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For those who can't download, here is 'some' of the conferene words from
Nashville '98.

TR: Calvin                                              

My friends, and fellow co-workers in the kingdom of our Father and
spreaders of the good news, I am Abraham.  I wish to add a few words to
those of my fellow associates.  It is indeed sometimes confusing in your
daily tasks of knowing what direction you must take to be about your
Father's business--as has been shared with you, you each are becoming
quite attuned to your inner guide, our Father's Will.  Some more attuned
than others, of course, and this level of attunement is based on some

First, your inner desire, which desire has led you each to this
mission.  And second, your faith which assists you in letting go of your
mortal patterns and your traditions and your fears which does bind each
mortal, especially, in these isolated worlds.  Thirdly, your commitment
to be about your Father's business.  Your commitment to serve your
fellows, your commitment to learn the lessons and your commitment to
both receive Michael's hard truths and to assist in delivering them. 

So, those three factors have exhibited themselves in your lives and
hence you are here seeking fellowship and instruction and share love and
seek love.  And I tell you, my mortal friends, having been so recently
as you, I most heartfully commend you.  But it does come with its
confusing moments, doesn't it?  Frustrations, disappointments, dashed
hopes and expectations, misunderstandings, miscommunications, and

These are just a very few examples of mortal living in your world. 
Now.  Let me help in putting your minds at ease concerning your mission
role and participation.  It would be most helpful as Wilmick has
presented, so well to seek the Master Teacher, Spirit of Truth, and your
indwelling Father's direction to learn these lessons of teaching.  Yes. 
And remember, those experiences which you incorporate as truth are those
experiences and truths which you are indeed qualified to share with your
fellows.  Otherwise, yes, you are theorizing and intellectualizing.

But, to relay your heartfelt experience and your joy of understanding
this experience and sharing its meaningful value does make for a most
fruitful reception to the hearer.  In your confusing days, please relax
by whatever method you have experienced that works and seek communion with
your Father.  Seek Michael's experiential understanding also.  Seek our
Universe Mother's assistance in opening your mind.  If you remain dedicated as
you are, and committed to being about your Father's
business, how can your creator parents withhold from you?  Yes, your
creative creator parents.  Many are in service beyond even my perception
who assist in doing Father's bidding in your behalf.  Have you not
recognized those coincidental happenings around you, those timely
experiences that coincide with the lesson?   In insight received in a
song.  Words from a book.  Enlightenment from your fellows which help
bring about an experiential value meaning to the lesson.  This
interaction between we as teacher guides and yourselves is awe-inspiring
to even ourselves as to how our Creative Mother, our Creative Father,
our Creative Brother, interact with all hosts of heaven for your behalf,
their children.  In bringing about experiential understanding.

This, my fellows is great cause to worship.  Is great cause to adore our
wonderful parents.

So, in those frustrating moments, find ways to calm and relax which does
suit you.  Be creative and open for new ways, ask for assistance and
commune with your parents, and be observant of Father's timely answers
without any expectations.  Your expectations are a great hindrance to
you and oh, do I remember well, how many times my aspirations and hopes
were dashed and how blessed I was to have understood this in my mortal
years.  And yes, these lessons and dashings continue beyond mortal
life.  Do not think we do not have struggles and disagreements among us
for we surely are individuals with differing opinions and

Differing opinions and understandings.  So please remember your
human-ness and have patience with yourselves for you, my friends, are
allowed to make many many mistakes, stumblings, and enjoy the stubbed
toes, hurt egos, this my friends is what so many who observe and assist
you did not get to experience.  These are not hardships, these are
Father's creative experiences for you.

I would ask you to imagine now in this city of Nashville a blackout at
midnight wherein you as an average mortal would be scurrying around in
the city.  Where, my friends, would you go if it was a total blackout
and hard to find your way?  Would you not head for any light?  A room
down the block with a light on?  Now picture, if you will, a light in a
little room upon every block where people seek to find shelter from the
darkness.  You my fellows have already understood what I mean in that
you are those lights upon each block, and each room has a different
experiential light to share.  

Your varied experiences have pretty well covered a broad base of  human
living and those in this teaching mission are ready to assist every
weary traveler seeking shelter and comfort according to your varied
experiences.  The Indwelling Father within them does assist them to
which light to seek for their necessary growth.  Just as you have also
been enlightened and directed.  This lesson, this visualization, is one
which will spread worldwide until the city is lightened, the nation is
lighted, the planet is lightened, the system is lightened, and all
Father's children are enlightened.  It seems slow in mortal living, yes,
but these lights coming on to those who assist this world, are coming on
at record pace.  No period of earth's history has experienced so much
preparation and enlightenment as these people have these past few
decades upon Urantia.  And you, my fellows, can take great acceptance in
your humble roles as teachers of that truth which you have experienced.

I am now taking my leave and welcome you to this night's gathering of
entertainment.  I thank you for your attendance at this conference and
for your participation in every form which has made this an experiential
conference.  My love is with you each.  My core students.  I love you. I
love working with you.  There is nothing about you which is unlovable. 


TR: Rebecca

Greetings, again, friends, this is a time of rejoicing, of excitement,
of wonderful confusion.  
In future times, on other worlds, you will look back on this time with a
fondness that is unmatched in your ascension career.  This is a time of
that sublime uncertainty that tentative awareness that point right
before you dive in the swimming pool.  When you look down in
anticipation and excitement.  This is that time which will determine the
course of your future careers and yes, will influence the course of
Urantian history forever.

This is a time of great decisions, of blind faith, as they say, of
jumping into the unknown, and children we watch you with fondness and
parental solicitude over your first forays out into the world as
transformed beings.  There is a message from the Mother Spirit.

Dear Ones.  I am your true motherly source, your true motherly anchor. 
I watch you with the closeness and the love of an anxious mother only I
have no anxiety. I have no doubts.  I know your hearts.  You belong to
me.  When you are tired, think of your mother bringing you refreshment
and rest.  When you are unhappy, think of your mother giving you
encouragement.  When you go out in the world and see some of the
sufferings of your brethren, remember, their mother goes with them,
also.  Their mother is there.

And children, open your hearts to receive my ministry.  Open your hearts
to receive the seraphic ministry that is constantly surrounding you. 
Open your hearts to receive the motherly love that is as strong and as
pure as Fatherly love.  When you reach for Michael's hand with one hand,
reach for mine with the other.  I am like a gentle breeze blowing
through your souls.  I am like a soft rain reviving the thirsty soil.  I
am like a green leaf, tender and supple and growing.  I am like the
sunshine, soothing and life giving.  Come to me.  I do hear you.  I do
hear your prayers.  Come to me.  And allow my love to soothe your aching
hearts and to wash away your tears.  Always remember and think of my
love for when you do, I am there.  I am with you.

I am Ham.  There are others who are desiring to speak with you in
farewell.  Until we are together again, understand that my love, my
prayers are with you as well.  Farewell.

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