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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Garden Metaphor about Spirituality
Teachers: Elyon, Unidentified, Malvantra, Issac

April 11, 1999
*	Elyon (Jonathan TR): I greet you again, young friends.  It is a joy to see
your growth.  I repeat that I do learn from your expression; it provides
insight into your future growth as it relates to my contribution.  This is
I would like to discuss truth and take the perspective of metabolism and
	All around on your world there are many sources from which you can derive
food for your bodies.  There is quite a variety.  One who forages, who puts
themselves to the task of gathering, may find ample opportunity to receive this
food, to put to rest hunger.  Truth likewise is all about you in many forms. 
Truth is unchanging, for it is one in its purpose.  Just like there are many
forms of edible things on your world, it is all food; it is all for nourishment,
for life sustenance.  Truth functions in this same manner.  It appears manifold,
but it is one in purpose.  When the life energies of food are metabolized into
your system, it becomes you; it is no longer external.  It is now a well of
energy within your own being wherein you may create, through which you may act
and accomplish goals.  When you receive truth into your being, likewise, it
becomes your personality.
	Truth need not be credited to any source other than the Father, for once it
has become you, you are its source as well.  When you perform a good
function for
another individual and they thank you for it, you don't tell them it was your
eggs and potatoes that caused you to act that way.  Energy became you, and you
willingly directed it into fruitful action.
	In the evolution of the planet civilization has developed techniques to
cultivate food to its advantage for greater abundance, for security, plenty
during leaner times.  Here is the import of service, for as you have become
infused with truth, you must also learn how to cultivate, how to hybridize, such
that the truth will be beneficial in your environment for many who impinge upon
your life.  In your hotter regions farmers focus on those products which
and likewise in the colder climates.  Your service arena is similar.  Cultivate
those truth forms which will take root in that arena.  You may be aware of a
of truth that would transcend, that would be that much more beneficial.
it will not grow well in that arena.  The wise farmer focuses on that which will
grow and brings it to its maximum harvest potential.
	Freely receive all truth that comes into your being; willingly accept it as
your own possession, as it becoming, more than a possession, but you yourself;
and become ever skillful in how you transfuse that truth back into your
environment and into the lives of those around you.
	That is my lesson.
	Evelyn:  Can you point out any misplaced truths where we have cultivated
something that doesn't really grow in our soil?
*	Elyon:  Specifics are unique to any given situation you are in.  For
instance, your meeting with clients and the selection of fabric is an example of
an arena wherein certain truth-plants may be cultivated and others must be left
unsown.  This will vary from episode to episode, so I cannot offer a list of
climate and cold climate plantings, only to alert you to be sharp in your
perceptions.  You know from your own experience that even one year to the
next in
gardening will bring different results.  Different species will flourish and
others will not where in the previous year they did well.  In a sense this
principle addresses the idea of agenda, what you as individuals may have in your
mind when you seek to minister.  An agenda that is inflexible to the
environs may
yield the sowing of improper seed.  If your agenda is more transcendent then you
can be flexible and adapt to your surroundings for the greatest fruition.
	Mark:  Like any good gardener you will faithfully construct the garden even
if you are unsure how each item will do.  You have faith that your efforts will
be rewarded.
*	Elyon:  Good perception, my friend.  I would add another aspect to this.
	Let us suppose our teaching group here is a garden, and I am your gardener. 
It is extremely rewarding to a gardener to witness this self-seeding of the many
plants within the field.  You all are becoming perennials; you are perpetuating
the truths you have received on your own.  This is a delightful thing to behold
as one who has taken the role of gardener.
*	unidentified (Ginnie): ...on a roll about gardening, when seeds are planted
it takes a great variety of talent to bring that seed to fruition: the correct
soil, the correct amount of watering, the correct amount of sunlight, how well
the stems and leaves and the flower.  There are so many phases to growth that
each element of the earth has a certain contribution to make, and that is what
they do.  The full fruition of the flower, of the plant, is to see it to its
mature stage and through the harvesting process into your kitchens for you to
enjoy.  That whole process requires many diverse operations.  Water alone is not
sufficient.  Good soil alone is not sufficient.  Sunshine alone will not be
enough.  Pulling weeds alone will not be enough.  All of these elements working
together in their proper time is what brings any plant to its maturity.  So,
particular talents and abilities may be just to water or just to hoe or just to
remove the weeds or to provide sunshine.
	Never fear that anything that you offer to your fellows in the development
of the Supreme is ever wasted or not valued.  All of your efforts, provided your
intentions are to serve, are important even though the result may not be
what you
would like.
	This image of planting seeds is a good one, for it indeed expresses all the
important and diverse elements needed for growth and maturity.  Do not fear that
any of your efforts are wasted.  If they cannot be used here they can be used
	Ginnie:  I don't know who this is.  It might be just me.
