[tmtranscripts] Elyon Group 5/30/99, Merium visits

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Mon May 31 13:57:00 PDT 1999

Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: "I Stand at the Door and Knock", Mind
Teachers: Elyon, Merium, Malvantra

May 30, 1999
*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  I greet you all as my friends, and I greet you all as
my family.  It is a joy always to make this contact, to experience this
fellowship.  I cannot express fully my care and concern for you.  It is a
like any parent whose ear and eye are on the lookout for their children that
not wander into the street, that they are safe.  It is not that I am worried for
you but rather that my attention is ever pointed always toward you.  That is my
dedication in this mission, to assist you, and I do so equally receiving great
	It has been said that Michael stands at the door and knocks, that who ever
opens that door, he will enter and will sup with that individual.  This is a
powerful image for comprehending your reactions to many events in your life.
can approach events with this image as a, in a sense, watchword to gauge your
reactions.  A door has a lock; a door can have a peephole, a viewer, and any
door will open.  When Michael approaches his children he simply knocks and waits
for the free will, the receptivity, of the individual.  When truth in any form
enters into your living arena, it is knocking at your door.  Whether you lock it
tight, simply peek through the viewer, or open the door and receive is up to
	Michael's fellowship with you is not one of an overlord with rules for your
behavior and demands for you to act out, for he comes to eat with you in your
home with your food.  He is your assistant and guide for helping you work with
your talents.  The meal that is prepared is from your skills and your
to reveal a new beauty and a new goodness about your life.  You know that he has
asked you to follow him, but, in light of this visitation, his entry through
door, that this following is not a copy but an unfoldment and a revelation of
your qualities as the Father's child.  
	When an event approaches your life that makes you react with a desire to
lock the door to prevent its entry, know that your pantry is full of many, many
useful and nourishing items that can heal, that can rectify, the difficulty you
seek to shut out.  Trust that you have already let Michael in, and he is with
you, and you are capable of opening the door and dealing with the problem.
	The home is like a nest.  It has the advantage of giving the indwellers a
sense of cloister such that you can put aside the cares of the greater world
about you for that personal respite, for that in-turn and refreshment.  The time
you spend in stillness is a spiritual home where you may do likewise, and this
home is where you practice the presence of God, where you realize the actual
presence of God, where you come to trust that Michael has entered your door and
dwells within.  Time at your home refreshes you for the events that take you
beyond  your door.  Time spent with the Father does likewise for your spiritual
soul-growth and ascent.
	It is not important to run out the door in search for your answers, as it
is to open the door and let them come in to you.  The universe has rushed to
side and is willing to assist you at any moment that you ask.  The difficulty is
not in finding the answers, the difficulty is in being receptive to those
and then being creative in expressing those answers.
	So, I conclude my lesson today by saying, oil your hinges.  Be ever willing
to receive that which is revealed to you.
	This is Elyon.
	Ginnie:  I would like to express my gratitude to any being who was with me
last week when I was given a problem.  I opened a door and allowed a new concept
to come in.  Not that I did it for a payoff!  Thank you to the teachers who were
there inspiring me.
*	Elyon:  These ministers acknowledge your gratitude.  I would like to repeat
one of my points, and that is regarding the meal that you provide the visitor,
that you are the transformer.  Nothing will really take over and control; you
provide the supper.  This is a way for you to overcome apprehension when faced
with the choice for reception.  Individuals are more likely to attempt reaching
to a higher level of being when they feel capable, empowered, and under
Being swept away by things surrounding you can lead to contraction and
dissociation.  I commend you for being brave and receptive.  Know that you bring
to the situation a wealth of experience and understanding that will help your
growth and improve the conditions around you.
	Ginnie:  Thank you.
*	Merium:  This is Miriam; I greet you.  I visit you from your sister group,
and I must take note that you can be as quiet as my students.  I know you have
thoughts within you, questions you may have.  I solicit those expressions
I know that you have not finished receiving all the lessons Elyon holds in store
for you, and therefore you must be somewhat curious about things that lie
It is my desire to stimulate your inquisitiveness today.
	Ginnie:  I say hello.  We haven't heard from you in a while.  I appreciate
you visiting us.  It's good to hear from a teacher who hasn't been around.
*	Merium:  Thank you for that welcome.  It is my pleasure to attend here.  We
teachers do like to travel, for it gives us insight into personalities and
of differing natures.  Every personality is unique and each group has its own
flavor and orientation, and it makes us sharpen our skills in learning how to
present to you the same points through a different manner.  Also, you are given
the opportunity to receive from a different angle, as I will express myself
differently and stress things differently than would Elyon.  After all, we are
personalities with our likes and dislikes and our preferences for how we would
like to convey to you what is meaningful and truthful and helpful.  
	Evelyn:  I don't have a specific question, but I welcome your comments on
our conversation concerning brain development [fetal alcohol syndrome in
particular], windows of opportunity to effect that development.  How can we
always be open to having a positive affect?
*	Merium:  I would direct your attention first off to the apostles  and
remind you of their differences, how the Alpheus twins were quite unlike Peter
and some of the more bold apostles, how Jesus had to even resolve himself to the
fact that Judas was not going to make the change necessary to advance himself
spiritually and with love.  Yet, though each apostle was in a sense
hard-wired in
their orientation, it has been noted to you that they each did make significant
changes in character in response and approach to what life brought to them.
	These ailments that you have discussed today are real, and reality is not
easily erasable.  However, it can be amended and compensated, adapted to.  The
missing factors can be supplied.  It is to your honor that your kind is studying
