10-12-98 Abraham. Woods Cross lessons.

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Sun Oct 18 13:52:45 PDT 1998

OCT. 12, 1998
TR: NINA (Ellanor)
(Present were: Claireesa, Ellen, Ellanor, Calvin, 
Dirk, Roland, Tectra, Glen, Harrison, Allanna, 
Rachel, Ineara, Anthony)

I am ABRAHAM. Welcome my friends. How I look 
forward each week to meeting with you all together. 
How wonderful is it to see the seeds of your ideas 
planted and your fellows tending to the growth 
therefrom. Your dignified manner leads each one 
to be open to the spreading of the idea seedlings. 
Your care for one another as individuals and children 
of the living God, see to positive growth.

You each have experience in group tearing down or 
negative feedback. How wonderful that each one 
here desires to give and see to one another's growth. 
What an appropriate display of the Brotherhood. 

With the business in today's mortal living, always 
are we trained to protect ourselves--watch over 
our shoulders-- for those who might be against us. 
Ever are we ready to defend and keep vigil over 
our place in the world. We have been witness to 
such an example of this behavior through the 
Master's apostles of old. Judas certainly was one 
to believe the world did not welcome him. He was 
always wont to believe his well-being was that of 
his own responsibilities, and that some had the 
power to make him stumble.

Thomas, was at times given in to ‘emotionalism' 
and could be rather introverted--feeling isolated--not 
in desire to share his feelings for fear he would be 
misunderstood. Peter, on the other hand, could 
verbally charm and make his way through any given 
situation that would threaten his sense of well-being,
and yes--this was an extension of the ego. 

Many of the apostles were at times moody and difficult. 
Always did the Master rally them together with the 
common focus that they were each spiritual brothers 
on a quest of the Kingdom. Ofttimes, He would remind 
them that the Brotherhood was often a great help for emotionalism or
individual difficulties. He could be 
found telling His apostles that one another's well-being 
for this did indeed open the channel for the cycle of 
spiritual energy to continually flow. 

As I said before, Judas had chose to deny the full 
Urantian experience--ever worried about his well-being,
always watching his own back, yes. There, was the block 
in the flow of living spiritual energy. When Judas had 
turned inward and was self-seeking, did he change his 
capacity to receive any divine assistance. 

Nathaniel on the other hand, was always first to aid 
his brethren with a humorous line or an offering of 
assistance. He could be found on the lighter side of 
seemingly serious topics and ever drawing out his 
fellow apostles to be open and share--yes. Nathaniel 
was at times given in to depression and moodiness, 
yes, but his practice of tending to his fellows' growth 
was a wonderful antidote to those things which 
brought him down. Nathaniel was more so focused 
on the well-being of his fellows so much so, that he 
allowed an opening for Father's divine energy to create 
for him a balanced life. His fellows' downcast attitudes 
were an invitation to him to find humor in the lighter 
side of serious topics. 

My friends, I would ask that you continue in your 
warm and loving display here with one another--to 
tend to each other's well-being. Look for opportunities 
during the week to experiment with this technique. 
Recognize the opening and closing of the channel for 
the flow of divine energy. Be aware, your willingness 
to give is measured side by side with the capacity to receive. 

As always--my love is with you. I will be available during 
the week to take your questions. Until next week, shalom.

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