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*	Elyon   (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, friends.  We greatly honor this time of
silence which you provide for our communication with you, or this is the
very essence of the program that we teach about becoming more familiar, even
familial, with the Father.  Your group worship is valuable, as valuable as
is your private times.  You would benefit greatly from increased activity in
this way. 
	 I am Elyon.
	Your world is making progress though it is currently in a rather broad
transition zone between older approaches to conflict solving and newer
methods for reaching harmony.  It is a large arena wherein much confusion
and much reaction takes place.  This transitional phase can seem like your
phrase "one step forward, two steps back".  But in reality we make three
forward and experience one back.  This is because of mankind's insecurities
and the obvious lack of planetary guidance due to isolation.  How might any
one of you contribute to making it through this transition is a question I'm
sure you all hold.  Events of the world are on a scale that do not directly
impinge upon your sphere of activity.
	Picture, if you will, one of your little games, a board with depressions in
it, enclosed in a plastic box filled with many balls.  This game's goal is
to settle each ball into a depression.  As you move them around some
dislodge and become mobile.  Your goal is to bring them all to rest without
unseating another.  If we were to view Light and Life as all these balls
settled into depressions you could say that Light and Life may end up rather
boring, static.  What we teach regarding Light and Life is that this
constant motion of the many individuals is a dynamic settling wherein it is
acceptable that anyone of you be settled into your position for a time while
others are in great motion.  It is acceptable to unseat yourself and be
moving about. 
	Planet Urantia approaches this motion oftentimes without the understanding
that, as you collide with one another, you are actually transferring your
energies to each other.  You are providing changes in direction for one
another.  It all can be viewed as positive contributions to the entire
system.  An habitual pattern exhibited today is that when you collide you
conflict.  If every civil, religious, economic, familial situation were to
be viewed as collisions which contribute to growth rather than conflicts
that must at some cost halt the course of another in order that you  stay
your course, this world would improve.  This dynamism of harmony, this
eventual age of Light and Life, will be wonderful.  I have had opportunities
to observe spheres that are stationed in this age, but I assure you, you
will still have conflicts.  These conflicts are incentives to grow.  It is
comparable to your experience of consuming food.  It is pleasurable but
requires energy exertion to do so.  This is Light and Life, pleasant but
	Now that I have expressed myself, I am interested in your feedback.  I know
that my teaching associates have comments to make as well.
	Kirk:  Elyon, thank you, thank you.  I've been waiting four days to hear
*	Elyon:  You are welcome, my friend.
	Mark:  I also find it pertinent to my thinking this past week.  In relating
us to the whole, I want to share an image of our sphere of influence being a
small pond where we generate waves that ripple outward.   With enough of us
making these waves we would alter the wave patterns by canceling, enhancing
, or changing the other waves. 
*	Elyon:  I appreciate your input for you have illustrated in another form
the similarity of my image regarding cooperation and harmony even in the
face of apparent conflicts.  You can go about doing good, of overcoming evil
with good in your projection of waves from the center of your being.  Your
image does well to underline the truth that God loves the sinner and hates
the sin, for your crest may cancel the trough of negativity, but you have
not eliminated the beacon that is pulsating, that is, one of your brothers.
When all waves reach harmonic resonance, we will witness Light and Life.
	Evelyn:  Are the system capitals and other headquarters essentially in
Light and Life?  Is it just the evolving worlds that aren't?
*	Elyon:  No.  I could simply respond by repeating the master's phrase that
the first will be last, and the last will be first, for the planets
contribute to the settlement of the system.  It is an ascending process
rather than a descending process where Light and Life is being further
revealed down levels.  It is in reverse.  Does this clarify?
	Evelyn:  I see ascenders becoming more spirit-like, the way we would be in
a Light and Life situation.  Descending beings are more nearly perfect to
begin with and only gain experience.  What would a spirit being lack that
would be needed for a Light and Life state?  
*	Elyon:  For the entire granduniverse to attain Light and Life, as you
know, implies that the Supreme attain maximum expression and fulfillment in
its growth.  This implies active participation from God and His perfect
creatures as well as experiential participation from his imperfect children.
