06/15/98 ABRAHAM "Spirilogistics"

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Woods Cross Group
June 15, 1998

TR: Nina

I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. Greetings. How connected I feel to the cosmic mind when
we all join in conversation. I can literally view the energy exchange between
you. What a recharging of our spiritual batteries each time we meet. I
perceive your bond with one another in this group is strengthening and helping
to keep a well balanced mental attitude. 

I understand the experience of the mortal flesh. Before my association with
Machiventa I too had to carry on with blind faith and eternal hope that all I
felt to be true was indeed true. This is your common ground. Your group is
your spiritual anchor in the storm of mortal living. 

Our discussions of late have been regarding living up to your highest light,
making all decisions from a spiritual standpoint. Having the willingness to
take action with Father's will, making Father's will living, allowing His
wisdom and divine love be put into action through you, His mortal children. As
you are able to put these words into practice and understand that mortal life
should not be fraught with regret, do you begin to realize that you are
stepping away from human emotions into a place of spirit and logic. 

The life of the Master was an excellent example of spirit logic,
"spirilogistics." He acted from the standpoint of His Father's will, and it at
times did not run congruent with His own logical mind, but the Master in His
wisdom and magnitude of faith took to the hills for solitude and prayer. His
connecting with Father aligned His logic with Father's will. It dissipated
somewhat His human emotions and created a spirilogical response in all His
daily tasks.

Human emotion is inevitable and entirely natural, and yet, so connected with
ego. Human emotion has many layers to uncover to find the level of logic, and
beyond your own logic there are several more layers to uncover to come to the
spirit. Our Master lived without regret because He had always acted upon His
highest light. What would father do? Beyond anger, despair, disappointment and
frustration to the core of spirit and logic, what would Father have me do?
Beyond the ego's influence, beyond human emotions, to a spirilogical response
is where we find the will of God.

At times emotions are all you have. Even the Master had succumbed to human
emotions. I mean not to convey emotions are bad or negative, no. This is
simply not the place to discern Father's will and attempt to act it out. Your
connection with one another strengthens your ability to act using
spirilogistics. Your moments of meditation or communing with nature also aid
in this method. This combination of the spiritual with logical aid in
transforming your unhealthy attachments into healthful connection. Your
temptation to act from a place of emotions is dissipated, not stifled or
repressed, but dissipated, perhaps energy transformed. With practice, the ego
is not maintaining control, but the highest light within you is shining. 

This week I ask that you exercise the spirilogical response. Attempt to avoid
irrational actions or outburst, instead turn inward and connect with your
highest light and maintain the mind-set of asking "What would Father do?" Have
you questions?

MIRIAM: Abraham, I Have two questions. The first one is a quickie. Is this
spirilogistics frame of mind an example of--you know those "mota" things? Like
those thirty-six "motas" or whatever in the Urantia Book? Like about how with
man it is philosophy, then when you get to Mansonia One, it is mota? Do you
know what I mean? Is this like a "mota" deal?

ABRAHAM: Understood. Yes in a manner of speaking. For mortal living with the
rampant emotionalism, rash decisions are made and maters worsened. Yes, you
are correct. There is a need for the peoples of Urantia to acquire skills to
living peaceable with their fellow mortals. That is all. Another question?

MIRIAM: For the past little while I have been busy working on the Nashville
Conference stuff. I haven't had time to practice stillness in the morning. In
trying to do these exercises of asking, you know, stopping and asking for
Father's will and guidance in day by day matters, especially with the
Conference, is this like a different process? You know like there for awhile,
we were hanging with Michael and Mother, and like you know, we were just
dwelling with them as our Divine Parents. This pausing ans asking Father for
guidance feels a little bit different. So my question is... is it in essence
trying to get in touch with, getting comfortable with , and knowing your
Father Fragment, this process of pausing and asking "What would Father have me
do?" I have sort of felt off balance because of a need to do stillness, but on
the other hand, the practicing this Father's will thing keeps me in line
throughout the day and I don't get too crazy. Does that all make sense? What
do you think about that and how am I doing?

ABRAHAM: Yes, these exercises are to help improve Thought Adjuster
communication and be more prepared to receive immediate answers. These
exercises are helping to enlarge your capacity to receive the Divine Word, but
also do I use Christ's life as an example to keep you in touch with the human
side of God or the God of humanity. And, I do believe you, Miriam my daughter,
as you gaze into your gardens are you filled with a quiet stillness and deep
appreciation of Father, which is really quite touching and very soothing to
the soul. Your appreciation of Father's works in the world are in themselves
somewhat of a meditation and at times more progressive than an indoor
meditation. Are you understanding?(Yes Abraham. Thank you very much. ) You are
welcome. Another question?

(Personal question omitted)

CALVIN: I have gone through a lot these last few months. It feels like I am
taking a break lately now, from the intense spiritual education. It is like a
break to go fishing like the apostles did almost. I see a big difference in my
spiritual awareness in the world, but not OF the world like before, versus now
jumping back into the world and swimming, so to speak. I am sure that is
okay--probably healthy. I was moved earlier to ask if you have anything to
share with me?

ABRAHAM: Yes. With the upcoming travels you will expend a great deal of energy
and it is our wishes right now for you to be at ease for the time being. Your
reserves will serve our Mission well. It is altogether wise to maintain a
lighthearted attitude now and during your travels. Your lightness enables
myself and others to communicate more clearly through you. Yes, I say rest now
my son, Father's tasks are at hand. These tasks themselves are giant steps in
spiritual learning. Please allow this time of rest to strengthen your
confidence in your abilities to be of service. Yes. Understood?

CALVIN: Yes, very much. It made clear sense of the whole situation, and is
very refreshing.

ABRAHAM: If there are no more questions, I would express to you my deep and
abiding gratitude to Father for allowing me this closeness with you. My love
is with you each. Until next week, shalom. 

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