"Utilizing the mind of Christ" ABRAHAM 6/29/98

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Hi all,

I especially enjoyed this lesson. Note, the emphasis Abraham teaches
on making spirituality a reality in our daily living, and finding spiritual
significance even in our most mundane chores, which brings about
peace and joy while we learn Father's experiencial lessons.

Love all,


June 29, 1998
Woods Cross Group

TR: Nina

I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you this evening. I count myself blessed for
your faith in our Father, in myself, and the Mission. How wonderful it is to
be within a group so faithful and dedicated to our cause. You must know by now
that you would not attend these meetings without having exercised the
spirilogical response. There are many factors to consider before attending any
group of spiritual seekers. There is time taken to filter through
philosophies, beliefs, and social chemistry. You certainly did not attend
without thought for your safety or the promotion of positivity. Your use of
spirit and logic has granted you comfort here.

In using the spirilogical response, we are embracing our Master's teachings.
We are utilizing the mind of Christ. We are allowing the Spirit of Truth to
release to us information and allowing our logical mind to decipher the
meanings. Christ was indeed a divine being, but He was also human, and you
relate well with that fact. When we exercise the spirilogical response, we
mean not to succumb to manipulation tactics in your relationships or bow down
in the traditional Christian-like manner, no. The Spirit of Truth is
completely that-- THE TRUTH! 

There is always the ego that would step around or manipulate the truth for its
own glory. The ego would tell those in your relationships that you are a
highly thought of and respected individual. The ego would seek to deform the
truth for personal gain or to maintain a certain standing. To go beyond the
ego, we use our spirilogical response to courageously use the truth for the
betterment of one and all's welfare. We would seek not to use the truth to
injure, although sometimes it does. We would use our spirilogical response to
go past the ego's manipulation to the light of truth. Spiritually, we are not
afraid of truth, egotistically, we are.

To connect with your spiritual relationships is to utilize your highest light
your mind has to offer. This is always done courageously using the truth. The
truth varies from person to person, and the only way you can hope to find
harmony is to allow one another their truth. As we can all attest to, this
works well within this group. Your healthful connections here are good
practice for your personal relationships elsewhere.

I would remind you, each one, that the spirilogical response is not weak or
surrendering, but a courageously embracing of the truth. You would see mass
improvement if all your fellows could do this very thing. You can witness this
technique in world events... nations allowing one another to have their own
truth, knowing that each one desires the best for one and all. You can also
witness the devastating effects when nations are only concerned with their own
place in the power control.

I am asking you this week to consider how you use the truth. How effective is
it in your personal relationships? Can it aid when using it as the Master did,
with tact and tolerance? My lesson is kept short to allow for questions. Are
there question this evening?

MIRIAM: Abraham, we have some visitors here tonight. I know Rachel usually
introduces them, but maybe Harrison could.

HARRISON: Yes, I would like to introduce two friends of mine that came this
evening. The mothers name is Tamara S., and the daughter is with us Sasha.
They have heard a lot about you Abraham and came to listen to your words.

ABRAHAM: Thank you Harrison. My greetings to you both. It is always wonderful
to meet with newcomers, and I especially enjoy the realness that children
bring. Would you have questions?

TAMARA: I am concerned about my husband, and wondering if what you talked
about--the ego and the spirit-- I am sure there has been quite a bit of ego
involved, but I am wondering how I can be more helpful to him?

ABRAHAM: I am understanding that your intentions are wonderful and completely
caring. Your responsibilities however only can go so far. If you have made
your intentions well known to your husband, and you have committed yourself to
helping him, then I would say that that is adequate for now--at this time.
Your husband must then make the next move. In the meantime, you can allow
yourself the benefit of spiritual intake. This can grant you peace. You may
not be able to do all that you would desire but your spiritual understanding
would help you to understand why. Yes. Is this helping? (Yes, thank you.)
Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, I have a question about the same thing on two levels. The
first level is in general to kind of help anyone that you might have regarding
the Conference coming up in Nashville. Specifically, Calvin and I are going to
do a workshop about your five step prayerful healing technique you taught us.
I was wondering if you thought that was a good idea or is there something else
you would like better to use with our time there? Secondly, if you or Ham had
any just broad guidance about the Conference? When I started the Conference, I
was kind of into the flow of "the Good News, The Brotherhood in Action," and I
still am, but I have just gotten so into trying to do the job so that everyone
that's going there would have what they needed, etc. I guess I need a little
bit of personal guidance regarding my dealings with the Conference also. Does
that make sense?

