Elyon Group 3/22/98

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March 22, 1998
*	Malvantra  (Mark TR):  Good morning, this is Malvantra.  I will
stroll up to the head of the class and clear my throat to gain your
attention.  I feel as though I have been standing outside the
classroom with my ear to the door observing how this class has 
imposed upon themselves the lessons previously given.  I'm awestruck
at the motivation of the individuals present in this room.  You have
done so very much of the work which commonly would be taken up by the
teachers.  I feel, walking into this classroom, that you are all
eager, well prepared, and enthusiastic to the point of exuberance. 
What a joy to have your blackboards so neatly in order and so well
organized so that, as lessons are given, they may be added to the
structure already available to you so as to further complete your
picture of reality as we observe it now.
	I would at this point ask you as a group or as individuals what
would be your desire to expound upon, given the many different topics
that seem to be of interest to your minds at this time?  I would ask
anyone who feels inspired to either pose a question or a comment on
any of the topics previously discussed so that we may delve in
deeper.  Anyone care to serve the first ball?
	Tom:  There has been an interest in health.  At some point all
of our health will fail.  Could we have some information on how best
to use the help we have and prepare spiritually and physically?
*	Malvantra:  As you note, your health is just like your physical
vehicle you now have temporary use of.  You come into this existence
helpless and requiring much assistance from those around you to
simply maintain your existence.  You then enter a phase on your
material plane where you are empowered to maintain your own existence
quite adequately.  If you survive the vicissitudes long enough, you
will once again return to a stage in your physical being where you
are less able to function in the capacity of simple maintenance.  You
may view this middle portion of your life as being temporarily abled. 
At both ends you can expect to be temporarily disabled.  This is of
course with your material vehicle the natural cycle which is
inevitable which each one of you here will experience to some degree
or other.  If each one of you in this room could adopt the brilliant
philosophy that your sister has stated to you this day of the far
reaching perspective that it truly does not matter what your physical
condition at any one time may be.  You must be concerned with your
spiritual condition, as so beautifully stated by your sister.  This
is the one true, enduring factor that you will carry with you from
your beginning point here through eternity.  This is what needs to be
nurtured, and your spiritual health is paramount to any physical
condition you may experience.  If ever in doubt, always fall back on
the long range scope that your text and that this Teaching Mission
has emphasized to you.  Your existence is of an extremely long
duration; your vehicle is extremely temporary.  It is comforting to
realize that no amount of attention paid to your physical vehicle
will alter the fact that it is a temporary vehicle for you to use
during your short period of your ascension toward the Father.  I
realize, however, that it does completely surround you; you are
enveloped by this vehicle.  Its condition can greatly distract you
from the overall march forward, the evolution of your soul.  I would
simply encourage you to continually reflect on the temporary nature
of your existence here, on the inevitable changes each of you will
see in your life vehicle.  Resistance is futile to some degree.  It
is a positive thing to make every attempt to maintain your physical
vehicle to the best of your ability, given the information you have
and your desire to do so.  But in the end you will all concede that
clinging to this temporary vehicle is ineffective.  One might as well
place their long-term plans where they should reside, with your
eternal soul, and lift major considerations of your physical being as
often as you are able. This life is extremely difficult, as you are
inextricably linked to your animal nature.  You must take care of
your body, or it will suffer needlessly.  However, it is also your
goal to transcend this physical body, to realize that this physical
body is not you.  You are the soul which temporarily resides in this
vehicle.  Therefore should your long-ranging view enable you to
realize that you may  change the shade from time to time.  You will,
indeed, change the shade repeatedly in your ascension career.  Do not
become attached to any one shade that you have at any time in your
ascension career.
	  Is that enough said on that subject? 
	Tom:  Thank you for reminding us that in our desire to help
heal our friend, that she is also ministering to us. 
*	Malvantra:  Indeed, as you each do for the group in your
interactive sessions.  I realize that you place great importance on
the words that we bring as teachers.  You transcribe and review them. 
This is all very well and good.  I would point out to you, however,
as great if not greater importance is your interactivity with each
other.  You are in the very moment learning how to both internalize
and externalize the many lessons we have provided over the years.  It
is so pleasing to see you pick up these threads and these gauntlets
and take them forward with you as you attempt to make something of
them.  They are but reference material until you make them personal
material.  Until that time they are stagnant; they are not alive. 
