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Opening Prayer

Mantutia(Bill): "Greetings on behalf of the planetary government.  I am
Mantutia  Melchizedek, representing Prince Machiventa at your gathering this
evening.  Your group, along with many others, is a major concern of the
Angels of Progress, and of course, under Abraham's direction, as members in
the Reserve Corps of Destiny.  We have chosen this method of transmission as
the most faith-facilitative process, while at the same time communicating as
much on the human level as is possible. 

The history of this planet is a checkered one, in as much as your planetary
prince defaulted and rebelled along with the  system rebellion.   Your Adam
and Eve, Material Sons, were unable to cope with the disarray and went
around to a short-cut which also failed.  Therefore, Michael of Nebadon, our
Sovereign Creator, has decreed that this planet and the others who have
experienced this rebellion and default, be given a special dispensation of
reclamation and correction.  This teaching mission is only one small part of
these corrective activities.  I speak these words known to most of you for
the benefit of newcomers.

I wish to welcome all of you here this evening and conclude my remarks with
the assurance that all peoples of this planet, Urantia, are under great and
loving concern, beyond most people's wildest dreams.  Your lives are not as
actors on a stage with no audience, with no props, with no script; your
lives are crafted by your choices as you access spiritual opportunity.  I
greet you my brothers and sisters with fatherly love.  Another awaits to
speak.  Good evening."

Aaron (Bob): "Greetings. I am Aaron.  Good evening, friends.  Tonight I
would spend a few moments underlining much of our reason for initiating
contact with mortals such as yourselves.  As our Melchizedek friend has
mentioned in passing, the trials and tribulations which have marked this
planet's past due to rebellion and default.  I have been involved with
various orders of celestials serving under the watch care of our Sovereign,
Christ Michael, to aid in the initiation of spiritual insight and to the
consciousness of forward-seeking human beings for the purpose of instilling
a sense of worthiness to your efforts at progression, becoming higher minded
and spiritually focused.  

Your world languishes in the darkness of materialism and although the early
dawn of spiritual awakening is before us, many obstacles still stand in the
way of progression on any major scale.  Therefore we have been commissioned
to be the wind in your sails, for most human beings lack spiritual purpose
in life due to the disconnection of spiritual forces that would be present
on a normal functioning world. As we are in the process of reconnecting this
world with the vast and larger universe the steps we initiate primally are,
as you would say, 'baby steps.'  What has characterized you as individuals
for the most part is a seeking nature, not necessarily what you would
directly perceive as being spiritually focused, but yet our view of
spirituality and what humans perceive as being spiritual do not always

To mortal beings who are striving to experience life, to understand the
truth and to grow and become more than what they have been previously, these
motivations and drives are those very initiators which allow us the
opportunity to work within your willingness to enhance your vision and to
instill spiritual purpose within your being.  There is no really great and
glorious mission to fulfill; there is no place that you need to be other
than where you are doing what you do. 

Truly the awareness of your connection to a larger family goes beyond
material brotherhood and sisterhood.  These realizations, as they are
incorporated within, bring about a different lifestyle and manner of living;
for no longer should you be concerned with spiritual status, where you are
headed, whether you are worthy of salvation.  When human beings recognizes
that they are connected to a large family of universe beings that live in
the realization of one God and serve each other with the loving kindness,
beauty and grace our Creator bestows upon them.  There dawns the realization
that you are loved and that failure is not the destiny of any who would seek
truth and yearn for goodness.  All who want to know, will know, regardless
of any perceived weaknesses.  It is the desire to know God that brings you
closer to that Source.  And therefore, having gained this spiritual
awareness and purpose in life, you are able to offer these awareness through
your living and your lifestyle to those who come in to contact with you.  So
our initiations become their initiations and we find that we are all working
towards one supreme purpose, to unify our family, to bring a consciousness
of worth and value to all universe beings, to recognize the kinship and
siblingship that we hold.  This is the very purpose for which we make
contact with you who seek to know, so that we may initiate a sense of family
between all free-will creatures.

I thank you for this opportunity to speak with you this evening, and would
now withdraw so that another may speak.  Thank you for your time."

Minearisa (Cathy):  "Greetings, this is Minearisa, with a brief commentary
this evening.  Your progression may be thought of as a staircase, but not
one that extends infinitely in one direction.  It may be thought of as a
spiral staircase.  And this evening, it is important for me to convey that
although you spend much time and energy looking forward considering just how
high that next step is, how you're going to get a toehold or handhold to
haul yourself up to meet these new goals, you should occasionally stop, sit
down, and reflect upon just how far you have come.  The issues that you deal
with on one level of the staircase will be presented to you again as you
progress around and meet that same issue from a higher perspective --
similar issue, different perspective.  And you may think of the assistance
available to you in the form of teachers and various celestials as both a
handrail going up that you can lean upon and as a guardrail.  

