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AUGUST 22, 1999


I am ABRAHAM. I am happy to greet you once again, yes. I have been experiencing this week a spiritual renewal of sorts. I have been recommitting to my Source of all that is true, beautiful, and good. I am in awe of Father’s ability to father me so well. It is quite simple for me to answer the question of "who do I serve?"

I could not however have been this successful in my spiritual renewal had I not gone to the Heavenly Caretakers as a little child. Having gone this far in my spiritual career I am able to find within myself true humility. A humble heart and seeking mind enables one to be as the small child. A proud and self-exalting individual may not meet with much success in spiritual comfort and renewal, no.

Even those beings who are on High in Father Kingdom still find themselves as the seeking child. The seeking child is requesting Father’s love and watch-care. The seeking child is finding knowledge, solutions, and confidence to brave this mortal life, yes. Is the ability to find within true humility in you? Are you that seeking child? Come with me, my friends, let us be as little children.

I am here. I am your Brother\Father. I see you, my children, and my heart is full. I am understanding each ones heart and mind. I am knowing you as a parent knows their child. I sense your deepest desires and fondest hopes. I know of your struggles and regrets. I see your path with clarity and I can help you run the course.

I have known what it was like to answer the question of "whom do you serve?" In my mortal career I can surely pinpoint the exact moment when I needed not to ask that question. It was definitely clear and completely natural. There was no other to serve other than my Father, who is in Heaven.

Allow me, your Friend\Brother\Father, to assist you in this natural transition of living as if there were no other answers to the question of "whom do you serve?" than my Father, who is in Heaven. Remember my promises made to you. Remember my commitment to you. Ponder upon my belief in you. Spend a day in the hills with me. Be at ease to take what I offer to you as spiritual nourishment. Allow me to show you the goodness that still lives in mortal life. Release yourselves from the burden of the worlds negativity. All that is bad cannot simply disappear, but if you can allow me my place in your hearts to strengthen you so that what is bad cannot break you, but teach you to bend.

I am the Bridegroom and you are my bride. I vow to love and honor you. I promise to guide and uphold you. I will help you to help your fellows. Together we will usher this world into an age of goodness, light, abundance, hope, spiritual health, and truth. Our marriage is not one that is only to share the joy, but to uphold and carry on through the bad.

Allow me my place at your side and know that we are unified and in service to the same wonderful Father in Heaven, yes. I live to glorify one who has upheld and loved me with a love that is, was, and has always been. My love and peace go with you. Carry on.

I am ABRAHAM. How can one not be completely in love with such a Brother\Father? How can one not be made new or changed by His enduring presence? How can one not receive His words as a little child and not be made to feel cared for or so loved? Yes. Our gratitude is with you, Michael, for your words are renewing, reassuring, and reconnecting us to the First Source and Center.

Go this week, my friends, as the little child, and in your humble walk know that our Master walks with us. Know that in your ability to serve our Heavenly Sources all else is well cared for. Be aware of our beloved Spirit of Truth to pour Himself upon you as a baptism of renewal, yes. As always, my love is with you. Until next week, shalom.

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