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November 2, 1997
*       Lantarnek (Jonathan TR):  I bring to you today the
conveyance of the blessings of our Master Son Michael.  I convey
this to you externally, though you know within your soul the
reality of his feelings and care for you.  
        We all exist as the creation of God simply because that was
the choice of the Father.  In the magnitude of His being we find
much that is complex, confounding to the creature mind.  The
immensity and absoluteness of this Being is quite unfathomable. 
But He is experiencible for one simple reason: the Father wills
it.  So He makes available the revelations of Himself that a
creature soul can grasp.  
        The primary act of the Father was His decision that creation
be.  Subsequently the orchestration of the universes you inhabit
is the work of his sons.  Michael does the will of the Father,
for he replicates the perfect creation of Havona.  When the
Father chooses and acts He does so perfectly.  Michael is faced
with the challenge of imperfection.  
        When you ask yourself how may I do the Father's will, be not
concerned over the content of the will of the Father but the
process of willfulness and enactment.  Philosophically you can
postulate that the universe could have been made in many ways
different than the universe you are in today.  Indeed, you are
aware of the levels of reality presented in your text that do
exist, alternate forms of God expressing Himself creatively.  But
the value of creation to the creature is that God did act.  Were
it not for His will and His subsequent action, I would not be
here with you today; we would not be in fellowship.  
        The Father is penetrating the extremities of creation
through you. Being in the realm of imperfection, you are granted
the freedom to choose incorrectly.  But to provide the proper
perspective for this freedom, you need to understand that the
exercise of choice and imperfect decision is to attain the
ability to choose perfectly.  When you choose, you do the will of
the Father.  When you enact, you succeed or fail in the at-
tainment of becoming perfect.  When you choose and act in error,
you have not functioned badly; you have created the potential to
function better, for better is relative to poorly and well.  
        Michael never hesitated to be about the Father's business in
the creation of Nebadon.  He knew the difficulties of the
assignment, and he wishes all his children likewise never
hesitate to enact the choosing of the personality and soul that
seeks the Father, knowing full well the difficulties of such an
endeavor.  In seeking to do the will of the Father, do not be
concerned so much that you know beforehand what the will is as
that you, by faith and trust, know that your engagement is His
will in the hour, that your comprehension results from the imper-
fect - or even perfect - enactment of your choice.  Time and
space for an ascending creature demands fault and error and the
necessity for correction.  This is the secret of the line "judge
not".  Judge not the results of your action but rather inves-
tigate the causes and effects and project a new course.  All
results are stimulants for future growth.  
        In the agelong ascent to be in the presence of the Father
who does act with perfect results, you will have undergone such
transformation that your evaluation of the appropriate and inap-
propriate acts of today will have taken on significance that you
at this hour are unable to even conceive.  Though it is the quest
of the mortal creature to know the specifics of the Father's
will, at this point in your evolution, your only successful
approach is that  you understand the method of His willing and
His enactment.  The specifics of what He chooses will become
evident as you ascend through countless levels of personality
        I am Lantarnek, and I thank you.
*       Elyon (Mark):  I bring you greetings.  This is your
associate friend, your teacher and student, Elyon.  I make
reference to the fact that I am a student in that I am intensely
observant of your direction, your desires, and your intents, as I
follow you in (my) formulating and delivering lesson plans based
upon your interest, your current levels of understanding.  We are
known to drop pearls of wisdom for you to react to, to see your
level of understanding regarding our lessons,  then to fall back
and observe what in these lessons needs further elaboration.  We
look to you to show us where we need to elaborate further in our
lesson plans.  
        Throughout your entire ascension career you are firmly and
completely at your own helm.  You demonstrate to your teachers
what you desire to learn, the depth at which you desire to learn
it, your level of commitment to any given topic.  This is how the
parameters are formed on your learning, by your very will to
demonstrate them to us.  You have learned about the Teaching
Mission that nothing is ever forced upon you or asked of you if
you are not prepared to freely give it.  Therefore it is incum-
bent upon you to stretch your limitations and to demonstrate to
whoever your teachers happen to be at the time that you are
prepared and willing to learn the next step, the next level,
because no teacher you will ever have has the authority or the
desire to take you any place you do not desire to go as a
student.  Your lessons are an indication of your willingness to
accept them.  Your level of spiritual growth is a direct indica-
tion of your desire to embrace that level.  We as teachers are
ever willing to dangle the carrot in front of you to encourage
you to take that next step.  But we are never willing to
circumvent your freewill choice in this regard.  Therefore, we
follow you; we follow your desires, your interests, your deep-
seated intents as the indicators for where we will go, how far we
will go together.  In this regard we are greatly pleased at your
tendency to continually open up to the as yet unlearned lessons. 
