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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Spring, enthusiasm, skill, re-determining values
Teachers: Malvantra, Machiventa, Elyon

March 21, 1999
*	Malvantra (Jonathan TR):  Dear friends, I greet you, and I greet all who
receive my message through distribution.  I greet you who hear me today and all
of you who will, through the lag of time, hear me.  This hour at this
meeting you
are entering into another season, the season of spring, and we witness renewed
enthusiasm, a greater inclination toward a brightened attitude.
	It is by design that seasonal cycles occur on evolutionary worlds, not only
does it contribute to the perpetuation of life cycles, but it does have bearing
upon the mental and spiritual wellbeing of adjuster indwelt individuals.
Even we
morontia beings cycle through periods of activity and task accomplishment and
periods of inactivity and rest.  It is acceptable always for you to oscillate
through these cycles; even your spiritual training and your efforts at ministry
will cycle, for if they did not you would fatigue.  Therefore, even during times
when you feel like either you are not applying yourself in service or training
yourself with new knowledge, rearrangement of insight into greater wisdom, that
you are by the design of the life creatures of an evolutionary world undertaking
a necessary pause that is refreshing.  Also this pause creates the hunger, the
renewed enthusiasm and anticipation, for the work ahead, just as winter is the
dormancy for life all around you and spring is the burst of energy toward the
fulfillment of new cycles of birth and life ahead.
	We do chuckle when we witness how a bright, sunny day can affect the
attitude and emotions of a mortal creature, for there is spiritual symbology in
this brilliance and lightening of spirit.  The presence of Michael does the same
for all of us.  I in no way mean to convey that the morontia life is gloomy when
Michael is not present, but his presence has the same impact as a cheerful
day.  Likewise does this same pattern underline the importance of communion with
the Father, for it too re-enthuses the soul, warms your heart, and
encourages you
through your difficulties.
	The acquirement of skills requires the necessary interval of time when you
must practice.  This interval provides a graduated display of relative
accomplishment.  When a new feat is performable by yourself, immediately
there is
the desire to express.  This expression being... [TR:  I want to say "native"
like "nativity".]  This expression is so newly born that it is
unaccomplished and
can at times bring to you a sense of frustration that spoils the new-found
enthusiasm that preceded its expression.  Yet with persistence your skill
develops, and you witness eventually mastery in your expressive abilities.
	Over the course of this development, the sequential steps can often
attenuate the sense of thrill in the masterly expression that you hoped for in
the early stages.  There is no fault to be placed upon you for deliberately
relishing the accomplishment that may have taken years to attain, to
relive your early hopes for such accomplishment, and to relish that you have
actually done so.  To apply the perspective, you will traverse many worlds for
ages upon ages before you reach Paradise.  You will undergo an extreme
exhilaration in the realization of accomplishment as well as the experience of
the direct presence of the Father.  This accomplishment began here on this world
in this life.  It began the day you faith-grasped the presence of the Father and
welcomed His presence into your soul, into your life.  Your spiritual birth on
this world brought joy and brought peace.  Yet, as you mature, you still -- and
rightfully so -- experience frustration in maintaining a sense of communion, of
expressing the truths you understand in your activities.  These ought not to
eclipse the joy of fellowship but rather indicate that you are progressing.
	Anyone who has played a game of skill knows that the pleasure derived in
that game is synchronized with the degree of difficulty of accomplishing the
goal.  Your game of chess is a good example.  It requires mental exertion; it
requires a great degree of thinking.  Yet it is considered quite fun.
	To wrap up my comments, I would simply state that I encourage you to seek
the joyful moments, to let the spirit luminosity of the Father warm your heart,
to relish the times of exhilaration and enthusiasm, but likewise to console
yourselves that difficulty and frustration are indicators of progress, not signs
of stagnation.  Indicators of stagnation are apathy, lack of concern for your
standing.  Frustration is a wholesome indicator that you desire to progress.
	I am Malvantra.
	Evelyn:  That was very helpful for seeing the value of frustration as an
indicator, not to let it be cause to stop trying.
*	Malvantra:  We witness that the human mind tends to sort traits and actions
into rigid categories: those that are deemed good and worthy and those that are
deemed unbecoming.  For instance, the trait stubbornness is thought of in poor
light, for it can lead to resistance and ignoring new possibilities.  However,
the application of a stubborn trait toward persistence, stick-to-itiveness, an
aggressive pursuit, is worthwhile.	 
	The morontia perspective is in the application of a trait rather than the
categorization of the trait.  That is the secret of harmonizing your dual nature
and making both elements, making them apply towards your ascension.  In a sense
this is another way of perceiving the reason why Michael responded with the
phrase, "Why do you call me good?"  He was indicating that all things in
life can
apply towards goodness whether you understand an event or an action as good or
wrong.  I do not mean to obscure the value of good; I simply mean to indicate
that certain experiences that appear negative can be applied toward
	Evelyn:  Hitting a wrong note isn't bad; it draws attention to where you
need to hit a different note.  
*	Malvantra:  Very true in that if there were no wrong notes there would be
no definition of scalar relationships which develop melody.  Therefore, the
presence of a wrong note beautifies the right notes.
*	Machiventa (Sarah):  Hello, this is Machiventa.  I must comment that you
are on the right track in so much as you take a small bit of information and
it up with visualization such as your Urantia Book.
	I would like to say that when we have problems, when you have problems, you
may look deep within yourself to reexamine your values.  Values have a great
to do with how you act and feel today.  Many values need to be put into the
out-file because you are doing a lot of things you were taught to do as a child,
and you certainly don't realize that this is part of your character, as you
do it
unconsciously.  It may be that there is some prejudice lying deep beneath the
surface and ... will make a difference.
	It may be like being afraid of a certain type of person because you have
generalized.  For instance, if a big man with a beard hurt you, took
advantage of
you, you would generalize that all large men with beards are bad and you want to
stay away from them. Many values just are of no use to you now.  But this takes
awareness.  As you walk in your day realize what you see and think about how you
respond to that.  You need to kick out the bad influences and receive the light.
If your mother gave you a spanking when you were seven years old, your thought
that your mother was bad all around is no way to think of your mother today  and
hold such a piece of innocence as her discipline and blow it way out of
proportion, hold it against your mother when you are fifty years old.
	Let's see what we can do this week on re-determining values.  When you see
something, write down your feelings about it.  This is not an easy suggestion or
lesson, homework, because I will be watching you.
	Such a bright, sunny day, I think we should all go out and play.  Enjoy the
afternoon.  I give you my love.  I am through for today.
*	Elyon  (Jonathan):  Greetings, my friends, this is Elyon.  I am here as
always and will wrap up our meeting.
	We have, over the course of years, gone through some education, the
development of conceptual understanding of many things such as faith and trust,
insight.  The whole development of our tree of triangles helped to integrate
these many spiritual concepts into a unified whole.  These meetings are
beneficial, for you each provide support and confirmation as you go through your
weekly episodes that you are making progress in your efforts to grow.  We
much of
the time are only required that we can be affirmative and supportive ourselves. 
And we are ever sensitive to being too much in the sense that we may
overload you
with information without chance to assimilate.  I do encourage you to fulfill
this homework Machiventa has given you to bring your written expression to this
next meeting so that you may synergize your experiences one with another.  It is
my hope that we can continue with this method of reflection throughout the week
and apply them to various dimensions of your spirituality.  I, likewise, will be
watching.  Farewell.    

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