[tmtranscripts] Abraham -- 5/30/99 "Making sense of these morontia lessons"

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Mon May 31 20:42:55 PDT 1999

Meeting with Abraham
May 30, 1999
Woods Cross group

TR: Nina

(At new meeting place -- 7200 south state, second floor of office complex.)
Present: Janet, Dirk, Kurt, Harrison, Nina (Ellanor), Calvin, Ellen

I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. It has been a fruitful week. There are great 
depths to our lessons that we will explore, and I can say, the last few 
seeks have been showing forth a spiritual harvest. Each of you are learning 
to use your newly designed morontia senses and we can understand at 
times there is some frustration. However, that does not outweigh our joy 
when we see the amazement on your faces as you discover how real the 
spiritual life is, yes.

In teaching morontia senses, it would not serve you well if we neglect to 
follow that up with the "why." There is meanings and values connected with 
the use of your morontia senses. Morontia senses aid in your understanding 
of your place of purpose in the universe, yes. 

I have been instructed to assign you with a task of studying the meaning 
within our past morontia lessons. In this series on the morontia senses, 
each lesson contains certain philosophies, meanings, values, or--mota--within 
them. I would ask that you re-read this series on the morontia senses and 
gather and discuss the morontia mota contained therein. Begin with the 
lesson on "Erasing The Lines of Time and Space," yes (about March 14, 1999).
After your discussion I would say a few words.

I am familiar with this exercise for I have been through it myself. I can 
coordinate the morontia senses with the meanings and apply them to 
my everyday living, yes. Our mission is not taking in information only, our 
mission is the practical applications of the Master's teachings, yes.

The apostles of long ago foretasted this exercise while serving their 
apostolic mission. Many were challenged and still some were discouraged, 
but overall, each were encouraged and with more spiritual wisdom and 
spiritual maturity, yes. 

Enjoy these tasks for you are making history where you will be among the 
first to demonstrate if this is practical and helpful in morontial knowledge 
retainment, yes. This is all. I will be available for your conference during 
the week. Enjoy your task. As always, my love is with you each, shalom.

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