Light and Life is the infusion of both.  It is easy for an ascending
creature to confuse the state of Light and Life with the ascending goal of
Light and Life.  If you are a creature, the goal is to reach perfection, to
become spiritually stable, mentally balanced, and physically evolved.  But
this is only one side of the coin, for Light and Life does entail the
infusion of perfection and its functions into this finite realm.  To a
descending creature Light and Life is attaining the integration of
perfection with imperfection and reaching mutual exchange.  Since perfect
creatures have their state settled, your attainment of Light and Life
facilitates their attainment of Light and Life.  Light and Life is not
brought to a world but emerges from it.  So, even if the headquarters
spheres were settled spheres, perfect in all respects, Light and Life would
not be their condition until the surrounding satellites and evolutionary
orbs are thus situated.  
	Does this clarify?
	Evelyn:  I think so.  Thanks. 
*	Malvantra  (Mark): I would engage you today, this is Malvantra.  First I
would make even more clear to you my commitment to your higher learning, as
I would maintain my commitment to the overall mission, for which we are
together engaged.  As a progress report, I would state that I am thrilled
with your willingness to show your dedication to do your homework and your
motivation to be about the business of these Melchizedek school teachings. 
	I come amongst you again today bringing you inspiration to realize that, as
you are well aware, there are peaks and troughs to any given individual or
group's motivation levels.  We witness the beginning of another peak in your
collective motivational levels.  I would ask that you think of this next
peak as a wave you see coming in from the ocean.  Any one of you knows that
to maximize the ride of surfing on a wave it is necessary to catch the wave.
It is necessary to show some preparation, some anticipation of this next
forward momentum.  I would point out, as you have probably already
personally observed, another wave is preparing to crest.  It would behoove
all of us within this classroom to begin paddling in preparation to ride
this wave to derive the maximum benefit of forward momentum.  You are
familiar enough with these cycles to see plainly when  the time is right to
maximize the ride.  Today I bring this observation to you so that we may all
be on the same wavelength and be mindful of all the momentum possibly
derived from this wave of energy about to descend upon us.   Each one of you
has felt stirrings within your being coincident with this next energy wave.
Realize, recognize, and utilize this stirring to maximize the benefit.  You
are at this time engaged in various activities conducive to this end.  I say
to you, let's all paddle a little harder, a little stronger, and perhaps
even in unison so that we may maximize each stroke to its greatest potential.  
	Jonathan:  Thank you.  Once the wave crashes, and there is just whitewater,
it feels like you can't swim.  Then we are in the sandy grit of life.  Even
though we perceive undertow to be something dangerous, in a more positive
light undertow is like the strong circuits of the Father, the Son, and the
Spirit pulling us toward themselves, setting us up for the next wave.  
*	Malvantra:  I thank you.  I would also point out in this analogy that when
the wave has crested and the ride has finished, you are free to choose
whether you grab your board and get out to simply enjoy the fruits of your
labor for a short time before heading back in to catch the next wave, or
whether you're so motivated and invigorated as to immediately turn around
and pursue the very next wave.  The choice is yours.  Often it is helpful to
catch your breath, regain composure, remove the sand from your swimsuit, and
head out afresh.  At other times you are so invigorated by the ride, you
want another as quickly as possible, disregarding any resting period.  
	As you are beginning to realize in our teachings, a material classroom
would be of little consequence to you  in these Melchizedek schools, as the
lessons we teach are outside the realms of your materialism.  Many of the
teachings require you to turn away from your materialism, your structures,
your preconceived limitations, and turn to the loftier spirit realms.  I
know some have desired to be physically present in the Melchizedek schools,
and I say in this hour you are.  The walls of the schools are the parameters
you set for yourselves.  There are no limits to the degree of higher
education available to you within these confines except those which you
place yourself.  
	Once again I send my encouragement and love for you all.  I am one who is
greatly involved in your progression in these lessons in this movement
forward we have chosen to engage in together.  I desire as you desire to
move forward together, and I look forward to our interactions as nothing but
positive and beneficial and fruitful.  I say let's be about our paddling. 