At this time I would like to open the meeting to any questions, and also to
welcome the two new souls present.  We have known of you, both of you, for
some time, and welcome you here with open arms and open hearts."

Virginia:  "Minearisa, I know that you've already said that the correcting
time is not limited to just the Teaching Mission, and for that I am very
grateful, but I wonder how you know when people will enter a  teaching
mission group.  Is it because you make it your responsibility to know the
friends and family members  of those you enter a TM group?

Minearisa:  "I do not fully understand your question, could you please reframe?"

Virginia:   "Often the teachers say, as you have done tonight, Minearisa,
that newcomers have been known for some time. My questions is, when an
individual, let's say in the case of Barbara, entered the teaching group a
year and a half ago, do you at that time, as teachers of the teaching
mission group, make it your responsibility to seek out friends and members
of the new member?  Then you can say, 'I've known you for some time.' I'm
just trying to figure out the logic of this.  I know that I as a teacher
certainly take it upon myself to know the family of my students but you'd
have to travel a long way in this case."

Minearisa:  "Indeed we are always aware of those who impact our students
directly or indirectly.  We encourage each person's individual growth in a
manner which they can accept and deal with.  Many are drawn to this type of
forum because it appeals to them on a heart level.  Others are influenced
more profoundly in other forms, as was discussed tonight, for example,
experiencing nature and God energy through their perception of nature.  If
your question is, 'do we focus primarily on those directly involved in the
teaching mission effort to a greater degree than others who are not,' the
answer is no, we simply find other means of touching those lives.  Does this
answer your question?"

Virginia:  "I think so, Minearisa, yes.  I was just curious, because as I
said, often you say that; and I realize that when friends and family visit,
then you are aware of them.   But you said 'for some time,' and therefore I
just assumed that the celestials are really aware of much more than perhaps
I give them credit for."

Daniel (Bill): "This is Daniel.  I wish to respond.  Your assumption that
celestials are aware of much more is accurate.  If you had any sense of the
coordination which occurs among the Angelic corps, between guardian
Seraphim, which also involves the Midwayers, you would be astounded.  There
is no human analogy adequate for comparison.  The intelligence agencies of
your nations are as clowns in contrast to the skill of celestial government.
The Thought Adjustors share a common circuit originating in Divinington
which coordinates their involvement with a mortal host.  There is perfect
syncronicity between the Thought Adjustors' plans and the work of the Third
Source and Center through the Divine Minister and her Seraphim.  All mortals
of will status are known to the universe Censors, and by reflectivity there
is so much information available, that again, I would say, would astound
you.  Do not be surprised when we say we know you.  Have I filled in the
picture a little more adequately, my dear?"

Virginia:  "Yes, Daniel, I thank you for the reminding of the work of the
Seraphim, and the fact that there are those other celestials.  Sometimes I
do get single-eyed, when the picture is much broader than that.  Thank you
very much."

Daniel:  "I wish to ask you a question.  Letah, my dear, what is the reason
that you posed this question in the first place?"

Virginia: "Daniel, probably because as I said, I often hear you teachers say
that newcomers are known; and so, I was just curious to know if the teachers
follow, you know, that sort of thing.  I do assume that they follow us
around and, so I was just curious.  Curiosity, I know, kills the cat."

Daniel:  "Understood.  I do not regard your question as idle curiosity, for
actually it bears on the fact of overcare in the universe.  This planet, as
has been described, does not experience the normal connections which an
average world would take for granted.  Without a visible planetary
administration and because of the quarantine due to the virus of rebellion
many people assume that there is no life in the universe save on this one
sphere, and that all life is accidental in a purely materialistic,
non-cognitive universe.  So I am glad to help answer your question because
it demonstrates how totally wrong this pessimistic, but understandable,
world view is.  Are there other questions or comments?"

Virginia:  "Teachers, I do have another thought, question that I ... if it
can be commented on.  People of all ages this year, and I mean little
children, first, second, and third graders, and not just from my class, but
children out on the yard, and peers that have talked about their own
children and certainly adults that I have talked to have said that time just
seems to be speeding up, that the years are going by so very fast.   Is this
a result of our materialistic attitude, a result of the technology that we
are experiencing, or is it part of the correcting time?  And I'm very
sincere when I ask this question."

Aaron (Bob): "I will speak on this.  You are correct that many perceive that
there is an acceleration of time.  Let me first state that no magical button
has been pushed to accelerate time; we are not initiating an acceleration.
Rather it is the modern age and human beings have found a plethora of
distractions to take their time.  With the computerized age, the enhanced
visual imagery and diversionary nature of electronic equipment such as
televisions, computers, many find themselves without enough time, they
perceive, to do all that they want to do; as well many have become experts
in the business of busying themselves with things to do.  Activities abound
in communities everywhere.  Relaxation, peacefulness, these activities which
promote such a state of being have gone into competition with the manifold
opportunities which now lie at your fingertips.

