7-13-98 Abraham..."Achieving Goals with Spirituality."

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Woods Cross Group
July 13, 1998
TR: Nina

Greetings my friends. I am always feeling at home when we can be together. I
so much appreciate our friendships, and yet, I have been asked to remind your
each on how we depend on your dedication to giving the good news.

Even after the Master's mortal life was through, the apostles and those that
believed Jesus, went out among their fellows and attempted to enlighten. There
were those good intentioned individuals that distorted the gospel in their own
way, but for the most part, this is how the teachings of Jesus spread from
person to person. The supernals depend upon the footwork of their mortal

We teachers, also count ourselves blessed when our students can live these
lessons--everyday. We depend on your dedication to go about promoting
goodness. Your dedication helps to uplift the worlds peoples to incorporate
higher mindedness. The work that you do is for you also. Your better
environments ripples throughout the universe and is certainly affection the
Supreme Being.

My friends, you are knowing those who would forgo using the spirilogical
attitude and go about professing to spread light when in fact they are
bolstering their own ego mindedness. This is not usually what one sets out to
intend on doing, no. This can be rather sly and creep up in various disguises.
There is the thoughts that one is securing a better seat at the table with the
Master or atoning for past mistakes or gathering energy from friends who would
give praise.

Yes, we have studied the apostles who have provided us examples wherein they
did not utilize the spirilogical response. We are trusting in your intentions
for you have spiritually matured some to the point that when the ego flares
you are aware of it. This is helpful when sharing the Master's teachings with
your fellows. I am certain that your skills in spreading the good news will
greatly improve when you release any desire to see results.

In your spiritual career there will be moments of boredom or dullness or
monotony, but I can say, that the Father knows of your desires and does take
them into consideration when planning your divine education.

I can remember when I wore the material flesh, that I had great dreams and
desires I wanted to fulfill. I visualized time after time of being looked up
to and respected as a hero. I could play various scenarios in my mind that
would show me to be extraordinary, and in the meantime, I labored with
seemingly small and trivial tasks. I had always the distinct feeling that
something always interfered between me and my goals. There is not one closer
who could know of your regrets of missed opportunities or the replaying of
painful reminders that stand between you and your heartfelt desires.

Many mortals have believed that any thing good was indeed sinful and therefore
should be avoided. It has been taught that your human desires are of the flesh
and are therefore evil. It has been long believed that self-denial or
suffering was somehow a sacrifice to the gods in order to receive spiritual
favor. I would state to you that the universe is indeed your friend and works
to help you attain happiness and all those things you need to find your Father
in Heaven.

The supernals are indeed knowing your most heartfelt desires and efforts made
to attain goals. They certainly make room for rich fulfilling experiences you
long for in their plans for your eternal destination. Your attaining goals is
not based on your good deeds done. Your mortal happiness fulfillment is not to
be mistrusted or thought of as in error or sinful. You are made to Father's
specifications and your natural human longings are certainly a part of His

Attaining your goals are certainly of divine concern and it is with your
intentions that determines how you will reach your goals if at all. What the
son desires and the Father wills IS. If you are seeking power and domination
over others then perhaps this goal would have to be attained without divine
help. If your goal is to assist someone in a material way for the promotion of
spiritual well-being, then are you to be found having what you need wherewith
to accomplish this goal, yes.

This evening I will not take questions for I am needed elsewhere, but I would
ask that you have discussion on these words. Find if you can the definition
for "goal." What would that meaning entail, yes? You each are knowing my love
is always with you and I will see you next week. Shalom. 

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