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Woods Cross Group
Feb. 2, 1999
TR: Nina

Present: Ellen, Nina, Christopher, Zach, Alanna, Calvin, 
Miriam, Rachel, Samuel.

I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. I would express my gratitude 
to you for allowing me to do what I love. I thank you for 
your respect concerning my mission assignment and 
my contribution to the whole of the Correcting Time.

Our discussion on mission callings could perhaps be 
termed by some individuals as controversial, for we 
show respect for each individual's mission regardless 
of what that may be. Some may perform great public 
works while other's mission is on a more personal level. 
We respect the fact that each one of us are called. We 
do not regard any one mission calling as being more 
noble than others. 

Mary Magdalene could attest to that. She found it her 
supreme joy to escort dying fellows to the light with the 
words of the Master. She found purpose in feeding one 
who could not feed themselves. She found fulfillment 
in causing a child to laugh, and be lifted up. Her works 
were not for kings nor large groups of people. No. Her 
works were not recorded on paper. Her name is not 
used as are the names of various saints and heroes, 
and even in the knowledge of this, many found her 
supreme joy to be in the fine details of her work. 

Mary found Father to be providing material she needed 
to mix medicines to minister to her fellows. She could 
see Father's fingerprints on an individual who said he 
was led to her. She could find Father arranging small 
coincidences that made her mission work possible, 
and, therein, lied her joy. 

Most mission callings are by no means rewarding in 
a material way. Most callings are indeed messy with 
chaotic elements. The work of the Father can be found 
to be irreverent, or not seemingly divine.

When we view the Master's life on Urantia we can find 
him in the midst of much turmoil. He was looked upon 
as being either eccentric or the King of the Jews. He was 
continually sought after for either boldness for not teaching 
from the set scriptures, or, for his unknown source of 
knowledge he had within. 

Many times had he found himself in the midst of controversy 
and discomfort. His mission was anything but glamor and 
self-glorifying. How was he able to remain steadfast in the 
Father's work? Could he have said... ‘I only  wanted to help 
and my ministrations were refused?... therefore, I withdraw?' 

What kept the Master motivated? How could he do such 
great works without the approval from his people? After what 
seemed like failure, how could he continue to spread light and 

The Master always exclaimed..."You go before I, Father - that 
your will may become apparent to me when I arrive." Jesus, 
in his faith, had not even entertained the idea... ‘How can I be 
remembered as a great spiritual teacher,' no. His continual 
mantra was always... ‘Father your will be done... You are my 
cause for glorifying you.'

As you answer your calling do you find Father's fingerprints 
there-in. The literal perception of Father's opening doors for 
you in your mission work draws you closer to Him. As you 
work, can you see his work. As you step forth in faith to 
answer your callings, can you certainly become closer to 

As the Master went about the Father's business could he 
be made to rejoice at seeing Father's hand in everything. 
To serve is to gain closeness with the creator of creators. 
Service is found throughout your eternal career, and is, in 
fact, a guide post to Paradise where Father dwells. Yes. 

This week, as you answer your calling, look for his fingerprints 
to open doors. Be aware that as you serve in whatever capacity, 
your relationship becomes stronger with Father. As you serve, 
your faith builds a mightier foundation. 

All acts of service may not be wonderful in the eyes of men, 
and yet, when performed for the Father's glory, is there a great 
upliftment in personal attitude. That is all. Until next week, Shalom.

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