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June 8, 1998
Woods Cross Group
TR: Nina


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings and welcome. I am made glad by our weekly visits. We
can always find time to join our minds with Fathers' in the giving and
receiving of divine love and wisdom. Our meetings strengthen each one of us to
go about doing our Father's bidding. 

Last week we discussed how the Master lived up to His highest light within. He
went about doing good. He acted with our Father's wisdom and love. Even when
the Master was in complete anguish, He chose to act upon His highest light.

Being within your mortal vessels there are times of loneliness, anguish and
devastation. Many mortals are embittered by their life circumstances and
choose to encase themselves within the bonds of fear and anger. Mortals tend
to turn to Father with an accusing eye in wondering why are such things
befalling them. 

The Master knew well of the pain that is natural for this human adventure. He
experienced the very worst that man has to offer and even then, He stood
unshakable. You see, His decision to act upon His highest light was a shield
of sorts, at times an elixir for the maintaining of well balanced mental
health. No matter what mortal living had in store for the Master, He was
always well prepared by His commitment to being within the will of His Father
in Heaven.

His commitment was perhaps the answer to all questions. His commitment to do
the will always set His mind in an asking mode to Father. Jesus was always in
conference with Father, and when those times of upheaval occurred, His
commitment remained true... "What would my Father in Heaven have me do?"

The Master, in living up to his highest light, took great joy in expressing
His love to those He knew, lending a helping hand, or a bit of guidance to
those who were seeking. Jesus regretted not any of His mortal life for He took
every opportunity to act out the Father's will. He chose to really live each
and every part of mortal life, to be within every moment, good or bad, with
His Father by His side.

Those who stifle their highest light, or are perhaps too shy or unsure, learn
to live with regret, always desirous of another chance. This is not bad, or
sinful. It is perhaps a lesson for you to relieve some of the pressures of
mortal living. In your efforts to draw closer to Father and His divine
helpers, have ready your question... "What would Father have me do at this
moment in time?" Even for particular situations with relationships or personal
struggles, always remember the question. Confirm within your own heart your
commitment to the doing of Father's will. Choose to be aware of the option to
always act upon your highest light. Take advantage of those opportunities that
come your way. 

In that first thought of doing an act of service, or expressing appreciation
or love , there is your contact with your highest light. There is only your
courage to work upon to act it out. Many times do we hesitate and talk
ourselves out of it using various excuses. Our lesson tonight on living up to
your highest good within, is a bestowal of liberty to act out the Father's
will, to feel at liberty to express those thoughts or comments, those acts of
service, and to really be aware of each moment of mortal living, good or bad.
That is all. Have you questions?

CALVIN: Abraham, is it expected ever for us to have, or is it possible I
should say... for us mortals in this first life to have quick changes form
past patterns and spirit poisons, or does it usually take a lot of hard knocks
and lessons and time?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Most patterns can require time to find better ways. There are
those hard lessons though that can jolt a person into a quick behavioral
change. We have found the latter to be fear based where the time and practice
is more akin to Father's evolutionary design. When we teach to have awareness
in the moment--the allowing of really feeling mortal life, it is an opening
for Father to teach. He teaches in time intervals which create for you a well
balanced mental state. Is this answering? (Yes it is.) Another question?

HARRISON: Abraham, my question is regarding what I know little about... which
is called the millennium. Can you tell us if were starting the millennium,
which I understand it as a thousand years of peace? Can we expect some very
positive change to occur or is it occurring now?

ABRAHAM: My understanding of that definition with regards to the teachings of
old, we are on the cusp of great changes. We are ending one era to begin
another. My answer is that times of peace are ahead, not to worry though, not
far ahead. There are still evil hearts within the world that would delay this
peace and awareness and search for resolution. This is a very important time
in Urantian history. The steps taken now work to promote that time of peace
you term millennium. Is this answering? (Yes it is. Thank you.) You are
welcome. One more question.

If there are no more questions, I would take my leave and remind you each to
be ready this week with your question in every situation. My love is with you.
Until next week, shalom.

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