You bring life to the teachings, to the lessons.  You bring
experience and add it to the lessons and combine the two to make an
extremely potent force in delivering these teachings.  That is how we
work together in this process.  We provide you the foundation, the
substance, the base.  You then must take this and add to it your own
experience with this to transform it into living dynamic truth to be
passed on and shared with those around you.  It is only in this form
that it becomes vibrant and enlightening to those around you.  
	Mary:  The most profound thing this morning for me was that
part of my tweak with the teachers talking about personal experience;
then to have such a beautiful example and illustration in Ann's
experience and the words in The Urantia Book to provide the imagery
that the teachers point out is so useful.
*	Malvantra:  But as you recently stated in one of your sessions
together, facts are insignificant when compared to intent and
sincerity on your parts.  It does little good to memorize facts if
your sincerity and intent are not in line when time arrives to share
with others.  You all are shining examples of brilliant intentions;
you all desire to share spiritual truths for the benefit of all.  You
desire to be of service.  These are your guidelines for delivering
the facts that are the bread; the gravy on top is how they are
delivered through the channel of your personal experience and your
sincere intentions.   
	Jonathan:  Mary shared that imagery helps us to share truths. 
Spiritual truths can be abstract; we need to make them tangible. 
Your imagery is overlaid so we can extract the truths.  Even our
sharing of what impacts us spiritually during the week is an image
for each of us about the truth incorporated in that lesson, because
it was a real, concrete instance of what we were engaged in during
the week.
	Mary:  Ann's talk about bringing the Father down to work with
her, that she's not waiting for him to act upon her, has gone from
being words on a page to being a living truth. 
*	Malvantra:  Absolutely.  To examine one thread that you
mentioned before, often it is necessary to be exposed to materials
many times to not only internalize it but then be able to live it and
externalize it.  In your preparations for your tweaks of the week,
you are forced to do that same cycle individually.  You look over
materials; you think about what is appropriate, which forces you to
be exposed to that material.  You then have to formulate how to relay
that to your fellows.  This forces you to externalize this material. 
Therefore, you have done on your own what we as teachers have
methodically done for these many years now.  
	As well as Ann's wonderful observations and comments, she is
absolutely correct; it has been stated in our teachings many times
that the involvement of the individual with the Father is profound;
even to recognize that this occurs is profound.  If you go the next
step and ask for this to transpire and be a willing partner, that is
more than could be expected of most anyone in your position.  I
encourage all of you to strive for this level of active participation
with the Father, as this is truly the direction in which to proceed. 
It is helpful to start with simply the realization that the Father
is, indeed, with you and that you do go through your life experience
with the Father, with your Adjuster, together hand in hand.  If you
all could make a clearer connection with your Adjuster, all of your
life experiences would be so greatly enhanced.  This is the goal in
this life.  If one accomplishes this goal to a great enough degree,
then fusion would occur.  I wish you to realize that this is not an
unattainable goal for any one sitting in this room.  You may view
this, after reading in your text and referring to it, as being a far
flung possibility that only happens to other individuals on other
spheres under other conditions in other times.  Do not make this
mistake.  This opportunity of fusion with your Adjuster can and does
occur even amongst your kind in this time.  It is simply a matter of
the discipline of an individual to develop this link with their
Adjuster, to fully share the life they lead with their Adjuster in
every aspect, to become aligned with your Father Fragment so as to
become inseparable.  That is fusion.  
	Ann:  I have made it a practice since 1970 when I run across
something profound in my reading, something that will add to my soul,
I will sit and meditate on that for a few moments,  allowing that
light to enter my soul.  I realize that it becomes part of my soul,
and I can leave it and go on.  Would you care to comment?