We find your interests thrilling and exciting.  We would forever
encourage you to stretch your boundaries, to reach beyond your
normal perceptions to embrace what is outside of these realms. 
We give you our commitment that we will be with you there in
these strange, new places, and that they are, indeed, not strange
at all.  In fact you might say the water is fine, come on in.
        We all are very pleased with your willingness to press your
existing boundaries and look forward to a great future together
where we both can explore new realms and domains, you learning
from us and we in turn growing and learning as we watch you grow
and learn.  It is quite a two-way street.  Never think that our
efforts on your behalf go in any way unrewarded.  In fact it is
with great pleasure that we labor on your behalf as it is also on
our behalf and on the Father's behalf.  We labor together.  
        So I would leave you with words of encouragement and words
of praise for your willingness to look farther than you are able
to see at this time.  I guarantee the focus will come, the sight
will come, and the benefits will surround you.  
        I remain yours in service and will withdraw at this time for
others to speak.  Thank you.
*       Lantarnek  (Jonathan):  I wish to append a short comment to
my discourse on decisions by using Elyon's comment, "Come on in;
the water's fine."  
        In your judicious efforts to discern good over evil, this
visual is appropriate for often, when you go swimming, what feels
cold, after complete submergence you find to be rather soothing. 
And to use the idea of your hot tubs, what feels at first
extremely hot often results in being soothing.  These are the
extremes that are acceptable in the will of the Father in choo-
sing and error.  You know deeply, instinctively, when you have
reached the greater extremes of ice and boiling.  
        That is all.
        Mary:  I'm getting a visual that relates to Lantarnek's talk
and the will of God and action.  A hoop is formed:  On one side
an arm reaches around which is the Thought Adjuster or the will
of God or the inspiration of God.  Around the other side of the
hoop is yourself.  Each side is traveling to connect with the
other side.  Your thoughts can meet up with your Thought
Adjuster.  Until you spark with action the hoop is not welded,
the link does not come to completion until action is the final
spark.  When we, in our thoughts, determine a right path, our
action will create a strong link. Repeatedly as we direct our ac-
tions with the guidance of our Thought Adjusters and act in
faith, we will create a strong series of links, a chain, if you
will, that we can work through our own wills and the guidance of
our Thought Adjusters to create something strong, lasting, and
significant.  Our souls emerge and grow through these action
choices guided by our self meeting with our Thought Adjuster,
        The most significant part for me is that you can have a link
in a chain which, if it is not a very strong chain, if each link
isn't welded closed, it can be pulled apart.  If you feel you are
understanding a particular concept of truth or beauty or good-
ness, you can build your hoop all the way around to the point of
touching.  Yet it is not made whole until you act on that
knowledge and weld the link together.  
        Jonathan:  I reflect on The Discourse on True Religion where
Jesus talks on consent to authority and how passive that is for
spiritual seekers.  That may be the willing part.  But without
enacting, the personal religious experience, there can't be that
        Mary:  The idea that you can construct a beautiful chain,
but, if it isn't welded, it can pull apart. (tape flipped)  It
needs to be welded in a solid, balanced way for strength.
        Jonathan:  There is a recent transcript circulating about
planetary evacuation.  We know from the UB the technique used is
the same one used to bring an Adam and Eve to a world.  I'm not
one to discern my spiritual future based on planetary changes or
catastrophes.  In Christianity the concept of Armageddon has a
builtin fault for its own progress, waiting for the big fix.  I
see that evacuation procedure as reassuring.  I sleep soundly
knowing superior beings have a method for civilization to
progress even if the planet fails in its existence.  But how much
should we rely on knowing that?  Should we even consider that in
solving our problems on this world?
        Mary:  I'm getting, "What does it matter if all earthly
things pass?"
*       Malvantra  (Mark):  This is Malvantra.  I will say a few
        As one who has been around through some experiences which
have been deemed to have been Armageddon-type experiences, earth
shattering experiences, mind opening experiences, I would state
that you as mortals of the realm are inherently shortsighted and
fear ridden.  As a species, as a race, your tendencies are to
look for the outside forces you yearn for to show themselves, to
make themselves known, to make their presences undeniable and
overwhelming to all.  This is your double edged sword, for, while
it would remove all doubt as to the significance of the unseen
principles, it also carries with it great disharmony, disfunction
in its implementation.  