	Evelyn:  When you said paddling "in unison",  are you just saying we are
working on the same project or do you have something particular in mind? 
*	 Malvantra:  By the "in unison" I do not intend that we think as one mind
or even as one project, but that we function cohesively as one classroom,
that we come together routinely, regularly, with intent, with purpose, and
with direction, as one.  Indeed, it is quite beneficial to come together as
one in our classroom and then disperse into so many different directions and
then to reassemble with the benefit of the experience gained by so many
contrasting directions.  It is richly rewarding to have both aspects side by
	Jonathan:  I appreciate what you said, that the walls of the classroom are
the parameters we set.  If we adjust our parameters we can enlarge the
classroom.  The parameters are also the specific focus.  In a math class you
don't discuss history.  We can intensify the learning in an area.  It's up
to us what we learn.  
*	Malvantra:  Very true.  If you think of the analogy of the classroom, the
instructor writes on the blackboard on the outer perimeter of the room.,
literally describing things outside the room on the outer perimeter of the
room.  So, realize that there are individual parameters, limitations, and
there are group parameters.  When we assemble together within the confines
of this classroom, we do so under our collective, chosen, group parameters.
We may then seek to reach beyond those parameters both individually and, as
a consequence, collectively.  It is important that all individuals address
for themselves what their particular parameters may be.  When we assemble
and have to operate under collective partitions, that we do so ... of
enlarging those parameters.  We are being about that business in a
satisfactory fashion, although each one of us within the classroom desires
to excel beyond one's current level.
	Tom:  It was mentioned that love is the Supreme manifestation of God in
time.  I see the gospel as the parameters that we work under.  The master
first taught us to love one another.  Then when he left he said to love each
other as he loved us.  What were some of the earlier levels of that, if any?
Are there others still to be formed, perhaps in Light and Life, always
showing a new face?
	Since each Paradise Son reflects the Father, Son , or Spirit to some
degree, does the gospel have slight variations in other local universes ? 
	Could Jessona comment on this since I haven't heard from her in a while. 
*	Jessona   (Jonathan):  Greetings, creature/teacher, Philip.  This is
Jessona.  The gospel as presented by our Creator Son is not unique to
Nebadon.  It is a teaching that all of the superuniverses promote.  It is
the simplest explanation of  Supreme unfoldment.  When Michael requested
that we love our fellows as he loved us, he suggested that we step out of
our own orientation long enough to value the orientation of another with the
eyes of that other's Creator.  The phrasing of the gospel changes depending
on the conditions of the planet wherein the truth is taught.  Michael's
shift in focus in loving another does raise some interesting considerations.
Naturally a creature like yourself may be disinclined to equate yourself
with Michael in seeking to love another, for how could one apparently so
lowly be able to love as Michael does?  This approach of loving as Michael
loves is an enhancement to your own being as well as a great blessing to the
one receiving your love, Michael's love handed through you to another.
	Now might I challenge you to reflect on love in this rather engaging way:
you all seek to love Michael.  Have you tried to love Michael as the Father
loves him?  The mere entertainment of the idea makes the creature waver with
thoughts of inadequacies, but it can likewise instill a sense of great
expectation of personality attainment.  But this is a difficult effort for
incomplete beings.  Know full well that your simple efforts to love another
as Michael loves him is approaching the love that the Father has for all. 
	To a nonpersonality being, one who does not experience the values and
relationships that personalities do, their rally call to service would be
more along the order of:  Stabilize the universes as the Universe Controller
does.  But the gospel is the best teaching for ascending personalities to
grasp, to realize, and to enact in their lives. 
	I hope this has been helpful.
