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AUGUST 21, 1999


(TR: Nina) I am ABRAHAM. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty,
yes. What a beautiful freedom you each share--feeling at ease to be your own
unique selves. I am once again honored to participate in this celebration.
What an outstanding show of faith you each continue to exhibit. Rearranging
the material life for the spiritual is an expression of how deep your faith
really is.

We must often ask ourselves during this mortal life "whom do we serve?" Your
commitment to remain steadfast in your faith in Michael's cause is in answer
to the question we must ask ourselves, yes. Even the Mission participants
that have held their faith for these years even need to continue to ask the

The spiritual life is like a growing child and must be cared for. Every
child experiences growth and changes, and every now and then must look to
the Parent and reconnect to find meanings and values in growing.

Today is a day for renewal. Today is a day for remembering why you live your
life as you do. Today is a day that you retreat to the hills with the
Creator Son. In your heart and mind you may spend the day with the Creator
absorbing from Him His everlasting love, knowledge, comfort and mercy. Today
is the day we can offer to carry to Master's basket, just to tag-a-long and
learn of the Master's dedication to His children, His over-flowing humor,
His ease of attitude.

Walk with Him. You are His small child. Look up into His face and know that
He looks upon you with exceeding tenderness and understanding. Know that
there is nothing that He cannot know. He can know the very worst in you and
still embrace you with His parental love. Open the basket; take out those
nutritious meanings and values He has set aside for you: wisdom, kindness,
love, happiness, abundance, mercy, compassion and honor. Enjoy, on this day,
the fruits of the Spirit.

Take up your walking stick and recommit to the Lord. Think not of the
elements that may perhaps hinder your path. Think not of the heaviness of
Michael's basket that causes you to sweat. Think not of the upward hill that
lies before you, for you have Michael's basket and in it contains all you
could need. The contents of the basket are certainly worth any burden mortal
life brings you.

Get to know and reconnect with the Master, and know that in your everyday
living you express in your actions who you really serve. Allow your fellows
to see the glow upon your face only obtained by spending a day in the hills
with the Master. Allow your life to be a reflection of Michael and His
undying love and gratitude. Know that as you live you can be a reflection of
the Master and show forth the fruits that you have received, yes.

I am in deep gratitude for your allowance and upholding of this Mission. I
value our closeness and friendship. It matters not what group you are from.
We are all within the family of God, and I am in awe of our Father's ability
to Father each one so beautifully, yes. My love is with you. Shalom.

(TR: Bill) I am HAM. Greetings my dear brothers and sisters. How delighted I
am to again be in your presence as we gather to remember our Father\Brother
Michael and His bestowal to this beautiful planet.

As Abraham has alluded to, our Father\Brother knows every aspect of
experience of being human. He truly gained His sovereignty of His universe
by this bestowal when He reached down to the least of His will creatures and
took upon Himself flesh and blood. Remember, my friends, He did not begin as
a full grown adult, as is often true of the ministrations of the Sons of
God, but as a helpless baby, totally dependent upon the nurture and care of
His parents.

With this act of sublime bestowal did Michael honor the realities of
Fatherhood and Motherhood. By this trusting of His bestowal person into the
care of Mary and Joseph did He raise the family to the highest level of
spiritual value. Always did He teach in the mode of the family, not merely
as a metaphor, but as the ultimate spiritual reality. The Kingdom of God is
the same as the family of God, and Michael, by His mortal experience, is
truly your Brother as well as your Creator Father.

I, Ham, always am in joy to be present with this group, for it does remind
me of my beginnings with this Mission and continues to bring me pleasure
that you unite visibly once a year to manifest your spiritual unity as
indeed you are a united Teaching Mission group.

Thank you for your sharing of your understanding of the growing awareness of
the family of God as you have experienced it in your Urantia
brotherhood\sisterhood dimensions, and at the same time you are aware that
your family is much greater than any smaller faction of personality reality,
that in fact we are all one gigantic cosmic family created and personalized
by none other than the Paradise Trinity.

Let the pure spiritual light of your souls expression of love so illuminate
your path that all the dark corners shall disappear and your faith will
blossom and grow so that you may minister to those who still walk in
darkness and whose wounds are still severe.

You are by your own dedication and agreement Michael's apostles. We, your
unseen brothers and sisters, we celestials, as you refer to us, are proud to
be associated with such great kids. We love you all, and once again, I bow
my heart in profound respect and honor to Joshua Ben Joseph, Son of Man and
Son of God. Farewell.

(TR: Nancy) I am DANIEL. I am pleased to participate in this truly joyous
occasion. Although your numbers are smaller than in years past, your
dedication has grown and you, the apostles of Michael, are ever more
steadfast in your walk with Father, with Michael, with the Spirit. Your aim
is perfection. Your actions are uplifted. My dear friends and students, how
pleased we, the teaching staff of Michael, are with your many steps taken
over these past years. You, our beloved students, are a credit to yourselves
and to your beloved Father\Brother Michael.

In your own ways and in your own time you have accepted Michael's yoke. You
have learned to let it sit lightly upon your shoulders and have learned that
there is great joy in accepting the yoke of Michael.

I am pleased to be among you during this time of celebration. I do keep my
words brief, but wish to acknowledge my presence. I give you my love and my
great admiration for your continuing growth in your apostleship. Farewell.

(TR: Bill) My brothers and sister, I am MICHAEL, present among you and so
pleased you have grasped my picnic basket and followed me into the hills
where I can talk to you as a Friend and as a Brother.

Today I want to honor my humanity, even as you have arranged this
celebration to commemorate my mortal bestowal. Although I was bestowed in
likeness of my other orders of creation of higher status in terms of origin,
my greatest and most satisfying and most difficult bestowal was in mortal
flesh. Because you start at the bottom of universe experience as children of
the flesh, so do you come all the way to Paradise, my origin, there to
receive your status as Finaliters.  But I experienced from top to bottom--it
is your privilege to experience from the bottom to the top.  
So in celebrating my birth as mortal--celebrate your mortal status as it
leads Godward--all the way to Paradise, my home and my place of origin. And
so you see, we shall always be together, and we shall always sit in comfort
around this picnic basket.

As you have eaten bread and drank wine symbolizing my bestowal so shall you
now sup with each other and experience some profound joy of being human with
a destiny beyond your wildest imaginations of the flesh to return indeed to
the First Source and Center of all that is and shall be.

Thank you, my dear friends, brothers and sisters for your honoring me and
hearing my words. Now I conclude this meeting so that you may continue your
fellowship. Remember, be at peace and let my confidence uphold your hearts
always. I am always there next to you; just turn and observe. I bestow my
love on you all. Good afternoon.

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