*	Malvantra:  All things may become internalized by you and may
be actually possessed by you.  Knowledge, wisdom, can be earned and
then possessed by you as an individual.  If you learn a given set of
principles you may internalize them; you may declare them to be part
of your being at some point.  This requires effort to, as you have
stated, actually pursue and engage this process.  But once engaged,
you may be well assured that you will be delivered these aspects you
earnestly desire.  You may then internalize them as part of your
structure of reality.  At some point you may amend these principles;
you may choose to discard a principle in favor of a higher one, a
more complete definition.  This has been spoken of before as your
internal library.  You may go to your library and access information
that has been delivered to you throughout your entire ascension
career.  Your goal is to build the most complete library possible and
to, from time to time, update your personal library, see what
material may need upgrading as times change and as your comprehension
level increases.  You may not keep Green Eggs and Ham after you have
completely become aware and engaged with this work.  You may opt to
upgrade throughout your entire life as your comprehension level
	Yes, devour, encompass, and include all the material you may
come across in your life.  It can always be rejected in favor of more
complete material.  It can always be upgraded to be more complete. 
But never is energy wasted in internalizing and adding to your
personal library principles that are useful to you in whatever form
they may come.  
	Mark:  If we could switch TRs I would like to ask that in
reading past transcripts I was struck that we are to go out and tell
others that changes are at hand; great things are about to happen.  I
have faith that this is true, but I find I have an aversion to
spreading prophesy.  How do I reconcile that?
*	Malvantra  (Jonathan):  This is Malvantra; I continue.
	It has been relayed to you in years past that this activity
that appears as prophesy is not the prediction of events to come but
more correctly a demonstration of what can be through yourselves and
a rally call to your fellows that they likewise can undertake the
same and thereby accomplish the hoped-for conditions.  Therefore, it
is not the best orientation to speak of events as impinging upon you,
something to be waited for.  Instead, these apparently prophetic
changes are instigated within you and will make their outworking
obvious.  So, when you do attempt to let it be known the kingdom of
heaven is at hand, as your master said 2000 years ago, underline the
very principle that he taught, that the kingdom of heaven is within,
that the expression of the great changes to come comes from the well
of the deep relationship you have with the Father.  That is all that
is needed, that this be recognized. 
	Your fellows may not seek the inner dialogue and not recognize
this potential.  It may appear as an event that will rise up and
overcome them.  But it is an event that will rise up and come from
	  There are three levels that prophetic statements hold.  One
is the acquirement of knowledge; this is the factual perspective of
the statements made.  This will not transform the soul.  The next
level is the attainment of understanding.  This provides comfort and
clarification.  It is the filtering of knowledge and the nurturing of
this knowledge.  Understanding is knowledge nurtured.  The highest
level is the arranging of this knowledge into wisdom.  Wisdom is the
perspective by which to evaluate all apparently prophetic statements. 
When you are urged to share that the world is undergoing
transformation, apply this threefold perspective to these statements. 
Always lead another up these steps, and it is best to conclude your
attempt with the very important angle, that being that you are as
much responsible for the arrival of these events, even more so than
you are merely a spectator.  
	Have I fulfilled your request?
	Mark:  I think so.  The appropriate attitude is not that great
things are going to happen to us as that let's all work together to
make great things happen. 
*	Malvantra:  Yes.  You can enlarge the 'us' to include those of
my kind.  This will help those who feel powerless as a human race to
effect any substantial change on a world apparently so random in its
planetary course.  
	Mary:  The guidance of bringing in personal perspective may be
applicable.  For instance, one could relate one's experience with
transformation, and express that such an experience is available to
anyone.  It's something that rises from within and may be available
as you speak, potentially. 
*	Malvantra:  I would comment further.  You know in sharing with
your children that the enthusiasm of discovery is valuable in
instilling the continued desire to discover.  When such little ones
are captivated by something new you share the delight. ...one you
have experienced decades earlier ...you share today that excitement. 
When in ministry to any of your fellows, it is honest to share with
them the current discoveries they are making as experiences of their
own.  You aren't insincere if you already know this truth and share
with them the delight of the moment.  What does not sit well in the
seat of the ego is to be told an attainment you have that they lack. 
The artful approach is to draw out the discovery in themselves and
share in that delight in spite of your having already reached that
understanding long before.  Personal experience dovetails with this,
for it is the sharing of your delight in discovery without requiring
that the other have that or that the other ought to or that it is a
principle that they lack that puts them in error.  Does this help
	Mary:  Yes.  It is potentially happening in them at this time,
not that they are waiting to be led to this transformation, but to
encourage the recognition of transformation in all our lives.  It is
a good caution.  Thank you. 
	Mark:  Thank you for your and other teachers' efforts.  We ask
for and know that we get help from you.

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