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NW Teaching Mission Conference - Bogus Basin, Idaho, July 2-5, 1998

Large Session Friday July 3, 1998

*	Machiventa (Bill K.):  I am Machiventa, your prince, of course in
attendance at this wondrous event.  My staff has concluded that our progress
with this  immensely important correcting time continues to exceed our
expectations.  We know that you mortals who have joined us as apostles of
Christ Michael, at times, are overwhelmed with inadequacies, feelings of
unworthiness and guilt, that you should be called to this great mission.  But we
are trying our best to help you understand how distorted this poor self esteem
is, and how contrary to universe reality.
	You are becoming aware of the true devastation which was wrought
upon this system of Satania by the Lucifer rebellion, and you are beginning to
long with great nostalgia for your defaulted Adamic administration.  We are
here, in part, to fill that gap and to produce a new society on this strife torn
planet.  My unspeakable gratitude to Christ Michael, our Creator Son, and to
Nebadonia, for the honor that is mine to represent this planet as acting
Prince.  I, Machiventa, have had much to do with your planetary history that is
not revealed to you in the Urantia Book, except  where it is hinted that I
was in
contact with many individuals between the bestowal of  Christ Michael and the
giving of the fifth epochal revelation.  Therefore it is with great
satisfaction that
I act in the place of Michael on this planet.
	Do not let your doubts that come over you at times dissuade you from
what your soul truly knows, for your mind's knowledge is subject to emotional
pressure, but that knowledge that is put into the morontial structure of
your soul
is sure; it is certain; and it will support you when the waves of doubt
threaten to
engulf you.
	It is true that it's difficult for mortals to be industrious.  It is naturally
against your animal natures to endeavor to think clearly, to decide decisively,
and to act with conviction.  Therefore do I pat you all on the back, and say
we are most pleased with your responses, my dear friends, to the spiritual
pressure which has been pouring down upon this planet.
	I have enjoyed the  interactions I have observed from you all, as I
always do.  It is to us a great event when you who are conscious of your
universe status come together at these conferences.
	I now have concluded my remarks, and I will step aside so that another
may address you.

*	Mantutia (Sheila B.):  Greetings.  I am your brother, Mantutia, and I
would speak of awakening.  With each level of actualized growth there results
an awakening.  At this time when you have stepped upon a new plane of
awareness, you may very well expect a feeling of unfamiliarity because of new
heights of awareness and acceptance. What you see before you may very well
not be acceptable of your way of life. And this new way of knowing, of seeing,
because you are at the beginning once again, you may experience doubts. You
may experience a feeling of not knowing one's self or understanding those
around you.. You cannot go from one floor of a building and expect the same
things.  You must explore the new floor you are approaching.  It is in this
process of exploration that you come to know your new self, your knew
understanding, your knew acceptance of what is real.  This is the awakening. 
	Fear not, for this is an absolute natural process and a celebration.  This
is where being in the moment is helpful, recognizing things as if for the first
time; listening as if for the first time.  This is where awareness can be
in any fashion.  This is where judgment is not needed.
	The moment that you find yourself in confusion, it is simply because you
are trying to recognize the familiarities from the floor below and not that
of the
new level, the new awakening, that you are now in.  You are very aware that
your Father is with you in all areas of this new awakening.  This is where you
rest.  This where you go to ground, to stable.  You are all aware that your
guides are right along side.
	It is important to know that this journey, the process of this journey, is
that which is most important, not the goal, not how quickly it can happen, not
how you will be when it's all over.  It is every step, every waking and sleeping
moment, knowing that you are becoming more alive, more awake with each and
every experience.  It is why you are here.  Cast away your doubt and fears. 
You are a child of God.  Be the child of God.
	It is through the many awakenings that you have experienced thus far that
have brought you here to share with one another the laughter, the unity, the
that you share.  This is all because of the awakening.  There are many more to
look forward to.  I urge you to enjoy this process.  See the humor.  Know that
the one standing right next to you is going through the same process.  Lend a
hand and say "welcome".  Remind them that they are a child of God.  Remind
them that the important part is the process.  Remind them of their greatness. 
And allow them the opportunity to be, to go through their process.  Remind them
to trust.
	We are all so very grateful to be apart of your process, of your
awakening,  and we love you dearly.  Thank you.