these complications and pursuing remedy and becoming aware of an array of
alternate approaches that may be used to help individuals who have been changed
by certain conditions in their lives.
	The mind is quite flexible.  You know of and speak of mental illnesses.  I
have yet to see a mind that is ill.  It is often the apparatus through which the
mind functions that manifests the illness.  Similar to the heart and soul of the
human being, the mind of all people is attractive just as all personalities are
lovable.  It is only through manifestation that individuals come upon conflict. 
In the case of mind, it is through the biological organism that it manifests
the problems arise.  Physical damage can be irreversible, but the mind and the
spirit can progress nonetheless, though this life interval may encounter
Awareness will help greatly.
	Your races discovered at one time in centuries back that vision could be
improved by the use of a lens.  These remedies proved useful, and the same
pattern holds for mental illness.  Now your technology has advanced where
you are
even beginning to become able to alter the eye itself to improve vision.  It is
remarkable for lemur-origin beings to handle such a delicate apparatus as
the eye
and, needless to say, your brain is extremely delicate.  However, environmental
and cultural changes are like the eyeglasses that, applied from the outside, can
aid those who are stricken by abnormalities. 
	I hope I have given you some things to consider.
	Evelyn:  Yes, thank you.
	Ginnie:  What happens in the morontial life to a person who has impaired
brain function? I don't think it impairs the mind function, but what happens to
the mind because of that experience?  Is there a residue and how is that dealt
*	Merium:  Your mind is also refreshed.  The mind manifestation you have
received for your physical life is different from the purely morontial mind,
though there are overlapping qualities which make the transition of awareness
easier.  But the effects that you inquire about are the effects that impinge
the soul that condition your personality.  These are expertly dealt with in the
retraining schools of Mansonia.  Michael's mercy is extensive, and his
schools of
correction are numerous on seven worlds.
	Yes, you will carry over certain legacies.  Some will be dropped in the
death transition, but others will echo in your budding awareness as a morontia
being.  These carryovers can be thought of as a beautiful diversity.
	You understand from your text that the resurrection halls are segregated by
races.  There is a gradual process of introduction of peoples of many worlds to
each other, because your differences are vast.  Although you are all human
beings, conditions on the various worlds vary greatly.  So, your quirks become a
splendid thing to your fellows. Imagine visiting another from across the system
and discovering how they approach what would seem to yourselves an episode that
required an obvious response.  They will react wholly differently.
	As you converge upon Paradise, you will all experience perfection.  Though
it may be a struggle to overcome the barriers of time, and though you may wish
you were that picture-perfect personality you hold in your ideals, do cherish
your unique differences and recognize that these conflicts, these constraints
that have come into your lives, are part of a beautiful mosaic.  So, when
you are
fed up with your own idiosyncrasies that you wish to toss from your life, give
them a little hug once in awhile and accept them for the short duration of time
that they will be associated with you.  In eternity much of that will have long
ages past fallen away.
	Ginnie:  Thank you.
*	Merium:  I also thank Johnny Boy for providing the voice for me today.
*	Malvantra (Ginnie):  Another voice will speak now.
	In your concern about functions of the mind, as evolutionary creatures you
understand that your physical apparatus has changed generation after generation
after generation.  The same is true of your evolution of thought.  But along
the gifts, as thinking beings you have also an additional gift: your free will
that determines in the end what your future will be.  May I remind you that
actions that are done  without the proper functioning of that will, of that
choice, are not seen as evil or wrong or against some standard or other, against
some moral code set up by some cultural group.
	Your destiny completely and unequivocally depends on your choices.  Those
choices need to be made with a clear, mature mind that is prepared to act in a
certain way.  Anyone deprived of these mechanisms certainly cannot be held
responsible for the choices that they make.
	Your life in the morontial worlds, especially the first ones, as you
recall, are times of correction, of adjustment to deal with those
misfortunes of one kind or another that were dealt with on your first experience
on the physical plane having to do with physical matter.  Any misconceptions
contrived by the brain can be eventually relearned.  Left to the earth will be
the physical apparatus that was necessary to bring to light this functioning of
the mind.  Many of the quirks, as you would call them, of brain function die
the physical death.
	It would be good for you to practice daily deciphering whether or not you
are deciding things on a morontial level or on your baser form.  But certainly
the misfortunes of our environment and of our maturing and of our care as we
from infancy will not be held against anyone.  You ought to be commended,
however, on bringing to light these misunderstandings and bringing to light the
new knowledge that you are discovering about how the misuse of our bodies can
effect the decision-making aspect of your personalities.  It is commendable that
you are all beginning to respect the misfortunes of those who may be ignorant of
these influences.
	As you well know, habits are hard to change.  When they are in physical
matter, it is also an added challenge to rewire and to retrain.
	I end my discussion with you at this time.  I am Malvantra.
	Jonathan:  Our computers have plug-and-play features where you can pull out
a sound card and pop in another, and the computer recognizes it and functions
rightly, though not always.  That underlines how precious our physical forms are
and how influential they are on how we manifest ourselves.  Mortal types are
glandular as well as one-, two- and three-brained.  Our bodies are
wonderful, and
I hope we gain greater respect for them.
*	Malvantra:  Well said, and understanding that when all things are
functioning properly on a physical level it is much easier to access correct
functioning of the mind.  But when those physical apparati are not in prime
condition, clear thinking, correct thinking, is a bit more difficult.  You all
are feeling the effects to some degree of that.  Yes, your bodies are precious. 
Take care of them as best you can and you will be better able and more
quickly to
access higher mind.

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