Let me say that the reality is not necessarily negative on all levels,
although the sacrifice of free time does put a damper on the wonderful
creative nature of a restful and pondering mind.  Yet the world as it is
progressing is offering the capabilities to access knowledge at a much
higher degree than at any time previously, which can allow for the
development of personalities into areas which have not yet been accessed and
upstepping of mortal evolution.  The overall nature of your question, other
than simply saying that we recognize what many of you recognize in this age,
is a difficult one to answer and to cover thoroughly without spending a
goodly amount of time weighing in the pros and cons.  Are you understanding
my meaning here?"

Virginia: "Yes, I am.  And I think I'm talking to Aaron?"

Aaron: "Yes."

Virginia:  "Thank you."

Minearisa (Cathy):  "This is Minearisa.  There are many in this society
whose frenetic search for distraction and entertainment become as much an
addiction as alcoholism or drug abuse, for it serves the same purpose, to
numb one's feelings and to avoid connection which are feel-promoting, such
as trying new activities, pursuing close relationships.  Reversion is a
necessity, but when it interferes with growth, it can be detrimental.  The
feeding of this addiction in your culture contributes to this sense of
enhanced passage of time.  Is this understood?"

Virginia:  "Yes, Minearisa.  Thank you for those additional comments."

Daniel (Bill):  "I am Daniel.  We welcome the questions which are somewhat
abstract or theoretical when they have spiritual growth potential.  We also
welcome reactions to any of the introductory remarks or past assignments or
conversation in your group.  We also encourage you to take the role of
active participant and put out your opinions and your formulations.  While
it may appear that we are a panel of experts by virtue of our non-mortal
status, we have repeatedly said that we are your older brothers and sisters
and in terms of value each of us is the same.  Our value resides in our
personality status as sons and daughters of the living God.  So please my
friends jump in here and interact with us."

Bob D.:  "Hello, Daniel.  I was just going to ask a question.  Maybe it's
more of a personal nature.  I enjoy what I'm doing these days, as far as
work on both the conference and my job.  And I think it's probably a very
healthy place to be at this time to not have a whole lot of time to think
for myself, because I haven't wanted to be caught up in some of the
emotional issues that seem to arise about some of the hopes and expectations
I've had in my life regarding relationships and just what I've wanted to
accomplish and what I've wanted to be. 

I recognize another part, that I've certainly busied myself so that I
wouldn't drown in my sorrows or negative feelings,.  But I also recognize
that there's a part of me that's become very detached and I've been more
concerned about that lately, that I tend to be surfacy, not just with
strangers, but with friends. I recognize that I've had a harder time just
looking people in the eye, being sincere and talking about personal things.
I think there's a part of me that's afraid if I bring myself into that level
of intimacy with my friends and family and such, that perhaps some of this
sadness and maybe sense of loss will just come washing over me.  I'm afraid
that I'm closing my heart off again like I did many years ago, which I've
recently opened up in the last few years to people; and I think nothing
scares me more than becoming what I used to be.  While everybody tended to
love me and think I was a great guy, I was tortured inside for not being
real and not being expressive of who I was.  So I guess I'm afraid of losing
a piece of myself and I don't know how to get it back.  I feel like I'm lost
a little bit in that area.  And maybe I'm out of touch with my emotions a
little bit and I don't like the person that I am when I'm that way.  There
are several aspects of my life that I think that I've grown and developed
in, but I don't want to revert back and I don't know what to so.  So I guess
I'm asking for some guidance or insight as to how to remain open, personal
and relating with people rather than just going through the motions and
saying the right things, smiling and covering up that internal pain and
suffering that I don't want to deal with inside.  If you have any insight
into that I would greatly appreciate it."

Minearisa (Cathy):  "My dear friend, you have indeed come full circle on
that spiral staircase to that same issue you bumped up against years ago.
But you are not the same person at all.  Can you stop, sit down, and look
back and appreciate how much growth you have accumulated since the last time
you faced this particular fear?"

Bob D.:  "Oh, certainly, I can see all sorts of growth.  What I see is a
person that's afraid to be real again.  And ...."

Minearisa:  "Can you identify the root of this fear?  What is the worst
that could happen if you are real?"

Bob D.: "I think it's just the rejection, the feeling of rejection inside.
It's much easier to be surfacy because then if you're rejected it doesn't
mean so much because it isn't really who I am. It's being rejected with what
I really feel inside that probably kills me more than anything; and so I
tend when I face those rejections to begin to put on a persona that I don't
have to be as real and to get out of myself."

Daniel (Bill):  "Bob, this is Daniel.  I wish to remind you that you were
born and bred in an atmosphere of conflict where you as a boy experienced
fear, rejection, uncertainty and so forth.  Would you agree with this

Bob D.:  "Yeah.  Definitely.  It was a very chaotic life and very competitive."