ABRAHAM: Yes. I would think it of great benefit for others to learn of our
prayerful healing techniques, yes. Wonderful idea: One moment. "Good News, the
Brotherhood in Action" slogan should be used within the realness of mortal
living. The realness is...  making mistakes, misplacing papers, stumbling
during a speech, and being able to maintain a sense of humor. The spirituality
in everyday real happenings is what mankind needs to hear. Children,
employment, mowing the lawn and doing the laundry--is realness, and really do
have significance. These are things mortals must do and find the spiritual
meaning therein. Many know the difficulties of paying bills, dealing with
teenagers, or driving in traffic. These are the things that make man strive
for self-mastery. The Conference must be kept real, small, so to speak. You
cannot recruit an entire nation or planet to your spiritual beliefs, but you
can aid the planet in teaching your fellows to use spirituality within the
realness of life. Miriam, my daughter, you do well with this technique and you
have a wonderful sense of humor--use it! Look forward to the realness of the
Conference and Father's fingerprints in helping to maintain a light
atmosphere. Is this helping? (Oh yes Abraham. Thank you very much.) Another

CALVIN: While you are on the subject of Conference... any special instruction
or admonition to take with us to the Idaho Conference?

ABRAHAM: I see this Conference as being filled with energy and lightness, but
there could perhaps be an ‘anything goes attitude' in these conferences. You
would also do well my friend to remind your fellows of the purpose for our
Mission--the use of everyday spirituality in life. Is there a self-seeking
gratification in our Mission? Is there the answers to mysticism? No. There is
only mass effort to uplift and correct the planet. Yes, my brother, you do
well to promote the truth. Is this answering?

CALVIN: Yes, very well, especially the issue of "mysticism." Right now, it
seems to be quite a combative attack from the anti-Teaching Mission Urantia
Book folks to point a finger at this Teaching Mission as an off-the-wall
mystical spiritist movement, wherein in reality--it is what the Teaching
Mission is trying to do--is help to come out of that "mysticism" in peoples
minds and make spirituality a reality. Thank you.

ABRAHAM: Understood. Our Mission is like a new toy that all desire to play
with. The excitement will die down and the truth will come forth. We will
require grounded individuals to promote this truth. Yes. Another question?

HARRISON: Abraham, could you tell us briefly what a day in the life of Abraham
is like?

ABRAHAM: Much like your own. I rise with worship. I plan for the day. I
conference with my fellows. I labor. I take spiritual nourishment. I make time
every day for reversion, humor, and play. I end my day with prayers of
gratitude to my Father in Heaven who makes all parts of my life balanced and
joyful. Yes, it is the desire for Urantian mortals to live such a well
balanced life. I never tire from things I do daily. It always seems different
and has variety, yes. Does this answer? (Yes. Thank you.) You are welcome.
Another question?

CALVIN: I only want to ask if you have some words for Rachel that I could
relate to her?

(Rachel is Thern Blackburn's sister. About 80 years old, and has never missed
a weekly 
meeting that I can recall--with Ham or Abraham's lessons since the first
meeting in early 1991. She has been absent for about a month now with some
problems with her eyes and dizziness.)

ABRAHAM: One moment. Rachel my daughter, there is nothing to fear. Your health
problems are actually simple and need not worry you. I would recommend you to
have our physician re-check your inner ears for a slight infection. Your
uneasiness compounds your feelings of being dizzy. Rest my child, and know
your Father and His helpers are at hand. Continue to rest for a time, and when
you are feeling better--take to pen and paper, and know I will be there. 

If there are no more questions, I would express to you each my love and
gratitude, and allow you to know your faith is completely literal and real, an
energy of its own momentum. Go in peace. Until next week, shalom.

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