*	Jessona (Rick G.):  I greet you with my wings open wide, as you 
traditionally would view my kind.  I am a Master Seraphim.  I have been on this
planet for several centuries.  My name is Jessona.  I work in one of the
departments that is here to aid this planet through the deficiencies
resultant from
the garden default.
	Your Adam continues to this day to be very involved with Urantia.  I
have even recently held conversation with him in regard to the new movements
we are attempting to instill in the cultures around this world.  Now that your
technology is advancing, and now that the spirit of Michael is among you all,
we are experiencing greater success in effecting change, first in each
who is receptive and willing to function for us, and subsequently in the various
social, economic, and industrial  arenas on this world.
	I pass on to you that your Adam is very impressed with his human
friends.  You are doing well in spite of his early departure.  You have had a
very difficult road to travel, and the work is not done.  We are keenly aware of
you  and the many like you who are willing to be servants.  This planet needs
conscious servants.  Unfortunately this word, servant, has held some low caste
views here, but it is the highest calling across the universe. Servanthood
implies educating yourself, developing your skills, so that you can be ever more
effective.  It doesn't mean you only help cause that's all your low
will allow.
	Conscious universe citizens on this world are in great demand.  You
have been told about my group, and you are here being used by us, as you
willingly allows us, to uplift this world.  I must take a side note and
inform you
that this selection of you willing and dedicated souls is not a status
symbol.  It
is a humble placement.  Consider for one moment that on this world there are
planetary seraphim, there are even supernaphim from Paradise.  There are the
master melchizedek teachers, and there are many human ascenders of various
levels of progress through the morontia scheme of ascension.  We all welcome
one another equally.  Honor is given back and  forth equally.  We do not parade
status before each other.  We come to serve according to our rules, according to
our abilities.
	This I stress to you as well, for you each are undergoing training.  It may
appear to be mundane and transient, but every fleeting effort on this world is
important.  So I encourage you as you work on your own ascension, as you ever
endeavor to cooperate with the divine within you, to grow that soul that you
will share for eternity that you also be considerate of your planet of
Do more than take pictures and leave footprints.  Help this world to reach the
stages of light and life that we all seek.  You would please your Adam.
	Everyone of you have a focus in your daily life.  Here is where to apply
yourselves with us and for us.  You need not seek new occupations.  Some of
you will be guided toward new avenues for service, but others of you we have
fostered your current positions and would be grateful if you continued therein. 
Not many are willing to entertain the idea that you can work for this
planet. It is
too grandiose.  But look at who has come before you - Michael.  His work was
very humble, done in sandals. And to use, to amplify, that is to even
change, his
expression of kicking sand off your sandals, I ask you to continually tack your
sand all over everywhere you go.  Leave those little nuggets.  Sure they may
irritate some, but they call attention to everyone.
	I thank you for receiving me today.  There is a representative from every
branch here, and I have been privileged top speak for us at this time.  Thank

*	Daniel (Bill K.):   My dear friends this is your guide and teacher
Daniel, one of many group teachers and many, many personal teachers in
attendance at our conclave.  That is the term we use for the gathering of you
mortals and we celestials.  A conclave is an event that our Paradise brother,
Michael, attends on a regular basis where he returns to his origins along with
his brothers from other universes.  Even at the level of Paradise
perfection, it is
thought useful, it is thought necessary for the sons of God to assemble together
and rejoice, therefore do we teachers and guides find it appropriate to be
rejoicing and feasting upon the fraternity of this wonderful occasion.
	While it has been said that the ends are not important, only the journey
there, this is not exactly correct for ends are subabsolute in a finite
universe and
have value in themselves.  And such an end is this kind of event where you are
together embracing each other in your human love and comparing notes in terms
of the progress that you've made personally and your group has established. 
Such resting places on the journey to Paradise are appropriate places for what
you would term recharging your batteries, feeling with greater perspective your
progress and setting it within the framework of  a larger picture.  
	Hard as it may be to hear these words for some of you, you are, indeed,
like oasis's in a desert, like cities set upon a hill who's light cannot be
You are shinning forth with soul beauty  which is driving away the darkness of
ignorance, fear, superstition, doubt, and hatred.  You are the apostles of
Michael as well as his disciples. To see this day was a dream of many prophets
of old and the fulfillment of the yearning of  thousands of Urantian years.
reclamation of this planet is part of the great design of Satania whereby
Michael assumes true sovereignty over his worlds lost in the past.  Lift up your
heads my dear friends.  Straighten your backs.  Be proud and blessed with his
wonderful mission that you all have volunteered for.
	Many of us have come many distances unimaginable to you who can
only traverse the limitations of this globe.  We have come in response to the
call to serve our younger brothers and sisters, and we are extremely satisfied
with this choice.  Feel the love that we have for you, and let it, along
side of the
love that bubbles up within your indwelling spirit, conjoin together to lift
spirits when you become tired, weary, discouraged, and thirsty.  
	Finally, from whom all things come, even the Father himself, know that
he is your most intimate companion. You have heard his words this afternoon
spoken through the mind of one of your mortal brothers.  These are the words
which you can all learn to hear within the sanctuary and sacred place of your
mind.  This is our greatest objective - to teach you to be in communion and
communication with God.
	I am very happy to great you this afternoon.  I am Daniel, a guide and
teacher in this, Christ Michael's  mission to Urantia.  Good afternoon.

*	Nebadonia (Sheila B.):   My children, I am your Mother Spirit.  I wish
to remind you that with each and every gift that you give that we nourish your
heart.  Your father and I are so very, very proud of our children as they
up the steep slopes of life.  Know that you are never  low on love.  That as you
give, we refill.  Please take a moment from your day to simply feel our love.

	As you know and experience this love it becomes you and shines out. 
This is how they will recognize you, and this is how they will recognize us. 
This is how we will heal the world together in our uniqueness and with our
light shinning far from your human bodies.  This is the way.  This is the way it
was intended.  This is your gift to the world, to know your father and I, and to
share and to give to those who most unfortunately have not yet become aware. 
It is our deepest trust in you that we know your gifts will be accepted.  It
is why
we feel such pride for our children who are so willing.
	Be about your day, and with each and every contact give your father and
I a conscious thought and reach out.  We love you so dearly.  Thank you my

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