        I would challenge everyone, each of you, to not place any
significant amount of your life energies in the arenas of
cataclysmic changes or undeniable intervention from higher
forces.  You, indeed, have intervention from higher forces in
your lives this very hour.  This is your circumstance, these are
your parameters of reality.  I would encourage you to embrace
these that are at your feet, that surround you, that are sent to
uplift you.  Refrain from the temptation to even inwardly seek
such overt signs of outward domination.  
        The desire of your race to have all things either put right
or destroyed has been with your race since the beginning.  All of
your ancestors have had a similar thought pattern run through
their existence, the desire to be shown overwhelmingly and with
force the right way and the fear that this force brings with it,
the destruction of all that we have come to know.  It is true
that, if you truly live with God in your hearts, you will learn
to loosen your expectations to allow for the reality to be em-
braced.  This goes as well for this phenomenon of seeking outside
intervention, of, indeed, hoping for outside intervention.  It is
entirely understandable how you would come to this point of
desiring this intervention.  But in my experience the
intervention you get is not in this bold, overwhelming,
overpowering form. 
        You all do well to foster the guidance you do receive.  I
encourage you, I applaud you, in your efforts to do so.  Look to
determine if these thoughts of premonition disturb you or cause
you fear.  Then I encourage you to let them go.  They are not
conducive to spiritual growth if they contain the seeds of fear
and distrust.  You have been shown in this Teaching Mission that
is not the way of forward progression.  That is not the Father's
path; He desires not to scare you into any action, only to draw
you to Him in love, in peace.  Therefore, a philosophy of
imminent doom, of major upheaval, is inconsistent with a
peaceful, loving progression.  Even if, by the furthest stretches
of your imagination, such an event or series of events were
indeed to take place, what would be gained in the interim by
entertaining these fearful thoughts?  Only stifling of your
spiritual growth.  So, I encourage you to be free of this sti-
fling, to look forward to the future with joy and great happi-
ness, as I am here to tell you that your future is glorious and
wonderful, no matter what your temporal surroundings may be or
may turn into.  Of one thing you can be sure, your eternal
destiny is safe; your spiritual progress is secured as long as
you have the desire to foster it.  Fear not, only love.
        Jonathan:  Thank you.  It's like if you were showing a guest
your home, you don't go, "Here's my smoke detector; here's my
first aid kit."  Even though those contingencies exist, that's
not how you portray your home to your guest.  We don't always
need to be taking inventory of our first aid kit. 
*       Malvantra:  Well said.  Exactly this case applies to your
own personal spiritual ascension.  We have, as you know, great
measures in place to insure your survival upon your material
dissolution.  However, we do not desire you to spend the entire
life you live at this time in preparation for this dissolution. 
That is not a productive course to follow.  We prefer to gain all
that can be gained through the positive aspects of living your
life.  When the time comes, as the time will come, for your
material dissolution, the courses in place to take care of that
are there, and it will happen.  It does no positive service to
dwell on this simple, transitional stage.  It is not of great
importance to your spiritual progress here and now.  We desire to
focus on all that can be gained in this life, not to make you
frightened and concerned regarding your transition to the next
        Jonathan:  Thank you.
        Mary:  I keep coming back to that fact that none of us knows
what will happen tomorrow or next year.  We just have to go on
the path we think best.  We know cataclysmic things can happen,
but our purpose in life is to pursue God in faith that He will
take care of us.  When we hear of radical things predicted for
the planet, the challenge is for us to remain focused on what
truly matters.  
*       Malvantra:  Well demonstrated.  You all here today should
take great comfort in having an overall view.  Your brothers and
sisters around you may give much more energy into fear of the
unknown, of the future.  You, however, are in possession of a
cosmic viewpoint which entitles you to a much greater peace of
mind than do some of your brothers and sisters possess.  You all
are aware that you will cease to exist, yet you do not preoccupy
yourselves with this simple fact.  You all are aware that there
are a multitude of possible dangers in your lives, yet you are
not preoccupied with this to the point of stunting your spiritual
growth.  This is the attitude that needs to be portrayed to those
around you, confidence and peace and faith. 
        I would offer you in closing one final example of how to
determine whether pursuit of any venture is worthwhile
spiritually, and that is does the focus on any particular event
or occasion or principle lead you closer to God, or does it stand
as an obstacle between you and the Father?  If a pursuit shows
itself to provide opportunities to lead you to the Father, then
it is worthy of your pursuit.  If it proves to harbor the seeds
of becoming an obstacle to your spiritual growth, I encourage you
to let it go, whether it be a faulty spiritual technique or
dwelling on your future possibilities.  If it leads you in a
spiritual direction towards the Father, then pursue it.  If it
stands as an obstacle in the way of this pursuit, then I
encourage you to let it go, as you only have one career before
you, your spiritual career.  
        Thank you for your time today.  

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