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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Purpose and Proclivity
Teachers: Malvantra, Andrew, Elyon

August 1, 1999

*	Malvantra  (Jonathan TR):  I am pleased to engage with you again.  This is
Malvantra.  I have a few words to share that may inspire you when you are
uncertain about your direction.
	We all share but one purpose, and that purpose is finding the Father.  That
is the only real mandate sent forth from Paradise.  Coupled with that call to
find the Father is the phrase, "to become like Him."  Though each of us has the
same purpose, we all have different proclivities.  How each goes about finding
the Father is its own course of unfoldment.  Its unfoldment isn't the discovery
of a hidden trail already laid for you to traverse to find the Father.  He
is not
in hiding, and He has not hidden the trail, and you need not be concerned that
you are missing the trail, for this path to the Father is yours to create.  Much
like your perception of lightning, you view lightning striking from sky toward
earth when in reality it is electrons jumping from earth to the sky.  Your path
to the Father is your jump towards Him.
	When you observe in another an orientation toward things spiritual, the
tendency to engage in forms of ministry, understand that these are the
dispositions of one of your brothers or sisters, and though they may prove
inspiring to the soul, one should always realize that these actions of
others are
the courses of unfoldment for each of them.  Draw inspiration from these
and search your own being for your tendencies, your inclinations, your bent. 
Manifest reality of spirit, its truth and its goodness through your own avenues
of expression.  In this manner you will be more successful in the discovery of
the Father, for you will discover Him yourself rather than through imitation of
another's course of growth.
	You will also be one more in the multiplicity of expressions that the
Father makes through His children for another to witness and soon discover for
themselves the Father's care and guidance.  The Father is one and so is the
purpose we all hold.  His manifestations are many in all His children.  That is
why each of us is oriented differentially.
	It is easy for the Father to discover Himself in Himself.  He has done this
absolutely, and He has done this through His son.  Now He discovers Himself in
such immensity through your discovery of Him.
	Michael called many to follow him, and for centuries now on this world many
have followed him.  There have been a few who misunderstood his call and
it to mean that they  too must be messianic in their ministry, that they too
be the Son of God on earth, that they must be the bringers of salvation.
had a mission as a Creator Son which he fulfilled, a mission that no other in
Nebadon is able to undertake.
	So, how do we follow Michael?  We follow through observing the manner in
which he fellowshipped with God and ministered to his brothers and sisters, his
mortal children.  Though he could perceive the inner man and was expert at
bringing spiritual food to the hungry souls, his apostles were each inclined in
different ways.  When his ministry was over there were not twelve little Jesuses
to take his place.  They were each distinctly individual and inclined to various
forms in which they could carry on their master's mission.
	I dwell on this notion today so that you can become further assured that,
when you hunger for the answer of where you are going with your life, what
direction is best, the answer is your direction is to the Father on Paradise
which will take ages to accomplish.  It is for you to be the co-creator of the
path that takes you there.  If you do not feel the tap on the shoulder saying,
"Go this way." it may very well be that that spirit who is not tapping is asking
for you to provide the way, to initiate the actions which will help unfold the
lessons and the experiences you will need in the future to climb ever closer to
	It might be easily said that the will of the Father for any individual is
that you will the Father, that you desire that relationship.  In the coupling of
your divine parent with yourself, the Father's will is a co-creative process, an
intimate relationship between you and Him.  It is dynamic; it is not a list of
rules, a checklist of accomplishments.  It is as flexible and adaptable as life
itself is.
	Thank you for hearing me today.  I am glad to be in your presence to take
this opportunity to bring you words that may be of benefit.  I encourage you
to be creative, to be the individual child of spirit that you are, to leave in
your wake the inspiration to others to be likewise.
	Other teachers lay in wait to make comment.

	Ginnie:  I asked for the name of the teacher who would say something on my
particular desires, and Andrew came to mind saying it would be good to contact
this teacher.  May I speak with Andrew?  Why did this come up?  Who is he and
what can we share?
*	Andrew:  Andrew speaking, I greet you heartily.  I am available for special
function.  We are being trained to work together in a sense like a bellboy.  We
are to be the ones who bring relief from the heavy luggage in a spiritual sense
that others carry.  We can develop our partnership and the keenness of our
insight such that we will recognize the burdens and have at our disposal the
methods whereby these burdens may lighten.  I use the picture of a bellboy
because, in the end, no one can lift the burdens from another until they
relinquish them, themselves.  All we can do is assist them in finding some
comfort as they work through their difficulties and show them the direction they
may go in order to reach their destination, laden as they are.
	Do you have questions for me?