*	Malvantra (Mark):  You as students of the spirit are indeed gardeners of
all around.  You are in training to become master gardeners.  A good gardener is
aware of timing and sequence and balance in his approach.  A gardener is not
required to manufacture soil, to provide sunlight, to provide ample frostfree
days, but he is required to be aware of these factors and to bring into balance
these factors, to manipulate those facets of gardening he is responsible for so
as to take best advantage of these existing factors.  A gardener must also
exercise faith that by doing so the results are worthwhile.
	Each one of you is engaged in this operation and are in training to become
master gardeners.  You in your experience are developing the faith that things
spiritual will come to fruition as they should.  You are learning the factors
involved in timing, in balance, to be able to prove yourselves handy at the
proper time for ministry to others, for spiritual ideas and ideals, so that they
may come to proper fruition.
	You have certain givens that you may rely on: the light of the Father's
love, the warmth of the mother soil, the stability of the very ground you work. 
It is simply up to you to gain knowledge of the patterns which exist of spring,
summer, and fall; of timing of when to plant, when to prune, when to pick.  With
your faith repeat this process as you grow sure of the inevitable outcome.  Each
one of you is developing your own green thumbs, and you are all learning the
little tricks to foster the growth of spiritual truths: the pinching back, the
separating of one truth from another, the deliberate spacing of plantings so
your fruits may be bountiful.
	You are each as your own rays of shining light as you attempt to follow the
divine path.  You provide nourishment to the seedling of your soul when you
engage in reaching for the spiritual truths.  In this way your internal garden
grows as well.  The forecast is excellent for growing weather, for the growing
season, and you may look forward to a bountiful crop again this year.  Let us be
about our own individual flower beds and gardens, and let us be about the bigger
garden around us.  May we be successful in our timing.  May we be successful in
our patience, and may we be rewarded by the many fruits of our efforts.
	Thank you for hearing my words.  This is Malvantra.
	Jonathan:  You mentioned patience.  There is an act for every season from
planting to harvesting.  It seems that in service or personal growth, there are
actions we take at one time and then there are transcendent things that carry on
forever.  Patience is one of those. Aaron once mentioned that a good gardener
doesn't pull up a plant to see how the roots are doing.  Patience carries over
into many activities.
*	Malvantra:  Very good observation.  Patience and faith are both highlighted
very well in the analogy of the garden.  One acts on faith from year to year
their efforts in the garden will come to fruition, but they also must be
restrained by patience throughout the process and governed by an overall
for the development of the garden.  It is a great exercise in patience to watch
as small seedlings turn into fruit-bearing plants; then the food is picked and
stored, and the cycle has come to completion.  This patience is rewarded
with the
fruits.  It also has the reward of bolstering the faith in your abilities as a
gardener and your expectations of the next year's crop.  So patience is indeed a
factor in your spiritual ascension and in your gardening as well.
*	Elyon  (Jonathan):  Another comment I would add to this perspective is that
we all work in concert with one another, that as the plant grows, so are the
earthworms doing their work, as well as the sun and the rain and sunny patterns
in the sky, all while you may be simply weeding.  Numerous factors are at
play in
harmony, and this brings in, along with patience and faith, the added element of
trust.  Each of us can do our part and trust the rest of the ecosystem of spirit
ministry is functioning well.   
*	Isaac (Sarah):  This is Isaac.  They call me the playful one.
	I have been listening to all the work you do in your garden.  So, throw
your hose down for a little bit, and we will run through the meadow.  Better
bring the kids along because they are the only ones who know how to play.  They
have been trying to play, and you keep shoving them aside and telling them to be
	Let's talk a little about dreams.  It's rather impossible to tell when a
goal is accomplished if you never had a dream of how to get there.  I dream and
then I do.  It is very simple for me and just as simple for you.  Today pick out
a small dream and do it.  Each day your dream can grow bigger and bigger.
	We must have dreams, and we must exercise dreams and playful times.  The
playful times should outlive the windows or blocks of time we have set aside for
work.  Just a walk to the park to watch the kids play, to watch the kids
with other kids they don't even know, is a wonderful dream come true for the
	We should thank the children for picking flowers for us today.  They had no
sense that they should not do that.  We are not having any fun because we think
we can't do that.  Find some dreams, find a meadow, and find your child within. 
As we work on growth we need rewards to get us from one day to another.  You
need a vision of where you want to go with your life.  Now is the time to enjoy
whatever you want, because tomorrow is no guarantee on Urantia.
	The playfulness will teach such growth patterns; many of them talked about
here today can go hand in hand with our dreams.
	See, I have gone far ahead of you.  You are still sitting there.  Get out
and enjoy your dreams.
	This is all I have.

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