how people are found; the important
thing is that they are found, and this
human-to-Creator connection is, in the end, the ultimate connection.
	But many individuals will take many paths to find this connection.  If they
come anywhere around your
sphere of influence, then you are absolutely correct in your approach to
reach out to them to show them the love
of the Father and to gently and lovingly direct them in this direction.  But
they may first need to experiment and
experience many different avenues before they stumble upon someone as
yourself who might steer them in the
right direction.  
	Do not withhold any and all types of access, for all types of individuals,
even if these methods of
approach may seem incorrect, even false to you, they may be an important
step for this individual to get to
where you are or get to where they can connect to the Father individually.
	Fear not that they will not all one day find the Father and take comfort
from this connection.  In the
meantime you must all as ambassadors show them the way with your torchlight
and lovingly direct them as
they come to you seeking direction.  If they are engaged in an experience of
their own, then they may not be
seeking any direction but rather experimenting and exercising their options
so as to make  better choices in the
future.  This is a necessary step; it is not in any way a tangent away from
the overall progress of their souls.
	Sheila:  That is what I thought all along.
*	Elyon:  Indeed, I recognize that these are familiar concepts to you.  It
never hurts to express concepts to
more firmly "concrete" their meanings into our foundations and to firmly
lock them into place.
*	Darid  (Jonathan):  Hi, everyone, I am Darid.  I speak joyfully, but I
also wish to solemnly convey a
reality that you are aware of.  It is my desire to emphasize this awareness
that it may further emplace itself in
your daily practice.
	You know that Michael is seen in two ways.  He is the Sovereign Son, the
Divine Christ.  He is also
Jesus of Nazareth, the son of man.  To only view him in one of these
manifestations creates an off balance, for
it is his divinity that enriches his humanity, and his humanity that
enhances his divinity.  To know him as our
Sovereign Son brings a sense of awe and reverence for the amazing works he
is able to accomplish in Nebadon. 
But to witness his humanity brings him closer to the human being, for you
can walk in the shoes of Joshua ben
Joseph long before you would ever be qualified to walk in the shoes of a
Master Son of a local universe.
	This being said, let me direct you to the Father and His indwelling
presence, for here the same pattern
exists.  The infinite I Am, our divine Parent, is beyond our comprehension.
Omniscience, omnipotence, these
are greatly out of our reach.  You do know that this same being indwells
each of us, but this inner presence of
the Father isn't an abstraction of idea.  It is not simply the presence of
the Absolute.  It is, in reality, the
Father's direct personal love, care, and interest in you solely.
	He does not diffusely indwell us all.  He discretely, individually,
one-on-one indwells each one of us. 
Being the Father Himself, you experience worship of the great Creator, but I
do encourage you to also to come
to know the Father as He is resident within you, for the secret of fusion is
complete identification with this
	Each of the bestowals of Michael is greatly understood when perceiving his
two-phased revelation of
the Father and discovery of creaturehood.  Likewise, your relationship with
the First Source and Center will
deepen by balancing it with a personal, intimate relationship with His
indwelling Presence.
	You will, over the course of many ages, traverse the many stages of
universe progression and spiritual
attainment and will have the great pleasure of being with the First Source
and Center on the Absolute Isle of
Paradise.  This event will occur in your distant future, but this very
moment you are embraced by Him at the
core of your being.  
	Yes, we all as ascending mortals seek the Paradise goal, seek to discover
the truth and the realities in
store for us.  Where it seems to the human mind to be an adventure of
discovery, to the divine mind that is
within you, it is a retracement back home, taking you, the new creature,
with him.  You are in good hands, well
cared for, with an expert guide.
	I hope this will instill passion in your stillness.  Thank you.
*	Mantutia (Sheila):  Greetings to all, I am Mantutia.
	At the moment that you realize your connectedness to the Father, you become
a tool for another for
healing.  At the point that another realizes their connection to the Father,
they become healed and in turn take
their place as a healer.  The potential lies in absolutely everyone.  The
value you acknowledge in yourself as
one being healed or as one being the healer is, per se, your certificate,
your acknowledgment.
	It is on a perfect world that there will be no differences between healer
and healed, for all will know
their perfectness, their connection with the Father.  In the meantime, great
dear ones, your work has certainly
been set up for you and for us.  
	When this mission first began we were not sure how to make the realization
to you, but so many of you
took the reins, advanced on your own, and in that sense we were once again
the students to you.  It is in these
moments that we realize we are the students and you are the teachers, that
we proclaim victory and a mass of
many victories to come.  It is when you realize that you indeed have become
the teachers to us that you may
value the giant steps taken toward your universal career.  It is when we
realize our relationship of
student/teachers, brothers and sisters, all alike, that we have walked in
but a mere small step toward the
Father's goal for us.
	We have the fortunate privilege of being able to see how often this is
happening more than you.  We
are sure to share the good news as best we can to allow you to absorb the
value of our victories.  There has
been a great deal of victory as of late, and this is again the reason for
the lack of need for an exercise at this
time, for it is our greatest wish at this time that each and every one
concentrate and absorb the value of what
has occurred.
	If you would concentrate on this, if it is your desire [for] an exercise,
it would simply be to value
yourselves, to absorb the unity we have experienced knowing that it has lead
us directly towards the Father in
great leaps and bounds.
	Thank you for your time.
*	unidentified  (Mary):  Pause now to feel the warmth, the place, the
opening in your heartspace.  It is a
physical feeling; it is a real thing physically as well as spiritually, this
opening, this space.  Try to feel this spot. 
If you have any difficulty feeling it, ask for help to find this spot.  It
is where people speak of the "door
opening", the door opening to those feelings of love and light and
connection.  Try to develop this awareness. 
When you feel that warm, fuzzy feeling it is God smiling within  your very

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