Daniel: "And this heritage remains with you, as it does with any individual.
It is a major issue of your childhood in terms of you survival.  You chose
the path of peacemaker, of mollifier, of pacifier as a child, which was
understandable, and somewhat effective.  But during this period you had to
mask your real feelings; you had to protect yourself by looking for all the
cues that would give you the information a to how to respond.  You were a
skillful player in the family drama that life put at your doorstep.  This
skill has been of great value to you.  You have charmed your way through
much of your life and you have been successful often.  Your task as an adult
is to put aside childish ways and to look more [inaudible]   of truth,  As
Minearisa has said, you have come full circle on the spiral staircase, but
you are at a different level, you are not down at the bottom, you are quite
a bit higher.  Try to distinguish the feelings from the past in the
realities of the present, so that your perspective may be more accurate and
more comforting.  I wish you to understand that surfacy behavior has
adaptive components and is somewhat necessary at times, given a certain
situation.  But if you fail to provide yourself with the needed nourishment
of the soul, in the intimacy of your relationship with your Indwelling
Spirit and the sincere  interaction with your trusted brothers and sisters,
then you would be, of course, of concern to us who take part in your
overcare.  I personally do not see you backsliding, but I have observed your
tendency to be overly focused on introspective aspects.  Sometimes you have
taken yourself too seriously.  My suggestion is that you maintain your bonds
with your true friends and be at peace with yourself.  Dip deeply into the
well of the waters of life, my friend, continue to find your greatest
comfort in that greatest and best friend within.  Has this helped you?"

Bob D.:  "Oh, yes.  I thank you for your insight.  I just ..."

Daniel:  "Oh, yes. Let up on yourself!  I foresee that you will benefit
greatly from this conference, which has been your passion for several
months.  It will, in my opinion, probably exceed your fondest hopes.  That
is all."

Bob D.:  "Thank you."

Daniel:  "Our time is almost up.  We are approaching the conclusion of our
meeting.  I am aware of a question in the mind of one of you which you would
like to ask but have not yet mustered the courage to do so.  I offer this
time now."

Pat:  "Teachers, I'd like to ask a question for help.  We have been reading
about the Father, First Source, and also about Christ Michael and Nebadonia,
Mother Spirit, and the process in our growth to reaching the Father; and I
am not clear in my mind if in praying, if we cannot at this level understand
or really can see what the Father is.  We have been told from teachers and
Christ Michael, as well as in the Urantia Book, that we have to go through
Christ Michael and Nebadonia and the Son before we reach the Father.  So,
and I know that there is of the First Source Circuit direct to us, but I am
confused that we can really reach the Father in our prayers or worship.  Or
should we just try to come into understanding of Christ Michael, Nebadonia
and the Son?"

Daniel (Bill):  "Understood.  The complexities of the universe as they are
described in the Urantia book are sometimes causative of confusion because
of your mortal status and your brief amount of experience.  It may appear as
a paradox, yet you have direct communication through the personality circuit
of the Father and through your Indwelling Monitor, while at the same time
you are taught that in order to reach the Father you much go through the
Son.  Is this paradox the question that you are struggling with?"

Pat: "Yes."

Daniel:  "That my dear is possibly due to the cultural milieu that you are
living in.  So often things are phrased in either-or categories, instead of
both-and.  People tend to think that going directly to God precludes a
revelation of another, as in the revelation of the Paradise Bestowal Sons.
However, in reality it is both-and.  
The love of God is downstepped from each Trinity personality. The Father
downsteps His love through direct personal contact with the minds of mortals
in the Thought Adjusters; the Eternal Son downsteps His contact through the
incarnations of the Bestowal Sons of Paradise, in which case God is
literally present in mortal form; and the Infinite Spirit downsteps His love
through angelic ministry at this level.  All three, Thought Adjustor,
Bestowal Son and Angel Ministry, are contact with God, the First, Second and
Third Sources and Centers.  And so, you see, it is not an either-or matter.
The greater your awareness of consciousness of these things, the more
comfort and security you will feel.  Every spiritual agency necessary for
your growth and betterment is provided for you.  Has this assisted you, my

Pat: "Yes, Daniel, thank you very much."

Daniel:  "Do you wish to comment further?"

Pat: "No, I think I have to digest this.  Thank you."

Daniel:  "You are welcome.  [long pause]  My friends, the hour draws late
and many of you are weary.  I will speak for the others now.   I, Daniel,
send you on your life's journey with our blessing and our care, but more
importantly with the constant love of the Paradise Trinity.  Ponder these
things in your hearts and we can assist you further with these questions,
which will reoccur to you as you learn more and more as the spiral of
spiritual growth ascends.  Go now and enjoy your lives.  Good evening."

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