*	Malvantra  (Mark):  This is Malvantra back again.  I am compelled to make
an observation on the statement you made earlier, that we function under the
parameters of the gospel.  As has been illuminated, the gospel is the
simplest statement of Michael's teachings, the barest element.  This, of
course, has many levels to rise to.  I would state that it would and should
still remain a lofty goal for each and every one to truly live the
parameters of even this gospel, that there is much to be learned and much to
be implemented even to assimilate this most basic of teachings.  If we ever
come to a point of fully living this gospel, then we will have innumerable
levels to rise to at that time.  We still must fulfill this primary
obligation.  So, while we have many levels to look forward to, we have not
completed this grade yet.  I would encourage all to complete all phases of
the current exercise in anticipation of the next steps ahead of you.  
	That is all I have to offer.  
	Tom:  Could you expound on paddling in unison?  Does the gospel fit into
*	Malvantra:  It has more to do with group motivation, and most certainly
the gospel is a vehicle to provide framework for the outworking of that
motivation.  It speaks to the intent and the purpose with which we conduct
these classes more than the actual service projects or physical outworking
within your personal lives.  It is more the commitment to the activities of
the classroom, the meetings, the doing of the homework assignments.  If you
choose to do any given project as a group, that is all well and good as
additional time spent, but I am not specifically steering you toward any
particular outside engagement.  I am rather speaking of  the assembly in
unison as a class of one mind to be taught higher teachings.   To attempt
this together as a group is extremely beneficial, as you are your own best
tutors and can, as students, help each other to progress individually and as
a group.  You may safely assume that I or any other teacher will never
intentionally advocate uniformity but will continually advocate unity in
your approach, in your working with each other, and in your working with me,
us, the teachers in the mission , and in the Melchizedek schools.  Does this
	Tom:  Yes, it helps.
	Jonathan:  I'm hearing you say to be cautious, but, reflecting on Elyon's
comments on group worship, is this something we can do in unison?
*	Malvantra:  An excellent example of unity and not uniformity in that you
collect together of one intention and one mind, but each one of your
prayerful attitudes is entirely personal and distinct.  However, they all
contribute to the exercise of the whole.  It is extremely beneficial to have
diversity in the mix of group activities to derive the maximum benefit in
worship, in service, in prayer.  In most all group activities diversity is a
valuable characteristic.  While you all come to this classroom bringing your
own perspectives and your own motivations, the sum total of your collective
is far greater because you assemble your motivations and your perspectives
in a collective pot from which to make the most enticing stew.
	Jonathan:  So, it's better to say we worship as a group than we do group
worship.  The latter implies a formality we conform to.  You're indicating
we bring our unique qualities to the time of worship together.
*	Malvantra:  Excellent observation.  This clarification may help many to
understand the value and benefit of your own personal experience and
interests.  No one would ever suggest that each one in this room has the
same interests , the same experience, the same attitude of prayer.  It is
refreshing and helpful to each throw your contribution into the potluck to
make for the widest satisfaction to all.  If each of you were exactly the
same, the potluck would be but one dish.
*	unidentified (Mary):  I'd like to address the idea of the balls of truth
that get batted around in life. I  offer the suggestion that if you find
yourself on the receiving end of ball that's been tossed to you, and you are
having difficulty in life receiving this serve, take this ball and
acknowledge your difficulty and ask to receive assistance in rotating this
ball so you can receive fresh perspective on it.  Actively ask for that
assistance.  Imagine yourself turning this ball to see another face of it,
that you might have a more complete picture of the truth that life is
bringing before you. 
	Difficulties are common, as you know.  This suggestion is offered to
perhaps help you cope with the more difficult serves so that the game you
engage in might be a challenging game and that you might learn a technique
to more fully adapt your approach to the difficult challenges.  It is,
indeed, a fun game when you recognize the ball and you can easily return the
service.  However, the more growthful times are when the ball is hit back to
you in a way that you didn't anticipate.  These are the times you likely
find yourself stumbling.  I suggest that you notice that you are having
difficulty and accept this challenging service.  Try dealing with it by
changing your perspective on it.  This change can be aided by your teachers,
your Thought Adjuster, your various helpers.  Take advantage of this
particular set up in the game.  Indeed, enjoy the simple volleys as you
become familiar with certain truths that now come easy for you to work with
and play with.  But do expect and learn how to more smoothly cope with the
more challenging and difficult volleys ahead.
	Thank you.    

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