Abraham 7-6-98 "Conclusion lesson on Relationships"

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Conclusion of series on -
Woods Cross Group
July 6, 1998
TR: Nina

I am Abraham. Welcome my friends. I am indeed made glad by your light
attitudes. It is wonderful to see some faces here that we have been missing,

As we conclude this series on relationships, know that they well always be a
great source of spiritual knowledge for you. It has been a long journey
through these lessons on relationships. Your experience was indeed coordinated
with our lessons. There were many things to learn that are included in
relationships, and we have attempted to turn unhealthy attachments into
healthful connections. 

Last weeks lesson was the lesson that would uphold all other lessons. The use
of truth has promoted more upheaval in relationships than anything else. The
use of real truth can certainly cause harm. Ego based relationships would not
be so embracing of the free use of truth but you my friends, are certainly
learning that through your healthful connections here, your use of the truth
is becoming more simple. You feel the comfort that all gathered are coming
from a spiritual frame of mind. It is a bit more difficult when dealing with
your personal relationships at home.

Yes, the truth can bring momentary pain, but eventually be recognized for the
good that surfaced. To continually hide the truth for fear of injuring others
or losing your upstanding position will eventually cause more damage than if
you had embraced honesty. The holding back of truth is to stifle the growth in
relationships. Relationships are ever coordinating, working, evolving, moving,
and growing. The holding back of the truth is to slow relationship growth. 

Relationships are not always peaceful and comfort promoting, no. Many are the
elements which cause you growth. I do understand that I have been brutally
honest with some of you here, and you--coming from your spiritual place--take
not offense, but my honesty is an educational tool to be used to better your

Our Master's truth was not always a cause for comfort to His apostles, no.
Many times did He dash to pieces their hopes for the coming messiah. Many
times did He hurt them deeply to promote the higher thoughts for spiritual
living. The Master did not allow His apostles to go on in ignorance. Time
after time, He took the truth and laid it out plain for all to see. 

You can see the many apostles who remained in deep respect and love for Jesus.
Those apostles used their spirilogical response. They were not offended by the
Master's words, but after the shock was over, they felt well watched after by
this excellent balance of God and man--their elder Brother. Those who felt the
stabbing truth from the Master, and were not using their spirilogical
response, harbored vengeance and anger and felt the blows of truth without
humility,  but with unfairness, yes. You know who I speak of, the one apostle
who could not see past his ego to the use of spirit with logic, and he
eventually betrayed our Master.

The Spirit of Truth is as He always was with those hard truths and that loving
watch-care which would serve and protect you. See to it that you can listen
with a spirilogical ear, and know that in all that our diving helpers do, they
are helping to build our path to Father. I will take only a few questions this

RACHEL: Father Abraham. I would just like to make a comment. I want to thank
you for the message that you sent to me, and also, that you said that Father's
helpers were with me, and I want you to know that they certainly were. I had
all the help in the world. So then, I want to thank you and I want to thank

ABRAHAM: Why, you are certainly welcome my daughter. We did indeed enjoy our
time spent with you and are happy to see you back in this group, yes. Welcome
back. (Thank you.) You are welcome. Another question?

LAQUITA: Abraham, I was wondering if our teachers and guides know where we
will end up spiritually, or if we can change that through our growing process?
Do you understand?

ABRAHAM: Yes. No, the teachers do not know the outcome of your spiritual path,
but certainly do they take instruction from personal Thought Adjuster's to
help you gain experience needed for your eternal career. Yes, we would
personally help you to define the path, where the Seraphim would work to
coordinate events, and the personal Adjuster would keep close by ever guiding
you to Him. Yes, the course you follow is always subject to changes, subject
to your will, and your capacity for receiving the divine leadings. Yes. Is
this answering? (Yes. Thank you.) You are welcome. Another question?

HARRISON: Abraham, I would like to introduce Damen. This is his first time
here with us and also invite him if he feels he has a question to ask it.

ABRAHAM: Greetings my son. Welcome. Do you have a question? (Maybe after the
next question.) Another question?

CALVIN: LaQuita and I met with you at the Boise Conference, and I am just not
that assured of my personal transmissions as I am with yours through Nina, so
I don't want LaQuita to be led down the wrong path because of the "names." She
had previously understood that she had two personal teachers before, that
aren't here now, according to the transmission of a new teacher--Everson--the
teacher helping her at this time. Also, for her to ask in one of her groups,
which ever she chooses, to ask there for her spiritual name which she is to
travel with in her ascension. Any corrections at this time you wish to make
for her? Is this alright--LaQuita? (Yes).

ABRAHAM: I have no corrections at this time. Your transmissions, for the most
part were acceptable, yes. Good practice for you. (I am ready to bag that
practice, but I won't. [laughter]) Yes, it would do you well to perhaps
conference with Eleanor on understandings and techniques, yes. (Very good
insight. Thank you Abraham.) You are welcome. One more question.

DAMEN: What is the role of the Holy Spirit, and how do we receive it, and how
do we know when we have received it?

ABRAHAM: These questions are easily answered in the pages of the text, but I
can give you some idea of my understanding. The Holy Spirit in which you speak
is our Local Universe Mother Spirit. While being beyond male or female, Her
general nature is the role of a Mother. She bestows all mind to the creatures
of time and gives the breath of life to all newly created beings, yes. The
Mother Spirit does indeed have her daughters--the angels--who often assist
you, and the seven Adjutant Mind Spirit that can have their influences to
mortals also. My son, you have already received the Holy Spirit. She is at
hand. She is but a thought away and has more than once touched you to your
very soul, yes. She is comforting and calm, yet, the bearer of things that you
know must indeed require tremendous strength. She is the upholder, yes. Is
this helping? (Yes. Thank you.) You are welcome. One last question.

MIRIAM: Abraham, NeNe asked for any guidance or help you might have with her
and her family regarding confusion?

ABRAHAM: It is difficult to answer such a broad question. I am not to make too
many comments so as to provide proof I exist, but I can say this, in all your
difficulties daughter, you have stretched and reached for assistance to help
clear confusion. My understanding is... your reaching is in an unhealthful
direction. You need to ponder upon those sources of strength that you reach
for, if they are all you thought they were. That is all. (Thank you Abraham)

I am with gratitude to see my regular students each week as well as the bright
new faces that come. I enjoy the laughter and the camaraderie among you. I
look forward each week to seeing you. Know that my love is always with you. Go
in peace. Until next week, shalom.

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