[tmtranscripts] A Talk With Machiventa

Rick P. Giles RickGiles at prodigy.net
Mon Mar 8 08:40:55 PST 1999

A Talk With Machiventa

Machiventa (T/R Sarah): It is a beautiful day on Urantia as I visit today.
There is a lot
of bright sunshine, crystallized snow sparkling. Today I would like to talk
about the light
around you. Be a part of the sunshine; let it keep you warm inside and out.
Be a child.
Run, laugh, and play.
If all who read this will find someone, anyone, this week and make them shine;
draw a smile, or better a laugh, give a compliment; some may resist this
pull into the light,
but a lot of people will be happy to be in your circle of light. If
everyone who reads this
passes on a ray of sunshine this will make a major change in the light
current around you.
Expand on these few words I give you. Find your own way to enhance the light.
I take leave.
"You give the light of the Universe form. What you think, how you behave, what
you value, and how you live your life reflect that you are shaping the light
around you."
(Quote from "The Seat of the Soul")
If you have thoughts or wisdom about ways to brighten Urantia, we would
like to
hear them.
Write Sandy Montee (Sarah)
Box 1013
Osburn, ID

Or email Rick Giles at rickgiles at prodigy.net and he will forward your note
to Sandy.

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