Elyon Group 8/9/98

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Couer d'Alene Teaching Mission group
Topic: Faith, Consecration of Will, Mother Spirit & Michael
Teachers: Elyon, Malvantra, Nebadonia, Michael

August 9, 1998
*	Elyon (Mark TR): I greet you today; this is your group
associate Elyon.  I would once again today touch on the topic of
	There have been previous lessons delivered on this topic, but
it is worthy of many more lessons, as it is a key, integral part in
your ascension up through the ranks.  It is such a key part to have
as your possession, to maintain in your tool box, that it could
perhaps be said that it is your most important tool to use.  All the
other tools and levers that you have at your disposal in your
spiritual growth function in liaison with this faith tool, much as
you would put sockets and extensions on a ratchet tool.  Without your
faith you have not the main tool you need to get the job done.  Faith
can be likened to the key with which you unlock the door immediately
before you.  If you have faith, if you possess this key, this
impediment before you is easily removed.  If you do not have faith
and exercise this faith, this obstacle before you can become
insurmountable.  If you have faith and you are gazing upon a wide
ravine, you are certain you will make the other side.  If you have no
faith, you are certain you will not.  If you have faith, you are
certain that your actions are in the direction of the Father, and you
proceed forward with willingness and with boldness.  If you operate
without faith, you search and fumble and are unable to determine
clearly your direction.  Faith is, indeed, the difference between a
steadily piloted ship and an erratically driven vessel.
	Each one of you in this room has enormous faith capacity within
your being.  It is your decisions and your actions which develop this
much as a muscle.  This faith muscle can be exercised, and if
exercised frequently, will become strong and sturdy.  A muscle that
has not been exercised, when called on to carry a great load, will
strain or even fail under the load.  In this existence that you live,
your faith-muscle needs to be developed to the greatest of your
ability, as you are asked to proceed very much in this life solely
with the use of this one tool, of this one muscle.  If it is strong,
you will progress far.  If it is weak, you will be obliged to wait
for the next opportunity you have to strengthen this muscle before
you may move forward.
	The very act of your being in attendance today is exercising
this very muscle of which we speak.  Feel what this particular muscle
feels like at this time, this particular tool you are using. 
Recognize its application even at this moment, for to build any
muscle you need to focus on its existence and its function and
purpose.  Accept the challenge of this life to exercise this muscle
in the absence of so much external confirmation.  Realize that, as
you are doing this, even in this life, you are doing this for all
time, for as you proceed forward from this existence on to the next
and so on, your faith exercise and extension and subsequent action is
what propels you forward, is what is the impulse which allows you to
see more than you can see, to feel more than is obvious, and to be
truly more than you are at this time.  There is no individual who
could not benefit substantially from strengthening this faith muscle. 
Even if secure within your own parameters, strengthening this faith
muscle allows you to increase your parameters and experiences to gain
the wisdom that comes from this increased capacity.
	So, in conclusion, I would applaud each and every one of you
for your reaching out in faith as you do regularly and even at this
very moment.  I would encourage all individuals to exercise this
muscle even more frequently as the rewards for this exercise bear
great fruits.
	I thank you for hearing me today, and I would allow others at
this time.
*	Malvantra  (Jonathan):  I also greet you.  I am anxious to
follow Elyon today and supplement faith with a lesson on consecration
of will. 
	God, as a self-expressive deity, chose to manifest creation and
is doing so to the far stretches of infinity.  In the course of this
revelation He chose to initiate creature life of an equal volitional
nature.  All of you have the ability to decide your fate as He one
time chose the organization and promulgation of reality.  Your faith
ratchet is your secret to your universe climb and eventual embrace
with God Himself.  During your fledging, initial career on earth, you
will spend many times switching your ratchet setting back and forth
as you gain understanding of your ability to choose and to choose
rightly.  When you have so consecrated your will that you are ever
seeking to manifest and effect the will of God on earth, you can
consider your ratchet to be permanently set in one direction.  You
must still apply the force of your own personality, however, you are
twisting your faith tool in the rotation that is the will of God.
	When you rest, when you play, when you take a vacation from
spiritual exertion, the slipping, the backwards motion, does not
reduce your previous growth.  If you were to choose the opposite of
the will of the Father and permanently set your switch in the wrong
rotation, you would become iniquitous.  In this state even a rotation
towards God effects no change.  Assure yourselves that, until you
have attained the spirit stature where you understand more fully your
faith-tool that leads you to the Father, you will, at times, be
switching.  At the moment in your life when you wholly consecrate
yourself to the will of the Father, you can rest assured your ratchet
is set on Him and Him alone.
	God will not retract His projection of universe reality; it is
a gift that all may experience along with Him.  As you each give
yourself this same undeniable and unretractable devotion, you are
permitting God to experience one minute, seemingly infinitesimal
life, that being you.  In partnership with Him, you have an expansive
universe to explore and the profound depths of God Himself to
discover.  Much is at stake, and all lies in the power of your own
	It has been said that faith can move mountains, and this is a
wise statement by our Sovereign Son.  One day when you are privileged
to be in his presence at his headquarters you will understand that
even faith can move universes.
	I am Malvantra, and I will also end my lesson in the interest
of your time schedule.
*	Nebadonia (Mary):  God's love moves within each of our lives. 
It surrounds us, takes many forms.  Grasp this reality with your
faith, and you will come to experience God's love at ever varying
levels.  It has been said and is ever true that God is love.  Your
experiences in your life take place surrounded in this matrix of
love.  The universe is friendly because the universe is established
on the principle of God's loving nature.  You have been given the
gift of personal freewill choice by your loving God.  You may choose
to participate in this loving universe of experience.  You may also
choose the opposite; God has granted you that choice.
	Throughout this first life that you are experiencing, your
ability to connect with the will and love of God will vary from time
to time, but be not troubled by this.  You are learning; you are
experiencing God's reality that He has designed for you.  Maintain
your faith in the loving nature of these experiences that God has
granted you and proceed with your life, making your choices grounded
in faith and depending on God's love.  Thank you.
*	Michael (Mark):  And now, as a direct result of your faith, I
come among you today to give you my thanks and to give you my love. 
You know who I am, and I know who you are.  You are my children in
whom I am so lovingly pleased.  I reach for you, and you reach for
me.  Together in this act of faith we make contact.  I see you are
willing; I see you are able.  I desire that we have this contact even
more frequently.  This I desire of each of you and all of you.  The
fruits of your efforts shall be rewarded.  We both shall gain much in
this interaction together.  I know, my dear ones, I may count on you
for this.  I will look for you as time goes on.  Take my love with
you as I leave you now.  

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