	Ginnie:  Are you part of the rebirthing crew?

*	Andrew:  This is an appropriate observation, for levity does lighten the
loads of life.

	Ginnie:  I wanted to meet you and feel your presence.  I will talk to you
again, thank you.

*	Andrew:  Thank you for asking for me.  I encourage you to engage with me,
as I recognize your skill in receiving transmission and trust that what I impart
to you will be taken as intended.
	I look forward to our continued

	Ginnie:  I have a sense that you are a good buddy, a companion to hang
around to help me be aware of my inspirational self.
*	Andrew:  Yes, I have spoken about lightening the load of others.  But you
know, much of our travels would become easier if we would just open those
suitcases and toss everything all about, have a good laugh, and then pick up the
pieces and continue on our way. 

	Ginnie:  Thank you.

*	Elyon:  I greet you as well today, this is Elyon.  I can't help but make
comment, for it will be a little while before we are gathered together in this
manner.  You each will be about your various chosen activities over the next few
weeks.  I assure you that all within your association of teachers will be ready
as they are even now willing to assist you to, as you know well enough already,
not alleviate your difficulties but sharpen your skills in overcoming them
and to
provide that lubricant that helps you glide forward.  In some respects this is
all we teachers can provide is lubrication, for you are the ones who provide the
movement.  Life can be full of friction and can wear down your enthusiasm.  So,
we stand ready to serve, ready to be inspiring, to alert you in awareness to
may be possible, and to encourage you to choose what is best for you
according to
your highest sensibilities, trusting always that as you reach for that highest
sensibility, there will be unfolded before you a higher accomplishment.  Always
take into account that this does not mean your first reach fell short.  It
the potentials for an even higher reach.  Never will you fail when you reach as
high as you can only to discover there is a higher reach to be made.   It's more
like climbing arm over arm up a ladder than it is having one single time to
choose and no opportunity ever again.
	So, as you are each on your adventures, enjoy the experiences that come
your way.  You are the conductor of the symphony.  You can take the various
knocks and clatters and compose them into a psalm of spiritual beauty, that
your soul as it grows through these experiences.
	I welcome your comments if you desire to express them.

	Ginnie:  It feels good to have you affirm that our spiritual perfection
comes in small steps and that one misstep does not mean we are lost.  When I
think of lost opportunities, I know more are coming my way.  I can keep choosing
and reaching.  Thank you.

*	Elyon:  You are welcome.  A specific opportunity may come and it may go and
entail in that the temporal sense of the loss of some accomplishment of growth
that could have been undertaken.  But that is simply a single opportunity.  That
growth potential remains, and it will unfold in the course of a different
Like Malvantra's talk today on proclivities, some opportunities appear to be
before you at a time in your life when you are not inclined to take that
direction.  It doesn't indicate failure or flaw; it only shuffles the parameters
and the potentials of your growth into a different manner of unfoldment.
	You know well that that which is worth accomplishing that you have failed
to accomplish here on earth can and will be accomplished in the worlds beyond. 
When you were an infant there were many opportunities before you, a lot of which
you did not act upon at the time.  With subsequent maturity some of these same
opportunities were acted upon, likewise in your adolescence and your younger
years.  Throughout your time on this planet you have many choices.  Some of
choices you have recanted and chosen differently.  It is to your credit that you
make these evaluations, that you reflect back upon benefits and detriments to
your choices.  Always remember that this life here is much like your stage of
infancy when you began your life here.  Your eternal career is full of
opportunities, many of such enormous ramifications that the opportunities that
you passed by in this life will appear to be small decisions.  Know always that
you are learning, you are gaining the skill on earth, how to choose wisely and
how to seek sincerely and how to ask the Father for help.  That rises in
importance over the precision of any particular decision as it relates to
you chose rightly or wrongly.  It is a right choice if you are making
progress in
your abilities to choose.

	Ginnie:  All the good that we desire will come true at some point.  It's
comforting.  Thank you.

*	Elyon:  You are welcome.
	I will close our meeting with one comment.  All the good you desire will
come true, and a great degree of the good you desire in the end will be you.
will be that very goodness that you seek for both yourself and the world. 
Goodness is indissolubly linked to personality.  Goodness is more a part of
than it is a part of events.
	I take my leave.  I will be with you all.  Take care. 

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